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How Old to Work at  Victoria Secret? Employment Requirements

employment requirements

Pondering how old to work at Victoria Secret? The minimum hiring age for working at Victoria Secret is 18 years old with a high school diploma or its alternative West African Examination Certificate.

Although it differs for some jobs. But having previous experience in retail can be advantageous for those seeking entry-level positions. However, recruiters prioritize strong interpersonal skills and a genuine enthusiasm for sales.

Brief Overview of Victoria Secret

Victoria’s Secret was founded on June 12, 1977, by Roy Raymond and his wife, Gaye Raymond. The brand is well-established and has a household name in the fashion industry overall.

Considering that the brand is widely recognized and holds a prominent position in the fashion industry, it would be beneficial to inquire: how old to work at Victoria Secret?

Victoria Secret is the largest lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailer in the world, known for offering a  wide variety of modern, trending collections including lingerie, push-up bras, pants, casual sleepwear, beauty products, athletics wear, hosiery, award-winning perfumes and body care.

Victoria Secret Goal and Mission Statement

Victoria Secret shared its goal during their 2022 Company’s Investor Day to become the world’s leading fashion retailer of intimate apparel and declared three strategic priorities designed to support its goal: ‘Strengthen Our Core, Ignite Growth and Transform the Foundation.’

Victoria’s Secret & Co.’s mission statement is to inspire and empower women around the world through their products and experiences.

While Victoria’s Secret & Co. is dedicated to inspiring and empowering women globally through their products and experiences, individuals interested in working for the company may need to know how old to work at Victoria Secret.

Employment Opportunities At Victoria Secret

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There are various job positions available at Victoria’s Secret, such as sales associates, cashiers, brand specialists, staffing supervisors, product developers, customer service representatives and managerial roles.

As of the time of writing this article, there are one thousand, four hundred and thirty-one (1431) available jobs at Victoria Secret. A few of them are Senior Raw Materials Specialist; Senior Manager, Brand Strategy; Selling Associate-Atlantic Terminal; Assistant Graphic Designer; Seasonal Associate; Product Developer and lots more.

Are you still wondering how old to work at Victoria Secret in various job positions? From my personal investigations, there’s no age limit but a minimum of eighteen years is the yardstick.

Legal Considerations That Apply to the Employment of Minors

When contemplating employment at Victoria’s Secret, it’s crucial to consider how old to work at Victoria Secret. Although the general stipulation is that employees must be at least 18 years old, exceptions exist based on state and local labor laws.

State and local labor laws play a direct role in defining the minimum age for specific positions within Victoria’s Secret. These laws vary across locations and must be adhered to by employers like Victoria’s Secret. In certain states or localities, provisions may permit individuals as young as 17 to work under specific circumstances, such as part-time or for high school students.

Beyond labor laws, educational and professional experiences can be a prerequisite on how old to work at Victoria’s Secret. Some roles within the company may demand higher qualifications or skills typically associated with age and experience, resulting in a higher minimum age compared to entry-level positions.

Victoria’s Secret places a high priority on compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws. Recognizing the significance of accommodating associates and job applicants while ensuring adherence to labor regulations, they adjust their working age specification in accordance with state and local labor laws to align with legal stipulations.

In conclusion, under this subheading, state and local labor laws exert a significant influence on the working age requirements at Victoria’s Secret. The company values workforce diversity while upholding legal standards in employment practices. Prospective employees should consider their specific position and location to determine whether they meet the minimum age specifications at Victoria’s Secret.

Application Process for working at Victoria Secret

Having known how old to work at Victoria Secret, you may want to investigate the company’s application process.

To initiate the application process, interested candidates are encouraged to leverage the convenience of the company’s official website, where an online application platform is available. Utilizing the online application portal provides a streamlined and efficient method for submitting applications electronically, enhancing the overall application experience.

Alternatively, candidates also have the option to obtain a physical Victoria’s Secret application form by printing it out. This traditional method allows individuals to complete the application manually and submit it in person or through other specified channels.

For those seeking to apply for multiple positions or wishing to provide a comprehensive overview of their qualifications, the option to upload a professional resume is available. Including a resume enables candidates to showcase their skills, experiences, and achievements in a more detailed and structured format, thereby enhancing their application profile.

Furthermore, applicants who value personal interaction and wish to establish a direct connection with the hiring staff may opt to submit their application forms in person. This approach not only demonstrates eagerness and initiative but also provides an opportunity for prospective employees to make a memorable impression on the recruitment team.


In summary, candidates have multiple avenues for submitting their applications to Victoria’s Secret, ranging from the user-friendly online platform to the traditional paper application method. The inclusion of a resume is encouraged for those applying to multiple positions, and individuals desiring a more personalized touch may choose to submit their forms in person to foster a direct connection with the recruitment team.




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