Rebecca Smith

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Do People Stay in Limerence For Life?

Do People Stay in Limerence For Life? In this article, we will explore the concept of limerence and its longevity. We will delve into whether limerence is a lifelong journey or if it naturally fades over time. Discover the intricacies of this intense romantic attraction and its potential lasting impact on individuals. Key Takeaways: Limerence ...

Rebecca Smith


9 Examples of Mortgage Fraud

Facing a mortgage fraud charge in Texas is a serious and complex situation, and understanding the specific type of fraud you’re accused of can take some stress out of the situation. If you’ve been accused of mortgage fraud, talk with experienced local mortgage fraud lawyers right away to protect yourself. 9 Examples of Mortgage Fraud ...

Rebecca Smith


What Happens During a Child Custody Trial?

Child custody trials in Texas are complex legal proceedings with significant implications for children and families. Understanding the steps involved can alleviate some of the anxiety and equip you to participate effectively, but be sure to talk to a family lawyer in Houston, TX for more information on what you can expect specifically with your ...