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10 Popular Vegan Gluten Free Bread Brands

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While there are numerous vegan bread companies to select from, many of them use typical wheat components.

However, if you have celiac illness or gluten allergies, this list solely includes vegan gluten-free bread products. The bread brands have all been certified vegan and gluten-free, or the firm has labeled them as such.

If you only want to eat verified brands, simply read the descriptions to see which are certified gluten-free and vegan!

This list includes the finest gluten-free and vegan bread products, which are well-known, readily available in stores or online or have extremely high ratings. Some vegan and gluten-free bread companies may not be on our list since they are less popular but if you come across any, please leave a comment below!

Ingredients are subject to change, so check the most recent label information before purchasing any of the products on this list.

Vegan Gluten Free Bread Brands

1. Little Northern Bakehouse

In the United States, the brand is commonly available in grocery shops, particularly in the frozen section. If you reside in New York City, I buy mine at my neighborhood Fairway Market.

They now provide two broad slice loaves, as their regular loaves are slightly smaller, as well as hot dog buns, which are new to me! As of 2021, they now sell pizza crusts, bagels and other items. Yum!

2. Breadblok

Breadblok makes the tastiest gluten-free, vegan bread I’ve ever eaten. Even though it is based in Los Angeles, you may place an order online from anywhere in the country.

If you ever find yourself in the region, be sure to stop by one of Breadblok’s all-organic and gluten-free bakery cafés, where they serve not just bread but also a variety of pastries and light meals. Not everything is vegan; however, the majority of the menu is!

 3. Simple Kneads

Simple Kneads, founded in No;h Carolina, is one of my favorite gluten-free, vegan sourdough bread brands.

It is stable in the refrigerator  for a few weeks and freezes well in three pre-sliced variations. Quinoa Power Grains (my personal favorite), sourdough and pumpernickel.

This bread contains no refined sugars and is created from whole plant components. Absolutely fantastic for sandwiches and, in my opinion, the most similar texture to sticky bread yet. Also, the size of these slices is fantastic and, for once, not little because they are gluten-free.

4. Superbloom Bakery

This POC, woman-owned bakery creates delicious vegan and gluten-free sourdough bread in loaf, cinnamon roll and bagel shapes!

Their loaf bread reminds me of a pure white sourdough and they have bagels in flavors like blueberry, everything and my personal favorite, togarashi! I highly recommend the bagels.

5. Sixteen Mill

This was a fantastic find and I am thrilled to tell you about it! Talia from Sixteen Mill creates the best sourdough bread and vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free goodies.

Her seeded bread, shown below, is essential for sandwiches and toast, but she also makes fantastic gluten-free bagels and her banana bake is to die for.

Aside from bread, she has a rolling menu of sweets, most of which are vegan-friendly, so check their social media page for changes!

6. Food For Life Gluten-Free Bread

All Food For Life breads are vegan, and several are gluten-free! Food For Life serves over ten vegan and gluten-free bread kinds, including Brown Rice Bread, Raisin Pecan Bread, Flax Bread and Multi-Seed Rice Bread!

7. Little Northern Bakehouse

All Little Northern Bakehouse sandwich breads (excluding Sprouted Honey) are gluten-free and vegan! They serve organic bread, traditional loaves, broad slice loaves and sprouted loaves!

8. Deland Bakery

Deland Bakery offers various bread items that are certified vegan or gluten-free, but their Gluten-Free Vegan Bread is certified for both! Although several of Deland Bakery’s vegan bread products contain gluten-free ingredients, this is the only one that has also been certified gluten-free.

9. Carbonaut Gluten-free Bread

Carbonaut bread is 100% plant-based, with three kinds also certified gluten-free! Carbonaut’s GF Wheatie, GF Seeded, or GF Cinnamon Rasin bread is a gluten-free, plant-based, low-carb, Keto-friendly sandwich bread!

10. Ener-G Vegan Bread.

There are numerous vegan Ener-G bread options, all of which are certified gluten-free! Ener-G’s website lists all of their vegan and gluten-free bread options.


Why isn’t gluten-free bread vegan?

Gluten-free bread frequently contains substances that are not vegan, such as honey, milk, or butter.

Some gluten-free bread products include eggs, which are frequently used as a binding agent in baking. If certain animal components are utilized, the bread cannot be considered vegan. This list, however, includes brands that produce gluten-free, vegan bread.

What is gluten-free and vegan bread made of?

Vegan and gluten-free bread is made with alternative grains and plant-based ingredients rather than normal dairy, eggs and wheat gluten.

Many of the gluten-free, vegan bread manufacturers listed above employ a variety of the following ingredients: Gluten-free flour blends include brown rice flour, quinoa, millet, oat flour, sorghum flour and buckwheat flour.

Gluten-free, vegan bread is made with tapioca starch, potato starch, or corn starch to give it a light and airy texture.

Plant-based milk: Plant-based milk, such as almond, soy, or oat milk, can be substituted for traditional dairy milk to add moisture and flavor to bread dough.

Plant based oil: Plant-based oils or vegan butter can be utilized to enhance moisture, richness and flavor.

Xanthan gum: Xanthan gum is a plant-based ingredient that is often used in gluten-free bread recipes to improve texture and bind the dough together.

Yeast: Yeast is frequently used as a leavening ingredient in gluten-free, vegan bread to help it rise and achieve a fluffy texture.

Sweeteners: Maple syrup and agave nectar can be added to provide sweetness. These are alternatives to honey, which is not vegan.


These are only a few of the wonderful gluten-free, vegan bread alternatives available today, and everyone’s tastes and preferences change, so I recommend trying a few to find your favorite. This list is a great place to begin!

It’s easy to become disheartened if you don’t enjoy eating your first vegan or gluten-free food item, but we are so blessed to have options, so take advantage of them and try until you find your favorite!

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