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Top 5 Motivational Hollywood Movies For Students

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Students consume a good number of movies, mostly for entertainment purposes.

But a few Hollywood gems can completely change the way students view life and motivate them to excel. These motivational movies for students spread messages of hope, determination, survival, love, and passion in the most difficult of circumstances.

Let us take a look at some of the best ones to date.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie follows the life of a struggling father who tries to make ends meet and provide for his five-year-old son.

When he struggles to make money selling bone-density scanners, things take a turn for the worse. He is evicted from his apartment because he is unable to pay rent.

He is also forced to take up an internship at a stock brokerage firm to become eligible for a decent-paying job.

Throughout the film, we witness the perseverance of a single father who never gives up.

It is one of the most recommended films for students because it motivates us to never give up when things get hard.

Warning: You are bound to shed a few tears while watching this movie!

The Theory of Everything

This movie for students is a breath of hope for all the special needs students who want to achieve their dreams.

It is inspired by the life of Stephen Hawkings, the famous English physicist known for his discovery of the Black Hole.

When Stephen turns twenty-one he is diagnosed with a motor neuron disease which affects his ability to walk and talk properly.

There are several instances in the film where we witness Stephen attending his discussions and classes despite being physically challenged.

We also see a love story develop between Stephen and his colleague Jane. Despite his disease, Jane never fails to love and take care of him.

This shows how physical illness or special needs should not limit us from finding true love or achieving our dreams.

Good Will Hunting


Good Will Hunting blends romance, hardships, trauma, and the struggle of finding meaning in life.

It revolves around Will, who is a young man with a gift for mathematics. A professor discovers his talent and tries to help him use it.

This movie is emotional for many since it brings up themes of trauma, abandonment, abuse, and poverty. Will’s past experiences make him act in certain ways, which hit close to home.

It is a motivator for students, especially those who want to go into difficult academic fields. If you’re one of them, but going through a tough patch, get help with your academic work and hire academic writers to decrease your workload.

Legally Blonde

Although this one belongs to the comedy genre, it still fits the role of a motivational movie.

Female students who aspire to become lawyers, this one’s for you!

We witness the journey of Elle Woods who tries to join Harvard Law School in an attempt to win her boyfriend back.

Many people saw her as a ‘dumb blonde’ who didn’t have what it took to get into law school or even be a successful lawyer. But she ends up proving everyone wrong.

Dead Poets Society

No movie can kindle a fire in students like this movie can.

It explores the beautiful relationship between an English teacher and his students.

The teacher John Keating attempts to help his students discover their calling and achieve their dreams through his unconventional and innovative teaching methods.

He does this through poetry and his students get inspired to start their own society revolving around poetry.

This one is a must-watch for English majors and poetry lovers!

It’s a good idea to watch a motivational movie once in a while to uplift yourself and prepare for difficult situations. It can transform your mindset and help you develop a passion for tasks that seem daunting.

This academic year, we hope you’ll cover the movies on this list at least!

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