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How To Travel Around The BVIs By Yacht?

If you have been looking for an expert guide on having the best trip around the British Virgin Islands, you have come to the right place.

Everyone wants to go to the British Virgin Islands (the BVIs) for a cruise and a dip in the water. One of the reasons the trip is quite famous for all tourists around the globe is how easy it is to plan a short cruise around the islands. It is not surprising to find people taking a one-day cruise and still seeing everything they wanted to see.

Planning a trip to the BVI is also quite simple since you don’t need that much motor power to travel the area. In fact, experts recommend using a catamaran and taking advantage of the mild winds instead of the speeds of a motorboat. You can get the best BVI catamaran charter by contacting the team at DMA Yachting and booking one before the trip.

Here is the expert guide on traveling the BVIs by yacht.

Planning Your Travel Experience Before Hand

The difference between a fruitful trip and a complete bore is how much time and effort you spend planning the trip. Starting a trip to the BVIs without adequate planning is just a recipe for pure chaos. That is why you should focus all your energy on the planning phase.

The first thing you should consider during the planning stage is the yacht you intend to use. We have already settled on the fact that catamaran yachts are the best. But there are quite a few options for catamarans to look at, depending on the number of guests and cabins you want to have.

Remember, the BVIs are a trendy tourist destination. You should book the yacht as early as possible to avoid inconveniences.

You should also pack a bag of everything you need for the trip beforehand. The primary things to bring aboard include a passport at least six months before expiry, all your swimming gear and sunscreen, waterproof cases for your valuables, and enough cash for the entire trip.

If you plan on traveling with kids, you must ensure that all kids under 13 have a floatation device on the deck.

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Getting To The British Virgin Islands

The easiest way to get to the BVIs is a flight to Tortola. Most American, Canadian, and UK nationals don’t need to procure a visa for the trip if they intend to stay in the BVIs for less than a month. If you want to stay longer, you must meet with the Chief Immigration Officer to get an extension for six months or a long-term visa.

Fun Route To Take Around The BVIs

Most cruises around the BVIs start and end at Tortola because of its proximity to other destinations and the freedom to take a flight back home.

1. Start At Tortola To Norman Island

The first stage of your trip around the BVIs is the short sail from Tortola to the Norman Islands. The trip is famous for its scenic views of the Caribbean waters and beach at Long Bay West. If you are a fan of extreme sports, then the snorkeling experience at Norman Islands will be one from the books.

One of the things you should check out at Norman Islands is the fabled pirate treasure in one of the caves. Who knows, maybe you might end up uncovering a secret of a lifetime!

2. Continue To Virgin Gorda

Once you leave the Norman Islands, your next step should be the Virgin Gorda. This destination is arguably the most famous one in the whole cruise around the BVIs. Don’t forget to check out the Baths at Virgin Gorda. The swim between these two boulders presents one of the most picturesque scenes you can expect in the whole trip.

You can also grab a cocktail or two and a sizzling meal at CocoMaya before taking the next sail towards Jost van Dyke.

3. Cruise To Jost van Dyke

The cruise to Jost Van Dyke will probably be the longest one in your entire sail. You must go through Trellis Bay, Guana Island, and then anchor at the island. The most exciting part of Jost van Dyke is the natural hot springs located towards the northeastern side of the island.

But it should be a walking distance from where you dock your yacht. The island also promises an exciting experience on the white sandy beaches, which are common in most Caribbean countries. So make sure to take advantage of that.

4. Back To Tortola

Once you leave Jost Van Dyke, your trip should be almost over. But that doesn’t mean the sail back to Tortola should be boring. You can still catch some exciting sights of the sea and the sunset right from your yacht.

Parting Shot

Traveling across the British Virgin Islands is always an experience of a lifetime for many people. But that often depends on how you plan the trip and which yacht you get for the cruise. You should be good to go if you deal with My BVI Charter to get a catamaran for your sail.

The general idea of our discussion was to give you an overview of the correct route for the journey. But nothing is cast in stone. You can alter the trip as much as you want to meet your needs, and you will have a great time on your trip!

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