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How to Draw A Dragon: Easy Steps

Dragon Drawing

A dragon is a huge serpent with a monstrous winged head, a crested head and an enormous claw. They are seen as mythical creatures that reflect our culture and tradition. It could represent something positive or negative with respect to our different cultural beliefs.

More so, it is important to know how to draw a dragon, so you have to know its features. It has a magical power that makes it scarier because it uses such power for destructive purposes, especially for those who don’t believe in or like it.

To have a better view of a dragon, we will delve into describing a dragon, the tools used for drawing, and how to draw a dragon.

Description Of A Dragon

A dragon has been in existence since ancient times and still exists to date. It is a gargantuan creature that lives in a lake or sea; it has a long leg; it is quite hairy; it has two big wings on each side of its body; it has about four legs; and it has a very big mouth.

Furthermore, there are some important facts you need to know about dragons so as to know how to draw a dragon with easy steps. The following are facts about a dragon:

  1. A dragon looks like a snake or lizard.
  2. A dragon has wings to fly.
  3. It has a magical power that gives it the ability to breathe fire.
  4. Some dragons usually have horns.
  5. It has a reptilian characteristic.
  6. They don’t look alike.
  7. They symbolize different things in different cultures.

Tools Used For Drawing A Dragon

One of the hilarious parts of drawing a dragon is that it allows you to do the drawing anywhere and anytime, depending on where you feel comfortable. There are some basic tools needed that can help you know how to draw a dragon. These tools include:

1. Paper

This is the first tool needed for drawing a dragon. It is the material where the drawing process will be done. It is usually white in color, although other colors can also be used.

2. Pencil

This is another tool needed for the drawing of a dragon. It is used for sketching the shape of a dragon. It usually comes in black. For a perfect result, it is advised to use an HB or 2B pencil.

3. Eraser

This is used to erase any errors while drawing. It is expected that you have an eraser when drawing due to the complexity of how a dragon looks. Definitely, an error might occur in the process of drawing a dragon.

4. Sharpeners

It is used to sharpen the pencil you are using for drawing. It is advised to sharpen it enough until it brings out the tiny shape an artist uses for drawing.

How To Draw A Dragon

dragon, pixabay, 346369_1280.jpg

To accurately draw a perfect dragon, you need to follow the steps for drawing a dragon. Here are steps on how to draw a dragon:

1. The Head

To draw a dragon, you need to start sketching from the head. The head of a dragon includes the mouth, ear, noise eye, and the head itself. First, start by drawing a side-ways V shape for the opening of the mouth, then sketch the jaw around the teeth.

Use a connecting line to draw the shape of the head. Above the mouth, make connective holes beside each other to form the nose. Move a little bit above the nose to create an eye using a rounded circle shape.

2. Horn And Neck: After Sketching The Head

After sketching the head, the next thing is to draw the horn. The horn is placed on the left and right sides of the dragon’s head. Nevertheless, the size of the dragon determines the size of the horn, which should also be equal.

Furthermore, after you are done with the horn, you can now connect the neck. To achieve this, you need to draw two lines to form the neck. One of the lines is sketched at the tip of the head, and the second is sketched by connecting the outer line, which forms the mouth.

3. Body

The next step is to connect the neck to the body. First, draw the top of the body by using a connective line that should be connected to the upper line of the neck.

Then add the bottom of the body by connecting a line with the lower part of the neck. Note that the bottom of the body is drawn together with the belly; the size of the body also determines the body size.

4. Legs

The legs are located below the body. You sketch two at the front and two at the back.

5. Tail

To draw the tail, just sketch a long tail at the bottom end of the body. On the tail, design a rectangular shape directly on it to make it a little different from other animal tails.

6. Wings

Draw the wings like a feather above the body and make sure the size fits the size of the dragon itself.

Final Word

Drawing a dragon is a complex task, especially for someone who is a novice. The fact about a dragon is that whether you are a novice or an expert in drawing, you still need to follow the steps for drawing a dragon. Therefore, for this to be achieved, you need to read over again on how to draw a dragon.

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