Keratin Advantage – Treatment

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Understanding Keratin Advantage – Treatment, Benefit & Additional Cost

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Keratin is a popular antidote for frizzy, damaged and unruly hair. The popular professional-grade treatment bestows hair with dozens of benefits by replenishing the lost natural keratin protein. However, the smoothing treatment does come with a price and additional aftercare costs.

This blog details the added value of keratin hair treatment and how it benefits hair. Also, to keep the clarity intact, a breakdown of additional expenses that come at your disposal is necessary to maintain the treatment’s longevity.

Keratin Treatment: How does it benefit hair?

It’s true when they say, “Your hair is your crowning glory.” However, your hair falls victim to numerous external aggressors like dirt, dust, and pollution and faces the brunt from the use of excessive styling products and heat tools.

As a result, the hair loses its natural keratin protein, creating gaps or holes in the strands, resulting in compromised strand vitality, elasticity and overall health. This is the primary cause of frizz and damage, ultimately leading to breakage.

Keratin treatment fights the frizz and helps restore the overall health of your tresses. Applying the formula replenishes the gaps with keratin protein and further seals them using a flat iron. Here are some of the benefits of getting a good-quality keratin treatment:

  • Tames frizz and smoothens hair: Opting for a keratin treatment smooths cuticles, replenishes lost keratin, and protects against humidity, resulting in frizz-proofing hair.
  • Strengthens hair structure: Keratin is the cornerstone protein that maintains hair’s structural integrity. As keratin therapy masks the strand, it helps strengthen hair fiber and improve elasticity.
  • Reduces hair breakage: As keratin smoothens hair and tames the flyaways, it detangles knots and eases the combing process. Stronger and easier-to-manage hair means less breakage.
  • Reduces styling time: Keratin treatment smooths cuticles and hence reduces porosity. As a result, it decreases both drying and styling time.

Keratin Treatment Cost: Upfront and Additional Costs

The cost of keratin hair treatment cost varies depending on numerous factors. Also, there are upfront and additional expenses associated with getting and maintaining the treatment.

1. Upfront treatment cost

The average keratin treatment cost usually ranges from $100 to $600 and varies based on many factors Here are a few things that influence and affect the keratin price:

  • Hair length: Longer hair requires more formula and longer processing time; hence, the keratin cost is higher compared to shorter hair.
  • Location: The treatment price varies depending on the salon’s location. An upscale and posh salon in a high-end locality will be expensive compared to a regular salon in a cheaper neighborhood.
  • Salon reputation: A reputed and famous salon will charge more than a small regional salon.
  • Brand: The cost also varies depending on the keratin brand used for the treatment. Luxurious brands come at a price as compared to regular brands.
  • Expertise: Depending on the knowledge and skills of the hairstylist, the cost of keratin treatment varies. Highly skilled and famous stylists will charge more for the treatment than novices.

2. Additional Keratin Treatment Cost

The typical expenses involve the initial treatment and processing costs. Beyond the initial investment, there are additional hidden expenses associated with ensuring quality aftercare. Below are some post-treatment costs necessary for preserving the longevity of keratin treatments:

  • Appropriate products: After the treatment, it is recommended to use keratin-friendly shampoo and conditioners. Such products may be more expensive than the regular ones.
  • Touch-up and maintenance: To retain longevity, salon visits and touch-ups might be necessary to incur additional costs.
  • Expensive accessories: To prolong the effect of keratin treatment, stylists often recommend buying additional accessories at a cost.

On average, keratin treatments last for 3 to 5 months with proper aftercare. Also, the effect of keratin and how long it stays depends on factors like hair type, texture, and the aftercare process. Before going for a keratin treatment, weighing down all options and knowing both upfront and additional expenses is highly recommended.

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