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How To Deal With Angry Customers-14 Effective Ways

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Customer satisfaction and sustenance are the goals of any organization or business. What about having customers who constantly cause trouble, are angry, and are never satisfied? Is there a way you can deal with them? Yes, of course, there is a way to keep them happy and still maintain a sane mind.

According to research, 90 percent of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service. When a customer shows aggression, uses sarcasm or uses an irritated tone, it is an indication that he is angry. How to deal with angry customers is by listening actively to them, using a calm tone, showing empathy, and apologizing even if they are wrong.

Customers will inform an average of 9 people about a positive customer service experience but will notify 16 people about a negative experience. This is to tell you that any mistake, puts you at risk of losing other prospective customers. Try to do everything possible to keep them happy.

Signs That Your Customers Are Angry

The following are signs that your customers are angry.

Shows Verbal Aggression

Here, the customer raises his voice, tries to confront you, and might use harsh or negative words. This is always one of the most obvious signs of angry customers. They communicate to you in an agitated manner and expect your reaction.

Uses Irritated Tone

An angry customer will raise his tone from a calm voice to a very agitated tone. He speaks to you in a tone that tells you that he is infuriated. This is another sign or indication of angry customers.

Interrupts You While Talking

You can tell that your customer is angry even over a phone call when he interrupts you. He will not allow you to finish whatever you are saying. Some will go to extremes by hanging up on the phone.

Threatens You

Some angry customers might threaten to take their business elsewhere because of their dissatisfaction. They might even threaten to report you to the authorities or tell others about their bad experience with your organization. This is an indication that they are unhappy.

Repeats their Problems

Angry customers will repeat their problem until your ear starts itching.  They will keep reiterating it so you can hear it over and over again. For instance, a customer who saw a cockroach in the food you served him, will keep saying he saw a cockroach inside it until you calm him down or refund his money.

Demanding Behavior

Angry customers will always want immediate attention. They might want a specific solution to their problem. They might need immediate repayment or want to speak to the owner of the company immediately.

Loud Conversation

The angry customer speaks loudly. He does this to attract the attention of other customers or people around him. Angry customers may attempt to confront you in public.

Makes Negative Reviews Online

An angry customer can go to the extent of posting reviews online. He makes comments about his ordeal with the company on social media to warn other people from falling victim. This is a sign that the customer is angry.

How To Deal With Angry Customers

1. Listen Actively

When your angry customers are talking, try to listen to them without interruption. Allow them to vent their anger and display their displeasure. Don’t try to stop them. Write down their words to help you solve their problems.

Seeing you listening to them actively can make them calm. You can make use of call center tools like Cloud Talk’s Call Notes and Call Tags. This is one of the steps on how to deal with angry customers.

2. Stay Calm

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If the angry customers raise their voices, do not fret. Stay calm and listen. Staying calm does not mean you will not speak. However, prioritize maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for easy understanding and rapport.  Responding in a similar tone to your angry customers will only worsen the situation. This is one of the best steps on how to deal with angry customers.

3. Reiterate Their Issues

Even when they are wrong, try to repeat their concern. Repeating what they said will calm them and also let them know that you listened to them. Telling them to repeat the same issue will cause more trouble and might lead to physical fights. This is one of the steps on how to deal with angry customers.

4. Apologize

It is often said that customers are always right but that does not mean that they can never be wrong. It means that no matter how wrong they might be, you must find a way to appease them. Apologize and beg them if necessary.

A simple word like “I apologize for the trouble you encountered while purchasing our product. However, rest assured that you will get quality service in your next purchase” can calm an escalated issue.

5. Do Not Take Any Insult to Personal

Some customers can go to the extreme to insult you. The truth is that most of them are said out of anger and taking them personally might lead you to speak in a harsh tone to them.  If you are finding it difficult to stay cool, try reminding yourself that they are angry with the product and not you. This is a way of dealing with that angry customer.

6. Address them by their names

Have their names written in a book and call them by their first names. “A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.” Says Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends & Influence People. This helps strengthen the relationship and trust. This is one of the most effective steps on how to deal with angry customers.

7. Use Polite Words

This is one of the most effective steps on how to deal with angry customers. Talk to them politely and treat them as VIPs (very important person). This will help build a good relationship with your customer.

8. Don’t Argue or Blame Them

Arguing with them or trying to tell them they are wrong will not prove any point. It will only make them angrier. Instead of blaming the individual, try to calm him down with a calm tone.  Reassure them that you will find a solution to whatever the problem is. This is one way to deal with angry customers.

9. Be Patient

To be sincere, angry customers can make you lose your patience or go crazy. You must learn how to be patient with angry or abusive customers. A single act of impatience can cause havoc.

10. Build And Rebuild Trust

The trust an angry customer has in your company may have been reduced and at this point, you need to rebuild and maintain that trust. Be honest and transparent with the customer. Take responsibility for any mistake made and promise him you will investigate the problem and get back to him.

11.Propose A Solution

If you don’t proffer any solution, after a customer’s complaint, the customer might get agitated again. Propose or offer alternatives or different varieties of solutions and allow him to make his choice. Assure him that you will help sort out any problems. Never tell him, ‘’ I cannot help you.’’

While it is good to offer a solution, you mustn’t over-promise or promise what is never attainable out of pressure. For instance, if the policy is ‘’ no refund ‘’ you can politely tell him and offer him an alternative. This is one of the most powerful steps on how to deal with angry customers.

12. Follow up and Keep to Your Promise

Proposing a solution is beautiful but fulfilling it is great. If after making a promise to your angry customers, you do not fulfill it, it is another big problem. You will not only lose their trust entirely but also make them more agitated.

If you promise to call them or revert to them, do it. If you offer a solution, try to follow it up to see if it was successful and the customer is satisfied. This is one of the best steps on how to deal with angry customers.

13. Offer A Compensation

Maybe you have tried everything and nothing seems to work. The damage has been done already. All you need to do to make the customer feel better is offer compensation.  You may offer a gift, a discount, partial or full repayment.

14. Show Gratitude

Appreciate the angry customer for being patient throughout the process. Let him know how grateful you are for bringing the issue to your attention. This is one of the ways to deal with an angry customer.

Final Words

No one wants a customer who constantly complains or is always angry but when it happens, you follow it wisely. This is how to deal with angry customers: Treat them with care, love, and patience. When they feel satisfied and happy, they will continue to patronize you and keep your business booming.It is just a matter of time. Do not allow angry customers to ruin the business you have built. The aim is to make your customers happy and fulfilled, so do everything you can to make it happen.

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