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If Someone Is On Your Mind Are You On Theirs? 6 Visible Signs

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I’m sure everyone has heard of this theory. Now, some of us accept it as real and believe in it, but others maintain that it is impossible to know with certainty what is going through someone’s mind.

The truth is that nobody can definitively respond to the question, “If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs?” Nonetheless, there exist certain instances that, in a sense, prove the validity of this theory.

You may be surprised to learn how much more power your subconscious mind has. You see, there’s this phenomenon called telepathy, and when you have a strong connection or a twin flame, your mind is always sending you messages about that person. It’s as if you can sense their feelings and your mind synchronizes with theirs. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the subject: if someone is on your mind, are you on theirs?. Let’s go!

If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs? Ways to know they’re thinking about you too

If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs? Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t help but think about someone? The fact that you recently met them is irrelevant. If you find yourself thinking about someone on an almost daily basis and the emotion doesn’t seem to go away, you might hope that they feel the same way about you. Those who are in love frequently talk about the other person, lose sleep, and start thinking about the idea that “they are perfect for me.”

It is well known that thinking about someone frequently indicates that they were thinking of you initially. We are familiar with how it feels to see or hear that special someone’s voice; it feels as though we have butterflies in our stomachs and we are overjoyed when we get a message or phone call from them.

Such emotions are significant and need not be disregarded. The other part of the puzzle is that we tend to be curious to know if they are thinking about us too. Let’s look at some common ways to know if you’re on their mind too.

1. You’ll have goosebumps

In case you’re wondering if someone is on your mind, are you on theirs? One of the physical ways to know is that you’ll be experiencing goosebumps. What are goosebumps? Goosebumps are a lot like those beautiful butterflies we all experience when we fall in love or the cold chills we get whenever we are around the person we deeply feel something for. The fact is that there are numerous scientific explanations for why we experience goosebumps. It might be a response from our neural system to intense emotions or a physiological reaction to a low temperature.

On the other hand, if a certain person gives you chills whenever you think about them, it’s thought to be a sign that they are also thinking of you.

2. You’ll have hiccups

Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Nobody likes hiccups. It’s quite inconvenient; we all know that. Well, a lot of people dislike it before learning the true significance behind those sporadic hiccups.

The most common theory about this is that when someone hiccups unexpectedly, someone else is mentioning their name or talking about them.

It also makes perfect sense that if someone is talking about you, they are also thinking about you. Thus, you can be positive that the next time you get unexpected hiccups when thinking about a particular individual, they are also thinking about you.

Naturally, there are several medical causes for those sporadic hiccups. If, on the other hand, none of the explanations make sense to you, then the only reason your hiccups occur is that your loved one is still thinking about you. This is a good explanation for the question: If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs?

3. There are twitches or itches in your left eye

This is a widely held belief throughout numerous cultures. This belief states that if you feel an itching sensation in your left eye, then that’s an indication that someone is thinking positively about you.

However, it’s also said that if your

right eye twitches, it indicates that someone is thinking negatively about you. Of course, the tingling feeling in your eye could have medical causes. Thus, you ought to look them over first.

That uneasy feeling in your eyes is nearly a guarantee that someone—your soulmate, partner, or someone you love—is thinking of you if there isn’t a valid medical reason for it. Furthermore, it is believed in many cultures that twitching in the left eye indicates good fortune, while twitching in the right eye portends misfortune.

4. A burning feeling around the head

A burning feeling in your cheeks or ears, even if you’re not sick and your room temperature isn’t too high, is a positive indication that someone you care about is missing you and thinking about you. You can’t stop the intense energy that someone else is sending your way, which is why your cheeks and ears are flushed.

The universe wants you to know that you’ve been trapped in someone’s head, which is why it ignites the fire in your cheeks or ears. And the individual who is thinking seriously about you is most likely experiencing the same thing.

5. Feelings of phantom

Andrew Neel, Pexels

The truth is that science is at a loss for a definitive response on this subject. It can only tell us that it’s a placebo effect, at most. The feeling of phantoms, or phantom sensations, is the perception of a sensation that is not present.

This happens when we imagine or feel someone touching us or being close to us when no one is present. We could feel the warmth and perceive their scent and we could bet with all we had that someone was there. There is some truth to this, though. Furthermore, it’s not necessary for you to sense someone touching you. There’s an unexplainable warmth surrounding you, or you may feel as though someone is breathing close by.

If you have a strong, telepathic connection with that person, those phantom sensations will be especially strong. The intense energy vibrations that arise from your intense desire to be with each other when you think about each other cause those phantom feelings.

6. You discover you’ve been sneezing constantly

If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs? Well, another answer to this puzzle is that if you discover you’ve been constantly sneezing unusually, then yes, they have you on their mind too and they’ve been thinking about you.

Asian culture has a widely held belief that when you sneeze out of the blue and your nose starts to itch, it’s a clear indication that someone is missing you or is thinking about you. Furthermore, it’s also said that sneezing three times in a row indicates that someone is thinking positively of you.

Thus, if you’re not allergic to anything, you’ve not caught a cold or fever, but you can’t stop sneezing, there’s a good chance the person you’ve been thinking about all day is also thinking about you.

How come I can’t stop thinking about this person?

If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs? We’ve been able to find the answers to this puzzle and the answer is yes. I’m sure you’ve come to the realization that any time you intensely think about someone, they somehow have you on their mind too.

Not many people will be comfortable with this part of the puzzle and they’ll try to stop or push away the thoughts of those people from their minds, but this could be mission impossible.

There may be a variety of factors behind your inability to stop thinking about or let go of a particular person. But one thing is certain: You are thinking about them because you still need to take care of some unresolved business or because you still care about them.

Secondly, you are thinking about them because you’ve not been seeing them as often as you used to and you wish to connect with them again. It doesn’t matter if it’s your family member, an old friend, or your ex.

Thirdly, you can’t help but think about them because your relationship with them ended without giving you the right closure. You’re unable to move on because you still feel strongly for them or are attached to them. There are so many things you wish to say to them, and unless you say everything, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. You should speak with them in order to receive much-needed closure.


I believe that the only appropriate response to the question, “If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs?” is yes.

Many people don’t believe these things are real, but if you look closely and find that most of these indications are real, you’ll see that it’s highly unlikely that all of that is just a coincidence.

If you keep seeing these signs around you, it’s practically an indicator that someone is thinking about you too. Remember that nothing in life occurs for any reason at all. Reach out to them and connect with them.


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