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How to Become an SEO Writer – The Beginners Guide

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Driving traffic to a website is very core for content designed for digital marketing purposes. Specifically, organic traffic is implored by brands to drive traffic to their websites easily.

However, the key way to achieve this is by using Search Engine Optimization. And this explains the high demand for SEO content writers. To fully answer the question of how to become an SEO writer, we will segment this post into the following:

What Is SEO?

You can’t possibly be seeking how to become an SEO writer without knowing what the acronym SEO stands for.

The acronym SEO is getting more popularity because of the results it yields for a brand’s visibility on search results using search engines.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process a piece of content undergoes to enable it to rank higher on search engine searches like google, thereby pulling traffic to that website.

SEO ensures that a website gains more visibility when people make searches on search engines. People are constantly making searches on search engines like google, which makes brands seek traffic to their websites and compete for the first place or first page on search engine result pages (SERP).

Ordinarily, the first page that pops up on your device when searching on google tends to get the most attention. Hence visibility is a certainty for any brand occupying this position.

SEO’s idea is to drive free or unpaid traffic to a website. That involves creating high-quality content, optimizing content around specific keywords, and building backlinks.

What Is SEO Writing?


If you are seeking to know how to become an SEO writer, you must first understand what SEO writing is. An SEO content writer writes with the intent of getting his content to appear on Google’s first page.

Or, put the other way round, it is writing to appear on searches on search engines like Google and Bing. In SEO writing, you must focus on what people are searching for around your target keyword and create quality content to answer those searches.

Who Is An SEO Content Writer?

You probably continued till this point because you are eager to know how to become an SEO writer. But first, who is an SEO content writer?

In simple terms, an SEO content writer is someone who is tasked with the responsibility of researching keywords and creating high-quality content around these keywords. So, it is right to say that an SEO content writer does SEO writing.

Why Is SEO Important?

What benefit will it be if you have amazing solutions and content on your web page, but no one gets to see it apart from those you shared your link with? Or searchers fail to locate your content on search engines like google because your content does not have rankings.

For someone seeking how to become an SEO writer, you must first understand why rankings on search engines are important for brands. This understanding will help you understand why SEO is important.

People are constantly looking for solutions around their needs, and in seeking answers, they search on search engines like Google.

On the other hand, brands or businesses proffer solutions around these needs. However, there exists competition, as there are many businesses in the fight to stay ahead.

Hence, businesses that make it to the front page or have good google rankings drive organic or free traffic to their website, thereby leading to the conversion of prospects to customers. The factor behind driving organic traffic to a website is SEO writing.

Ponder and think of what use it is to spend so much energy and time creating content without getting visibility. Because brands understand this, at the center of their content marketing is SEO writing, whether they have in-house creators or outsourcing.

SEO writing is one sure way to stay ahead and gain a competitive advantage over other websites(businesses).

Types of SEO

For the sake of this post, we will be considering two kinds of SEO. They are On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

1.     On-page SEO

On-page SEO has to do with optimizing the content on your website. To become an SEO writer, you must understand that search engines like Google are looking for content on websites to provide solutions for search queries.

On-page SEO begins at the point of researching the right keywords you want to use to imputing these keywords as you write. However, this is not all. Your metadata also needs to be optimized.

Your metadata is essential to your SEO, as it tells search engines and searchers what your website contains. Hence, you must include your keyword phrases on your meta descriptions, meta titles, and your whole page.

2.     Off-page SEO

While On-page SEO has to do with the activities you perform on your website, Off-page has to do with activities you perform outside your page.

It is the activity you perform to attract visitors and pull traffic to your page. The good work you perform outside the confines of your website makes searchers visit your page.

Majorly this is achieved by link building. Simply put, getting reputable websites linking back to yours.

It could be you wrote as a guest writer on their blogs or wrote on your area of expertise to assist journalists with insights into their publications. These two options provide you with links back to your websites.

How To Become An SEO Writer


If you have come this far in seeking to know how to become an SEO writer, here is a beginner’s guide. Since you have followed till this point, you are already beginning to understand how the whole thing works.

1.     Research

There is virtually nothing anyone wants to learn today that they can’t. The same applies to SEO writing. There is no better way to get started on becoming an SEO writer than studying it.

