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Is Franklin Pierce University a Good school? Facts About Franklin Pierce University


Is Franklin Pierce University a good school? If this is your question, then this article is for you. Franklin Pierce University is regarded as a good university, particularly for those pursuing legal studies. It is one of the top 200 law schools in the country, with a robust legal program.

Additionally, the university is strongly committed to public service and provides numerous avenues for students to engage with the community. Furthermore, Franklin Pierce is situated in a stunning region of New Hampshire with lots of chances for outdoor leisure.

Franklin Pierce University is well-known for its other academic offerings in addition to its legal degree. It is one of the top 50 nursing schools in the nation and offers a robust nursing program. The institution also provides courses in education, business, and liberal arts. Because of the school’s small size and low student-to-faculty ratio, you can expect to receive a lot of one-on-one attention from your instructors.

Is Franklin Pierce University a good school? Franklin Pierce University

As we attempt to respond to the question , “Is Franklin Pierce University a good school?” This brings us to Franklin University.

The main campus of Franklin Pierce University is located in Rindge, New Hampshire, and it was founded in 1962. With only 1,700 students, the school’s campus is small and personal. Students from all over the world and the United States make up the varied student body.

The university places a significant emphasis on experiential learning and provides both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Internships or other practical experience are required for several of Franklin Pierce’s programs.

Franklin Pierce has a lot to offer in terms of living beyond the classroom. There is something for everyone on campus, with over 50 student clubs and organizations. Along with a robust athletic program, the institution fields teams that compete in NCAA Division II. Additionally, the university is situated in a stunning area with close proximity to lakes, forests, and mountains.

Is Franklin Pierce University a Good School?

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Is Franklin Pierce University a good school? Franklin Pierce University is regarded as a good university . It is well-known, especially for its legal program. Also, the university has a strong track record of helping graduates find employment or pursue higher education.

Many students find the school to be a unique and appealing option because of its small size and emphasis on experiential learning. All things considered, it’s a very good option for those seeking a small, intimate campus and a top-notch education.

The employment possibilities for graduates of a school should be taken into account while making your decision. The employment placement rate for recent Franklin Pierce University graduates is approximately 85%. Graduates often start up making about $45,000 annually.

Additionally, a large percentage of the school’s alumni continue their studies beyond graduation; roughly 30% of recent graduates are seeking graduate degrees. For the most part, Franklin Pierce University graduates have good employment prospects.

Regarding Franklin Pierce University’s general reputation, it is highly esteemed. The New England Commission of Higher Education has granted it regional accreditation. Additionally, the institution holds specific accreditations for a number of its programs, including nursing, business and education. Franklin Pierce University also enjoys a solid reputation in the sports world due to its membership in the NCAA Division II. Employers respect the school and it enjoys a good reputation overall.

Is Franklin Pierce University a Good School? What Makes It One?

Franklin Pierce University is a good university for a variety of reasons. First, the intimate ties between students and professors are made possible by the school’s small size. This could help with professional and academic advancement.

Furthermore, because of the school’s emphasis on experiential learning, students can obtain practical experience through internships and other programs. The school distinguishes itself from other institutions with its emphasis on career training. These elements all play a part in what makes Franklin Pierce University a top university.

The diversity of Franklin Pierce University’s student body is another aspect that contributes to the university’s quality. The student body at the school is quite diversified in terms of financial status and ethnicity.

Actually, the school has won awards for its initiatives in fostering a more welcoming and varied community. Due to the opportunity it provides for the sharing of diverse viewpoints and experiences, diversity is advantageous to both students and professors. In addition, the school provides a range of financial aid opportunities, including work-study, grants and scholarships.

Finally, Franklin Pierce University’s commitment to its students is one of the key elements that sets it apart from other academic institutions. The school is dedicated to giving each and every student a top-notch educational experience. Offering a range of support services, such as career counseling, tutoring, and health and wellness resources, is part of this. In addition, the institution boasts a robust network of former students who may offer graduates and current students useful contacts and resources.

Application Process

There are a few things to consider when applying to Franklin Pierce University. Firstly, it’s crucial to have a great academic record and an appealing application because the institution has a stringent admissions process. Students who get admitted typically have a GPA of 3.0. Students with a love for learning and a willingness to participate in campus life are also sought after by the institution.

Being a private institution, Franklin Pierce University has a higher cost of attendance than a public university. This is an important point to keep in mind. Still, the institution provides ample financial aid packages that include loans, grants, and scholarships.

For an in-state student, the annual cost of attendance is approximately $40,000. It’s crucial to take into account the entire financial assistance package that you might be qualified for if you’re concerned about the expense of attending Franklin Pierce.

Lastly, it’s important to take Franklin Pierce University’s location into account. The main campus is situated in the little town of Rindge, New Hampshire, which is approximately one hour’s drive from Boston. The school itself is renowned for its breathtaking views and lovely hiking routes, and it is situated in a lovely rural area. Franklin Pierce University can be a suitable choice for you if you want a close-knit school community and a small-town atmosphere.

Is Franklin Pierce University a Good School? It’s Ratings

Franklin Pierce University has received great reviews and ratings from numerous websites. For example, U.S. News and World Report ranks the university as one of the top regional universities in the North. The Princeton Review has also ranked the university as one of the best in the Northeast. In addition, Niche awarded the college an A+ rating. The academic program’s standing and caliber are reflected in these rankings.


It’s also critical to keep in mind Franklin Pierce University’s prosperous alumni record. Many former students have gone on to have successful careers in a variety of fields, including business, law, and medicine. Current students and alumni have access to a wealth of resources and opportunities thanks to the school’s robust alumni network.

Importantly, Franklin Pierce University has a strong history of supporting its students. Among the many student support services provided by the university are academic advising, career assistance, and financial aid counseling. The school also takes pride in having a low student-to-faculty ratio, which allows teachers to provide each student with personalized attention.

Finally, it’s imperative to consider the cost of attending Franklin Pierce University. When compared to other private schools, the fee is relatively reasonable, even though it is a private school. The average yearly cost of tuition is about $40,000, and there are several financial aid options available. In addition, the institution offers several grants and scholarships that could help cover the cost of tuition.


In conclusion, is Franklin Pierce University a good school? YES! Franklin Pierce University has a lot to offer its students. It has an impressive atmosphere, a diversified student body, and a strong commitment to its students.

The institution’s affordability and availability of financial aid make it a viable choice for a large number of students. Its focus on experiential learning and professional preparation makes it an excellent choice for those who wish to get the most out of their college experience.

If you’re still not sure Franklin Pierce University is the right university for you, you might want to give it a visit. The best way to get a sense of the school is to visit it in person. The school is located in a beautiful area of New Hampshire, so there are many activities to do and places to see nearby. Furthermore, the campus itself is well-maintained and features a lot of lovely architecture.

In addition to taking a tour of the campus, you might want to speak with current or former students. By talking to others who have attended the school, you can get a better idea of what it’s like to be a student there. You can ask questions concerning the general student experience, campus culture, and curriculum of the institution.



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