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Who Can Wear Yellow Sapphire?


Yellow sapphire (known as Pukraj in Hindi) is a precious gemstone and a twin to the blue sapphire. It is so named because of its characteristic yellow color and is highly valued in the jewelry industry. Yellow sapphire is one of the varieties of the mineral corundum and is made up of aluminum oxide with trace amounts of iron and titanium, which give it its yellow color. The  different shades of yellow sapphire are pale yellow, orange and gold.

Yellow sapphire is appreciated for its beauty and brightness. It is usually cut into faceted gemstones to emphasize its beauty and brilliance.

Yellow sapphire also has spiritual significance and is important to astrologers as it is also associated with Jupiter. It is said to represent power and grace. People also say yellow sapphire brings abundance and happiness.

They are mined in different deposits around the world, with the highest occurrence being in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, India and Madagascar. Sapphires occur in different colors and yellow is one of them.

Thus, in this article, we will talk about yellow sapphire, its benefits and identify people who can wear yellow sapphire. If you love gemstones and jewelry, you would want to read this. Lovers and followers of astrology would also benefit from the answers shared in this article.

Significance Of Yellow Sapphire

Before you know who can wear yellow sapphire, you first have to know its significance in many cultures and what benefits it has. Let’s see.

1. Healing

Yellow sapphire is said to have lots of healing abilities. It can help you fight off fever and cure illnesses in the kidneys, stomach, liver, and pancreas. It can get rid of toxins from the body as well as lower blood pressure when it is too high. It can enhance your immune system and improve your sleep.

2. Protection

Yellow sapphire has the ability to protect its wearer. It can ward off evil spirits and prevent any negative or evil influences from happening to the person wearing it.

3. Wisdom

Because of its association with Jupiter, yellow sapphire is said to bring wisdom, knowledge and clarity to its wearer. It  gives wisdom to navigate through situations where tough choices are to be made. It also makes the wearer aware of his or her purpose.

4. Ability To Communicate

Yellow sapphire is believed to enhance the ability of the wearer to communicate and express himself or herself. Yellow sapphire is appropriate for professional interactions as it helps the wearer to properly articulate his or her thoughts and feelings.

5. Emotional Health

Wearing yellow sapphire is believed to promote inner peace and reduce stress. It gives positivity and comfort to  the wearer. It has a calming effect on the emotions, providing emotional stability to wearers. It promotes optimism and self-confidence, which help relieve stress, depression and anxiety.

Now that we know the benefits of wearing yellow sapphire, we go to the most important question of it all: who can wear yellow sapphire?

Why is it important to know who can wear yellow sapphire? This information is important to prevent one from having side effects due to incorrect usage. Remember, it is tied to astrology and spirituality, okay?

Who Can Wear Yellow Sapphire?

1. People Born Under Certain Zodiac Signs

Remember earlier that I said yellow sapphire is significant to astrologers? Good! According to them, only people who are born under the Sagittarius and Pisces Zodiac signs can wear the Pukraj (yellow sapphire) stone. It is believed that wearing this stone will amplify the effect of Jupiter, the planet responsible for wisdom.

Also, people born under the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, Cancer and Scorpio can also wear the yellow sapphire gemstone. It is beneficial for them in their professional lives. Individuals born in September can wear the yellow sapphire, as it is a birthstone for September.

If you are a follower or lover of astrology, take note of it, but if not, move on to the next.

2. Those Who Want To Mend Their Relationships

Remember earlier that I said yellow sapphire improves communication? Couples or friends who are having difficulties communicating with each other can wear yellow sapphire to improve their communication. It is also said that yellow sapphire can mend their misunderstandings and make their relationship great again.

3. People Suffering From Deadly Illnesses

Due to its healing properties, yellow sapphire can be worn by people who have digestive troubles, blood, liver, pancreas issues, low blood pressure and any deadly sickness at all. It will heal them.

4. People Who Love Fashion

Yellow sapphire is a very beautiful gemstone and people love beautiful things. Must you belong to the above categories before you wear yellow sapphire? No. If you love fashion and want to shine, go ahead.

In conclusion, I’d love to say that yellow sapphire is truly a gem, from the beauty of its brilliance to its benefits. A note of warning though: if you believe in astrology or anything spiritual regarding yellow sapphire, adhere strictly to the instructions on who can wear yellow sapphire but if you don’t, do your thing.




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