Stay Hydrated in Style with Nestasia’s Premium Water Bottles

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You know how important it is to stay hydrated. As per doctor’s recommendations, on average, a human should drink at least 7-8 liters of water daily. It is easy and convenient when we are at home but becomes a bit tedious when we are traveling and at workplaces where we can’t get water when our body asks for it. 

For that purpose, we all carry a container to store water, and that is a water bottle. To ensure that we are drinking clean and enough water, we should always carry a good-quality water bottle with us.

A water bottle might not seem like a big deal, but buying substandard water bottles and drinking impure water can cause serious harm to our bodies. To avoid this situation, let’s know how and where you can get premium water bottles.

5 Splendid and Stylish Alternatives for Water Bottles



If you are bored of using the same untidy and regular water bottle, it’s time to replace it with a new and improved version of premium water bottles from Nestasia. 

Here’s a list of 6 cool and fancy water bottles:

1. Teal Water Bottle

The first item on the list is a teal water bottle. This piece of bottle combines functionality and style. The teal material is responsible for keeping your stored water pure and free from harmful chemicals. These bottles from Nestasia are made of stainless steel to extend their durability and are eco-friendly, too. Thus, a teal water bottle could be an ultimate choice if you are health-conscious and love to stay hydrated.

2. Insulated Thermos

Replace your traditional water bottle with a new and modern insulated thermos from Nestasia. These thermos are highly sustainable, and their double-walled insulation maintains an ideal water temperature inside.

Generally, these thermos have an airtight and leakproof seal to avoid any mess and ensure convenience. The stainless steel promises longevity and shows resistance to corrosion. Keep your body hydrated with these amazing insulated thermos.

3. Motivational Water Bottles

There is a reason behind naming these water bottles motivational. Actually, these bottles work as personal hydration coaches; they have motivational quotes written over them as a reminder to drink water on time and to stay hydrated. These premium water bottles are super lightweight and hence easy to carry anywhere, like school, office, yoga classes, gym, etc. Also, they help you manage your hydration process on time, as they have time featured on them to remind you to take care of your hydration.

4. Cup and Straw

These bottles are new in the raw category of premium water bottles. They are not bottles, actually, but perfectly fulfill the role of a water bottle. If you want a fancy item, then you can go with some patterned cups and straws.

They are just another convenient tool to make the hydration process fun and exciting. They look cute and are easy to grip or hold. They are not just to store water, but you can fill them with smoothies, shakes, and any other drink of your choice.

5. Glass Water Bottles 

A glass water bottle is better than others for storing beverages. Glass water bottles look elegant and are a dining table material. They are toxic-free and, hence, don’t affect the taste of your beverage. These bottles from Nestasia are multipurpose and easy to clean. Glass gives a modern look to the object. You should definitely buy at least one glass water bottle for indoor use. Just make sure that you carry and use it carefully. For the best-quality glass, you may refer to Nestasia.

Ending Note



Water bottles are an essential need in today’s life, especially if you are someone who is a frequent traveller. Then, carrying a water bottle is a must. Drinking in unhygienic public places can cause harm to your body. When you don’t have stored water with you and feel dehydrated, then this might stress you out.

That’s why you should always store your own pure water in high-quality, premium water bottles to avoid any trouble. Water bottles make the journey easy and convenient. With a water bottle, you don’t have to stay deprived of the most basic need of human life, and that is Water.

If you want to own a good set of bottles for yourself and for your family members, then feel free to visit Nestasia for the best possible quality and design of water bottles.


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