This is the first port of call. You must be ready to take courses and learn all there is to learn. You can take several online courses and YouTube videos to get acquainted.

The essence is to gather as much knowledge as you can and also to stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry. This particular point anchors every other point, even after you have mastered the art. SEMrush is a place to start.

2.     Understand The Key Terms

You won’t make much progress if you are not familiar with the terms associated with SEO writing. To become an SEO writer, you need to get acquainted with the keywords that form the basics of your job and everyday work. Here are a good number of them:

  • Organic traffic.
  • Meta description
  • URLs
  • Search Engine Results Page. (SERP)
  • Search intent
  • Internal and external links.

3.     Understand The Basics Of SEO Writing

SEO writing is different from other forms of writing. You might know about writing before now. That may be why you are inquiring about becoming an SEO content writer.

But, there is more to SEO content writing than releasing information and quality content. Here, you write with the intent of getting rankings on search engines and driving traffic.

To understand the basics of SEO writing, you have to research, read and practice. Research the target audience you are writing for.

You must learn to write attractive headlines with your target keyword. Research keywords and target audience. Learn about internal and external links. Keyword research and writing are key to SEO content writing.

4.     Write Samples To Test Yourself

Practice makes perfect. As you seek to become an SEO writer, get your hands dirty. A theory does not do the job. Practice all you have learned and are still learning.

A good way to achieve that is to select topics on your chosen niche, do proper keyword research, and create SEO content around the key terms.

That demands that you are consistent. Also, you must note that clients want to see your samples before hiring you. Hence, practicing helps you to have what to show them.

5.     Create An Online Portfolio

You don’t want to become an SEO writer for the sake of bearing the title. You are there to render services. That is most applicable to freelancers who don’t have blogs of theirs.

Create a portfolio that shows your skills and puts you at an advantage over others. Clients evaluate you from your portfolio, so you don’t put yourself in a bad light.

We live in a digital world. If you don’t have an online portfolio, you simply say, “I don’t exist.” Also, keep updating and building your portfolio.

6.     Seek For Job Opportunities

Following this post to this point, you have gotten a detailed guide on how to become an SEO writer.

Up next is to start seeking opportunities to use your newly acquired skill. Here is a quick guide to help you:

#1 Create a LinkedIn profile: Organizations go to LinkedIn to seek talent and hire professionals.

#2 Check out job sites: Many freelance job sites exist, such as Upwork, Fiver, and

#3 Cold pitch: A good way to do this is to look out for companies in your niche, check if they have a blog, and if you discover their blog is quite outdated, that’s a good one to give a trial.

Create a tailored and well-structured proposal stating your skill and ability.

Must-Have Skills of an SEO Content Writer

Since you have followed this post up until now, you already know all you need to get started on how to become an SEO writer. Next are the skills you need to acquire, to make your work easier.

  1. Strong research skills: You can’t perform well without a strong research aptitude.
  2. Organizational skill
  3. Adaptability
  4. Ability to meet deadlines.

Wrapping Up On How To Become An SEO Writer

Having followed through this detailed step-by-step guide for beginners, it is obvious that even as a beginner, you can become an SEO writer, even if you have no experience.

It is no news that SEO writers are in high demand. Hence, what you make of all we’ve explained here will determine if you will eventually have a successful career as an SEO writer.

FAQs About SEO Content Writing

How Do I Start SEO Content Writing

To start SEO content writing, you must study and understand SEO writing basics. Research keywords relevant to the target audience you want to write for. Now, this is what this article has done for you. So, to start is to begin practicing what you have learned.

What Is SEO Content Writing Examples

SEO content writing examples are contents written employing the rules of SEO. They can also be referred to as Search Engine Optimized Content.

How Do Beginners Start Writing Content

To start writing content as a beginner. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Know the goal of the content.
  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • Write in short and not lengthy paragraphs.
  • Write with the aid of an outline as a guide.
  • Use the aid of an editing app like Grammarly to proofread your word.
  • Keep practicing.

Is SEO Necessary For Content Writing

Yes. SEO is a digital marketing strategy used by businesses and brands. You didn’t upload the content for yourself. The very reason businesses upload content to their sites is to get people to read them and get to know about your business offers. SEO helps achieves this. Employing SEO for your content draws traffic to your business, generating leads.

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