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Lunch Date Meaning: 5+ Meaning For Guys and Ladies

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In plain sense, a lunch date refers to meeting with a person for a meal at midday. It is usually a chance to catch up with an old friend or connect with someone on a personal or professional level, but in a less formal setting.

However, in our world today, once the term ‘lunch date’ is mentioned, the first thought that crosses the mind is the chance for a romance. Thus, this article will go in that direction.

This article is written to explain the lunch date meaning for a guy and the lunch date meaning for a lady. So if you have questions such as, What does it mean to go on a lunch date?

What does a lunch date meaning to a guy and a lady? What is expected from a lunch date? This article is for you. Come with me; let’s get on this journey.

Lunch Date Meaning For Guys

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A lot of women do wonder why a guy asks them out on a lunch date when there is no plan for it beforehand. This is because most people do not count a lunch date as a real date, so it can be confusing to figure out what his intentions are.

However, do not be quick to conclude because there may be a motive for him asking you out on a lunch date. It is better to understand the situation before concluding.

So what does it mean when a guy asks you out on a lunch date?

1: He Is Still Uncertain

If a guy isn’t sure if he likes you in a platonic or romantic way, he would request a lunch date. Thus, the lunch date is for him to check if you are compatible.

He might have thought that you liked him, but he noticed during the lunch date that you acted like it was just a friendly lunch together. Whatever action or reaction you take, he will make up his mind as to whether to pursue you or not.

2: He Likes You But He Is Married

A married man may like someone else other than his wife. Since he does not plan to cheat on his wife but he doesn’t want to let you go, he would request a lunch date, as it is a seemingly harmless thing to do. He gets to spend time with you in a way that is not suspicious at all.

3: He Is Scared Of Rejection

A guy chooses to ask a girl out on a lunch date because he is not sure where he stands. Since a lunch date still seems casual, he uses it as a form of protection in case you turn down his advances.

Now, this does not imply that you are not lovely enough, but it is easier for him to approach you this way than to come head-on, and then you’ll eventually reject him.

From a first lunch date, he can now fix another when he is certain you are interested in being friends and possibly something more.

4: You Have Been Friendzoned

Imagine that you have been subtly hinting to a guy that you like him, or that you have even gone ahead to suggest that you two go out sometime. You then suggested an evening time, and he quickly shifted it to lunchtime.

Know that this is not because he has a tight schedule, but because he friendzoned you. In this case, he sees you as nothing but a friend and does not plan to be romantically involved with you.

5: You Two Have A History

A guy may like you but still ask you out on a lunch date because you two have a platonic history together and he does not know how to confess his feelings. So a lunch date is a perfect fix because you probably won’t suspect a thing while he’s still summoning up the courage to ask you out.

Or, your ex, with whom you ended things in a not-so-nice way, wants to meet up. A lunch date signifies that there’s not much left between you two.

6: He Wants You As A Friend

Some guys may not be romantically interested in you at all. They just like your personality and presence, and they would love to have a friend like you in their lives.

He might already be married or in a serious relationship. He just wants to be your friend, thus a lunch date when he wants to meet up.

7: He Has Personal Issues

Some guys do have personal issues that make them consider a certain situation before they leap. In this case, he might just be coming out of the wrong relationship, and he needs time to unwind before going back into the dating scene.

Meeting you and liking you was not part of the plan, so instead of letting you go, he decided to take it slow by asking you on a lunch date to get to know you better before investing in a new relationship.

8: It’s A Work Date As Colleagues

A lot of workplaces have certain policies that prevent coworkers from dating each other. This might be the case here. He likes you, but the rules and regulations in place are hindering him from asking you out on a date.

Thus, in disguise, he asks you on a lunch date, so it just seems like two colleagues are eating out during lunch breaks.

He also wants to avoid the distraction and gossip from coworkers if he decides to date you for real.

9:  It’s A Real Date, That’s Just His Schedule

A guy may like you and be in love with you, but he has always proposed a lunch date. You two might already be in a serious relationship but have never been on a dinner date yet.

A clear reason may be because of his or your work schedule. Some professions leave people busy with little or no time to spend with their loved ones, but someone who truly loves you would make time to be with you.

In this case, his free periods are at lunchtime, so he gives that time to you wholeheartedly. It is still worth it.

Lunch Date Meaning For Ladies

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This part is for the guys who are wondering why a woman agrees to a lunch date or why she prefers lunch dates. Here are a few reasons why.

1: Less pressure For Her

A lady may not put so much meaning into a lunch date because she is not interested in the guy. Going on a lunch date means she won’t put so much pressure on herself to impress him since a lunch date is just a short one and she has no plans of going out with the guy again.

2: She Thinks You Are Serious

Most times, a lunch date is about getting to know someone. So if a lady is asked on a lunch date, especially if you are not her colleague, she may feel you like her and want to chat with her over a meal. In such a case, she looks forward to having more time with you.

3: She Feels Safe

Lunch dates are fixed during the day; it’s the safest time to go out for some ladies who do not like evening outings. A lunch date means she gets to meet you, check you out, decide if she likes you in a romantic or platonic way, and then go back to the safety of her home or office before evening falls.

4: She Is Not Sure About You

If a lady is not certain about your intentions, she will always agree to a lunch date because she has to get to know you first before trusting you enough to meet up again. A lunch date is like a preparatory background for you and her to get to know each other.

5: She Sees You As A Friend

She may not be romantically interested in you at all; she just wants to have you as a good friend, so a lunch date cannot be easily misinterpreted as something more than that. That’s why she opted for a lunch date with you.

6: She’s Only Free For Lunch

There are several reasons why a lady is only free for lunch. That’s why it is important to ask what her free time is when proposing a lunch date.

She may be married, busy at work into the evening, or not like evening outings. So her safest option is a lunch date.


In conclusion, many people choose to set their dates during lunch because they are not sure how smoothly a dinner date would go.

Their thoughts are that they want to save the best for later so that if things don’t work out, there will be no future regrets.

Also, contrary to popular notions about lunch dates, it can be suitable for any occasion, provided that the time spent is minimal because some people will be going back to work immediately after the lunch date.

So have many lunch dates, people, and get to know each other well.

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