Road Trip Ready: Car Modifications For Epic Journeys

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Car Road trips. Iconic and culturally relevant, they conjure images of freedom, open roads, and time spent with the people that matter, going places you love.

There really are few better things in life than a road trip. However, to ensure maximum success, it is critical to ensure that your car is well set up. Failing to prepare for a road trip can lead to your trip being cut short, costing you more money than it needs to, or just not leading to you maximizing the enjoyment of your trip.

While some speculate that a great road trip can require a significant outlay on a new car, with careful planning and prudent decision-making — your existing vehicle can be turned into the road trip facilitator you need.

Some minor modifications can lead to genuinely epic road trips. These modifications can take time and some initial outlay; however, they will set your car up for all your road trip-related requirements.

This article will set out the modifications that, if you follow, will see you road-tripping in no time and style.


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1.   Roof Rack

One of the most common problems with road trips is bringing everything you need. Enhancing your capabilities for carrying cargo will allow you to ensure that nothing gets left behind.

Stuffing your car with too much can lead to uncomfortable journeys; it can also change your vehicle’s performance if the weight is unevenly distributed. Roof rack allow you to centralize the weight and performance of your car while leaving plenty of room for what matters: you and all your traveling companions.

2.   Fresh Tires

When embarking on long journeys, new tires are a great modification. Riding on worn tires can be a genuine safety risk; however, aside from that, there are also practical risks.

On long road trips, worn tires increase the risk of a blowout and cost more fuel due to reduced performance. Replacing your tires is an investment that will also benefit you after the road trip ends. It never hurts to have the right tires on your car; however, this really is especially true on a road trip.

3.   Car Dashcam

Dashcams are a modification that really does have a plethora of benefits. They can reduce your insurance costs by allowing you to provide direct evidence of safe driving. However, in the unlikely scenario that you are involved in an incident on the road, your dashcam footage will allow you to review what happened and assist with the filing of any reports.

Modern dash cams are subtly mounted on your dashboard; they won’t distract or impact your driving. However, as you head off on your road trip, they allow you to do so with peace of mind, knowing that you will be covered in the worst-case scenario.

4.   A Phone Mount

When you are on a road trip, your phone is going to be an essential component of that. It allows you to keep in touch with the people not with you; it can be your GPS, as well as your sound system (more on that later).

However, you want to stay on the right side of the law. You can’t use your phone while driving; however, keeping it accessible can still be necessary. A phone mount lets your phone be in view while keeping you safe. This will allow you to use it as a GPS, meaning that getting lost won’t be a concern as you make your way to wherever you are going.

5.   Quality Speakers

When your phone is safely mounted, you will want some quality speakers to start playing your music. Music is a great way to pass the time on a road trip, so replacing any car speakers with some quality speakers is a modification you won’t regret.

Bluetooth speakers will also stop your car from becoming congested with wires. Keeping space accessible and the quality of music playing is a real win-win, so doing just that will ensure the dream road trip is well within your grasp.

6.   Comfortable Seat Covers

You will be spending a lot of time on the road, so you want to make sure that you are comfortable doing just that. Seat covers are easy to install, and they allow you to enjoy the comfort that you deserve in your own car.

Your regular car seats can begin to fall apart, and the discomfort they cause can even cause injuries. Replacing your car seats in between the trip is a hassle and an outlay you don’t need. Purchasing good quality seats means you skip that hassle and quickly get to where you need to be. As you buckle in for a long ride, ensure that you and your passengers are comfortable, and the road trip will be truly epic.


Car Road trips are iconic and enjoyable and allow you to have great times with amazing people in wonderful places. These modifications won’t make your road trip unforgettable because that’s your job. What they will do is make it easier for you to have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

So consider the modifications mentioned, pick the ones that apply to your car, and proceed with them. Take the initial outlay as an investment. Once they are done, there is no telling how many road trips lie ahead, but what is for sure is that they will be epic.

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