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How To Remove Someone From Your Mind: 5 Practical Tips

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How do you feel when a fantastic person comes into your life? An individual with whom you connect deeply. It’s like joy everywhere! But what occurs when the same person leaves?

Even if they give you a reason or not. It sucks, right? You feel like a piece of your heart has been taken away forever. You get that person’s thoughts now and then, day in and day out.

So, how do you overcome this feeling when you are not able to get someone off your mind? Be it an unrequited crush you find difficult to stop daydreaming about or an ex that won’t stop haunting you,.

Well, how to remove someone from your mind who’s not in your life anymore can be frustrating.

How to remove someone from your mind requires effort. At the moment, it can be hard to imagine, but your feelings will fade with time. You might even not want them to fade, but definitely, feelings do change over time.

That’s just the nature of things. None of us stays the same. Certainly, you’ll change over the months and years, and so will the person you have feelings for, too.

Practical Tips on How To Remove Someone From Your Mind

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1. Acknowledge That Memories Only Fade. They Don’t Erase.

Usually, when you want to get rid of someone in your mind, you ask yourself, “How can I erase the memories of this person from my life?”

But guess what? You can’t fully erase someone from your memories. Especially those that were very close to you. No matter how hard you try to push them away, they stay with you.

It’s just that these memories might fade over time, and the emotional pain might reduce gradually.

The more you think about getting rid of someone in your mind, the more you remember them and feel the pain again. So, to overcome this situation, you must learn to behave maturely.

Just believe that they were once part of your life. And that aspect is over. Be conscious of your present and start living in the moment.

2. Admit the Fact – People Come and Go.

Several people stay in your life for a long period of time, while others leave in a hurry. However, in the end, they will all leave. At times, you wonder why they disappear, leaving you behind despite the good relations you had with them.

Oftentimes, thoughts about them disturb you.

Nevertheless, how to remove someone from your mind begins with you accepting the truth that people come and go. Life is full of temporary and transforming people.

You can’t determine or control how long someone will stay with you or predict when an individual will leave you. You can only cherish the memories and keep striving forward.

3. Stick to the Zero Contact Rule.

At times, there may be a moment when you feel the urge to reach out to the person who has left your life. Likewise, the other person might even try checking up on you for selfish reasons.

The funny thing is that most people give in. They begin a discussion with the other person, after which they’ll complain to you that they can’t forget them.

If you sincerely want to get someone out of your mind, you must stick to the no-contact rule. You must try your best to oppose every urge to call the other person or pick up their calls.

Even a short text like “Hey!” isn’t permitted.

Sustaining an on-and-off connection with the other person will keep moving you into cycles of rejection. If they keep coming back to you and you allow them into your life again, you’ve lost your self-respect.

4. Keep Yourself Engaged.

If you desire to get an individual off your mind, you must distract yourself, and the best way to do it is to engage in other activities, pieces of training, or sports. Also, you can switch to hobbies, spend quality time with your close ones, travel, or take on new challenges to improve your skills.

You might not feel like doing all these things. Even when you do not feel like doing those things, just begin. Eventually, you’ll start enjoying them. If you don’t do anything else than get over someone, you are more likely to get obsessed with thoughts related to that person.

5. Face It Rather Than Escape It.

Do thoughts related to the other person creep into your mind even when you’re busy working? If so, whenever those thoughts disturb you, deliberately try to push them aside and consciously speak to yourself repeatedly that you must not ponder about the other person.

What would become the outcome? Those thoughts disturb you even more, right?

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Well, If you truly want to get someone off your mind, forcing yourself not to think about the person won’t work. Rather, take a 2-3 minute break from your work, and truly confronting those thoughts might help.

All you ought to do is simply allow your memories to come back to life. Think about all the good moments that you spent together. Be happy that you had a beautiful past.

Finally, wish yourself and the other person all the best, and then return to work. It may sound crazy, but it works!

6. Look Forward To Move Forward.

You can’t dwell in the darkness of your past and create a bright future. If you keep reminiscing about your memories with someone you feel bad about, it’s impossible to move on. You might even miss the chance to meet with some great people.

One of the essential tips on how to remove someone from your mind is that you must look forward to encountering new, better, and more reasonable people in the future. That one person has left your life does not imply that everyone will.

Visualize the kind of people you would love to meet in the future. Be convinced that the mistakes you make won’t be repeated while building new relationships. You never know when your manifestation will come true.

7. Stop Living in False Hope.

It’s difficult to let go of someone you truly love. There is this erroneous belief that the other person will return and everything will be just fine. But unfortunately, it never happens.

If you are living with fake expectations that the other person will return, you will only get hurt more. You start healing when you give up on the other person. You begin to move ahead and get them off your mind as time goes on.

8. Stop Connecting Your Past To Your Present.

It is true that we humans make decisions or draw conclusions based on our past experiences. You must avoid making decisions about new people based on your previous relationships.

This is because everyone has different responses, reactions, perceptions, and ideologies toward things or situations.

The person who left you isn’t the same as the new people you meet. Also, if you’re constantly connecting with both of them, you’ll keep reminding yourself of the other person and won’t move on.

9. Perform Activities To Increase Mental Control.

To get an individual off your mind, you must have better control over your thoughts. However, there’s nothing better than conducting self-control activities for that purpose. Below are three activities that will enable you to increase your mental control:

Meditation: Meditation will aid you in achieving exceptional control over your thoughts. Also, you won’t be obsessed with the thoughts of the person who left you. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to stay relaxed.

Mindfulness: Being mindful helps you stay in the present. You won’t just jump to the past repeatedly; hence, you won’t remind yourself of the other person.

Journaling: Writing down your thoughts in a journal would enable you to vent all the feelings on the inside of you. Thereby making it easier to get someone off your mind.

10. Take Your Time.

When it comes to forgetting someone or how to remove someone from your mind, it’s not as easy as it seems. You might try to do it in a day, but realistically, it takes a little bit more time—sometimes days, weeks, or even months. And that’s okay!

It is natural and okay to feel sad and lonely after someone leaves your life. You are a human, and you’re permitted to feel the pain. You are allowed to cry and express yourself.

There is no magical spell that will remove the other person from your memories. They were once part of your life and will always be. There is no need to rush the process. Treat yourself with love, care, and patience; this too shall pass.

Final Words

How to remove someone from your mind isn’t easy because there’s no specified or defined time frame in which you can get someone out of your head.

It depends on how close you are to that person. If you’ve known the person for only a few months, you may forget them within a week or two.

But if you’ve known the individual for years and you were deeply connected to him or her, it might take months to forget them.

Take good care of yourself—mind, body, and spirit; associate with friends and family; remember your worth and trust that the real love is out there waiting for you. When we do these things, we open ourselves up to attract the right person.

Until we close the door behind us on those relationships with people who chip away at our sense of self-worth, we can never open the door to the new ones ahead of us, into a new life where we eventually do find healthy love.

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