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How To Confess To A Guy: 12 Best Ways To Tell Him How You Feel

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Have you ever confessed to a guy before? If you have, what was your experience?

If you haven’t yet and you want to confess your true feelings to him but are shy or worried, pay no mind; this article will be of great benefit to you.

Confessions are awkward and put one in a vulnerable situation, but they are still the most liberating thing to do. Human beings have that special ability to talk; why do you think so? It’s simply to be able to express our feelings, yet most people still wait around for a guy to open up first. I think we are so used to guys being the first ones to confess their feelings, so girls feel it’s really not their thing. This is why most people are not part of our lives; we sit around waiting for a moment, and it never comes, only to regret it later.

However, no matter how nervous you are at first, you’ll feel a whole lot better when you talk about your feelings.

How To Confess To A Guy: 12 ways to confess your true feelings to a guy

It’s true that a lot of things are easier said than done; trust me, this is one of them. But in this case, you might be running out of time, so you need to keep your anxious feelings aside and get them over with. You should definitely make some moves sooner because someone else may beat you to it, and before you snap your eyes shut and open it, he’s taken. You’ll regret it, I tell you.

When confessing to a guy, you have to be ready for anything—acceptance or rejection. It’s a two-way, uncomplicated street. Take either a yes or a no from him. Don’t do complicated things or anything in between; you’ll get hurt.

The truth is that two things can happen, and it won’t be the end of the world. Your confession might go great if he reciprocates your feelings, and then your relationship begins, or it may go “not so great.” If he doesn’t like you like that, you simply move on. The time wasted on wondering and playing “he loves me, he loves me not” will be saved. Anyway, it’s a win-win situation for you.

So here are the direct and indirect ways you can confess to a guy:.

1. Be yourself

The first step to confessing your feelings to a guy is to be yourself. Being yourself involves overcoming your fear and anxiety. If you are a shy person, you will easily feel afraid to talk to him, so you need to keep your thoughts in place and work up some courage. Easier said than done, true, but if you really want to tell him how you feel, you need to be yourself and see how it goes.

In addition, don’t try to be what you are not because you feel it will make him like you. You will be putting yourself up for disappointment in the future.

2. Practice what you want to say

Unless you are extremely confident or a “say it as it is” kind of girl, you might want to practice what you are going to say.

If you are the nervous type, practice will help you arrange your words better, and you’ll feel less freaked out when it’s time. You can write them out on paper or type the words on your phone, then read them to yourself. Hearing how it sounds will help you decide if it’s the right word or not.

3. Write him a letter

Leeloo Thefirst, Pexels

Letter writing is a traditional method of communication. It is a sure way of confessing your feelings in many instances and can help start a new mode of communication between the both of you. You can write a poem or heartfelt message that will touch their hearts. Make your letter personal and authentic. It should convey your deep feelings towards him with a request to respond to it. You can then hand it over to him in person or ask a friend to do that for you.

4. Send him a text

Texting is simple; everyone knows that. There is no harm in sending a heartfelt text to a guy just to confess your feelings. So if you can talk to him face-to-face, compose a text that is short but straight to the point, then hit send and wait for his reply. Let it be for a moment, and come back later to read his reply.

5. Ask him on a date

Asking him out on a date is one of the coolest ways to confess your feelings to him. Reverse the order, plan for the date, choose a comfortable place, and then invite him. Treat him to good food and drinks, then confess your feelings in between conversations.

6. Dress in something you’re comfortable in

Your dress can make you confident or not, so be sure to dress in comfy clothes if you’re going out with him. Try dressing up in your nice clothes to places you think he’ll be. That way, he can notice you more often before you eventually seek him out to confess your feelings. You never know; he already likes you but is just shy too.

7. Talk to a mutual friend

Girls like to take caution before embarking on something; one way to do so is by talking to a mutual friend. You can seek their opinion on whether it’s a good plan to confess your feelings or not. Your friend may now communicate with you to see if the guy likes you or not. This can save you emotional stress and the awkwardness of being rejected.

In another sense, a mutual friend can communicate your feelings to the guy and get his response. Though that’s not a straightforward thing to do, a few girls have done that.

8. Be straightforward and direct

Confessing with a guy live and direct is not for the fainthearted. You’ll need a huge supply of confidence and courage to do that. It’s not surprising, though; a lot of girls have that. If they like a guy, they just walk up to him and let it out. Trust me, guys like such displays of confidence from a girl, so even if you get turned down, you’ve gotten the burden of pondering off your chest, and you can now move on.

9. Leave a hint by being expressive

Your expressions say a lot about your intentions, so if you can’t tell him right away how you feel, you can be good at being friendly. Ask about his work or classes; give him an update on what he doesn’t know about in school. If you aren’t close, a wink in the hallway, a wave, or a smile can go a long way in letting him know you like him. Guys are pretty good observers; he surely knows you’re trying to send him a message, and he may loosen up, so it becomes easy to approach him.

10. Flirt

Pixabay, Pexels

Flirting is the normal method girls happen to go for. They’d flirt around with a guy, then expect him to take a hint and ask them out; in this case, you’d be the one to confess after flirting.

Flirting can help prepare the grounds for you to confess your feelings to him. You may use pick-up lines like guys do, or you may want to hang around him so he’ll notice you; either way, it can help you confess your feelings without even saying a word.

11. Use a creative approach

If you are not confident enough to talk to him physically, then you can summon your creative side to serve you. What are you good at? You should try out a few options, like leaving him a present. Talk to his friends and find out what he likes, then get him a surprise present and leave it at his doorstep with a little note. He’ll definitely call you back.

If he likes home-cooked meals, you can make one of his favorite dishes and send it over. Write a note with a pick-up line conveying your feelings to him. You can also create a playlist and send him a video, poem, or piece of art.

Whatever creative approach you use, make sure you’re dropping a hint.

12. Give him space to think about it

After you’ve confessed your feelings to him, give him time to ponder them and respond to you. He has a right to his own feelings, so don’t feel like he has to give you feedback immediately.

On a final note

Confessing your feelings to a guy is no easy task for some girls. For some, it’s a walk in the park. However, confessing to a guy is better than suppressing your feelings out of fear.

There is no right time to confess to a guy. You should make your confession whenever you feel prepared to do so. Do not hold off for too long, though, because you never know; he might soon be taken by another.

Try different approaches, from the ones listed here to the ones you can come up with, and see how it works out for you.



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