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How To Memorize Faster For Exams – 7 Workable Steps

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Every student desires to succeed in exams, yet that dream becomes far-fetched if you tend to forget everything you’ve read on exam day. Yes, I understand that feeling because I have been there before. However, it’s likely you forgot most of the things you read because you are not applying the principles of¬†memorizing faster for exams.

It’s scary to keep putting new things and ideas in your head without going over them again and again and expecting your brain to remember everything.

The brain is an engine, But it doesn’t work like a robust one. Many steps and guidelines will help you to memorize everything you have read, like reading that particular topic repeatedly, jotting down the main points when reading, formulation of acronyms or mnemonics when reading, eating a balanced diet, giving your brain enough rest, etc.

To “memorize” means “to learn by heart or to commit something to memory”; it is not the same as cramming. Cramming means forcefully putting information into your memory that won’t stay in your memory for a long period of time.

It is normal for something you just read to fly away from your memory, if you pass through this scenario, you don’t have to worry because I have your back. This article will guide you on how to memorize faster for exams.

Guidelines On How To Memorize Faster For ExamsHow-To-Memorize-Faster-For-Exams

You don’t have a dull and weak brain. It’s just that you refuse to exercise your brain into excellence. These are 7 guidelines that will expose you to ‘how to memorize faster for exams.’

Step 1: Understand The Given Topic

You don’t expect to memorize a topic if you don’t understand that topic. Understanding what you are reading gives a picture to your brain, which helps you memorize faster.

Some students want to memorize every word without understanding what the words are about. For instance, if you were given a topic on metabolism, you are meant to understand what metabolism is all about before getting to memorize it.

You may find that topic very hard to understand, but you have to research it to know what it is talking about. Understanding a given topic is the first step to memorizing faster for an exam.

Step 2: Connect the Topic to Something You Are Familiar With

After you understand what the topic is about, connect it to something you already know to help you remember it. We tend to memorize faster if we can relate the topic to something familiar.

For instance, you are trying to memorize that “it is recommended to drink at least 3 liters of water a day for a healthy lifestyle,” and you are the third child in your family. You can easily link these sentences together. It might be funny, but it will help you memorize them faster.

Linking your topics to things around you is a trick that has worked effectively for many. I remember when I was in primary school, there was a particular song that I would listen to, and I would begin to remember a particular topic because the song was similar to the topic, and that was how I passed that particular exam. That is one simple trick that will guide you on how to memorize faster for an exam. 

Step 3: Check Your Abilities


You can check your abilities by giving yourself a test. It has been proven that a self-test will expose you to the areas where you need to study more, so you must give yourself a quiz before any exams to know the areas to focus on more.

I remember when I was writing an anatomy exam, even though I read very well and thought I was prepared, it wasn’t until I set a quiz for myself that I realized I couldn’t remember half of what I read. I had to start over so that it could stick well in my brain.

This is the importance of self-testing.

Step 4: Try using The Repetition techniques

Researchers discovered that repetition shifts information from short-term to long-term memory. However, it is important to repeat that given topic repeatedly, so the brain gets familiar with it. Additionally, you can go as far as talking to yourself on the road, saying it while bathing, etc., so that it will stick to your brain permanently.

Step 5: Note The Important Points Down


Researchers discovered that there is a link between your hands and your brain, so it is necessary to write down points while reading because it creates a visual picture in your brain that helps you memorize faster.

Step 6: Create Mnemonics Or Acronyms

Creating mnemonics is another effective method for memorizing faster for exams. Studies have shown how effective it can be in memorizing a given topic. For instance, if you want to memorize the guitar strings from left to right (EADGBE), you can use Eat and Drink Garlic Before Easter. There are numerous examples of mnemonics that will help you memorize faster for any exam.

Step 7: Eat Healthy And Quality Rest

As demanding as studying is to achieve better results, your brain requires healthy food to function properly. I’ve seen a few people fail their exams not because they couldn’t read well but because they didn’t give their brains the necessary rest and nutrition.

It’s quite alarming when I see people studying for exams; the only food they eat is junk. Some can even starve themselves; some will read from night to morning and from morning to night with no rest or food.

According to research, 70% of people enter their exam hall and forget everything they memorized, not because they did not do their best, but because they have starved their brains and the brain is unable to respond at the time.

Last Words On How To Memorize Faster For Exams

It is easier to pass an exam; nobody is a dummy or has a weak brain, but how effectively you use your brain matters. I recommend this article to anyone struggling to pass an exam or who doesn’t know how to memorize faster for exams. However, do not relent; keep trying your best until you are there.

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