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Smash Negativity Team


Who Can Wear Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow sapphire (known as Pukraj in Hindi) is a precious gemstone and a twin to the blue sapphire. It is so named because of its characteristic yellow color and is highly valued in the jewelry industry. Yellow sapphire is one of the varieties of the mineral corundum and is made up of aluminum oxide with ...

Hassan Javed

Gemstone Rings

Know The History And Significance Of Gemstone Rings In Different Cultures

Gemstone jewelry, seemingly easy adornments, are profound vendors of cultural records. This extensive exploration embarks on an adventure to unveil the complex tales at the back of gemstone rings, tracing their profound importance throughout diverse civilizations. More than simply decorative portions, those small, notable jewels function as silent narrators, carrying the weight of our cultural ...

Rebecca Siggers


Wholesale Jewelry Magic: Elevate Special Occasions with Stunning Accessories

Introduction During significant events, a carefully chosen jewelry piece possesses the ability to elevate an ensemble, turning the mundane into the remarkable. Within the retail domain, comprehending the profound importance of wholesale jewelry tailored for weddings, celebratory gatherings, and other noteworthy occasions becomes imperative. This blog aims to meticulously navigate the intricate landscape of wholesale ...

Mamta Rani

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Second-Hand Jewellery

In the world of adornments and cherished accessories, the allure of second-hand jewellery has steadily gained prominence. As individuals seek both unique pieces and sustainable choices, the decision to purchase Second Hand Jewellery becomes a nuanced exploration. Let’s delve into the sparkling realm of pre-owned treasures, uncovering the pros and cons that shape the landscape ...