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How to Ask A Guy if He Likes You: 9 Perfect Ways to Find Out if A Guy Likes You

You know, sometimes ladies find it difficult to express their feelings to guys. This is because they are used to being asked out by guys. Ladies are used to always getting attention from men. We are used to guys being the first to express their feelings all the time. But then, expressing one’s feelings is not a gender role. Who says a guy has to be the first to always profess his feelings?

What happens if there is a guy you seem to like or have a crush on. How will you know if he feels the same way about you? There is only one way to find out. It’s by hearing from the horse’s mouth. It means that you have to find out by asking the guy. Now the big question is, ‘how do you ask a guy if he likes?’ Does it sound awkward? Not if you know the right way to ask a guy if he likes you 

Is there a guy you really like and you want to know if he likes you? Don’t worry, you’re about to get all the answers you need if you take your time to read through this article. Now let’s figure out how to ask a guy if he likes you.

How to Ask a Guy if He Likes You 

1. The Direct Asking Strategy

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This strategy is about being blunt with your feelings. It means you have to hit the nail on the head by directly asking a guy if he likes you. It’s not really a hard thing to do, you know all you need to do is summon the courage in you and ask him, ‘do you like me?’ This is how to ask if a guy likes you. It’s not hard at all and come to think of it, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Maybe he might say no? This is why you should learn how to deal with rejection. If you are scared of rejection, you might find it very hard to use this strategy.

2. The indirect Asking strategy

I know some ladies might find it hard to use the direct-asking approach. This is why this strategy is here for your rescue. You know you can ask a guy if he likes you without having to tell him, ‘do you like me?’

Not everyone has the confidence and boldness it takes to say this to a guy. So how do you ask a guy indirectly if he likes you. This is how to ask if a guy likes you using the indirect asking strategy.

You could ask a guy if he likes tall, fair or short girls. Make sure the feature you plan using is one that describes you or your look. Whatever his answer is, it will give you a clue if you stand a chance or not.  If he says yes, you could go ahead and pull the next question by asking, ‘does that mean you like me?’ 

This strategy saves you from being directly rejected and lets you know if you stand a chance with him.

3. The texting strategy

Let’s say you don’t have enough confidence to ask him if he likes you physically. What about asking him through text. You should be able to muster the confidence to ask him through text. When you are asking through text, you can start by having a discussion relating to the relationship subject. Then ask him what kind of girl he likes His response to this question will help you know if you meet all the qualities and values he wants in a woman.

4. Telling him about how you feel 

How to know if he likes you is by simply telling him you like him. Did you just say, ‘just like that?’ Yes there is no crime telling him how you feel about him first. Open up to him and express your feelings to him. Doing this will make him feel comfortable telling you about his feelings as well. If the feeling is mutual, he is going to let you. There is no crime in admitting your feelings to a guy first. Some guys find it hard to admit their feelings first.

5. Ask his friends

If you don’t want to ask him directly, how about asking his friends? These are the people he is close to so they definitely know the kind of girls he likes. If you are his type of girl and they think he will like you, they are surely in the best position to let you know this. And maybe he has even spoken to his friends about you. So why don’t you just ask his friend.

6. Ask about his love life

I understand that some women might find it embarrassing to ask a guy if he likes them. You shouldn’t be bothered if you can’t ask him directly. So having this conversation with him will serve as an eye-opener. You’ll know what his previous relationship was like and if he is into a relationship or looking forward to starting one.

So how do you ask if he likes you when having this conversation? If he tells you he is looking forward to starting a new relationship, you could ask him if you look like someone he can date.

7. Ask him out on a date

You know, most of the time, we only agree to go on a date with the people we like. So why not employ this strategy to find out if he likes you. You could invite him on a dinner date or a  movie date. If he honors your invitation by showing up, you’re lucky; you know why? It means there’s a good chance that he likes you.

However, make sure you make the most of this opportunity. It’s the best time to shoot your shot. Let him know that you’re interested in him by asking him questions that will help you get to know him better. You can also use body language, like smiling and making flirtatious eye contact. A guy gets it when you give this signals. If he likes you, he might flirt back or tell you how he feels about you. This is how to ask a guy if he likes you.

8. Tell him the things you observe about him 

If there are certain signs or behaviors that you observed about him,. You can let him know and tell him how you feel about them. For example, you could say something like : ‘I have noticed that you are always smiling at me; the way you smile at me makes me think that you like me.’ 

This will provide you with all the answers you need because he will explain to you what his actions mean and why he behaves a certain way. Right there, whether he likes you or not, he is going to let you know. 

9. Tell a friend to ask for you 

Are you still not confident enough to ask him if he likes you? How to ask a guy if he likes you when you don’t have the courage is by asking your friend to do it for you. Most times, when people are not bold enough to admit their feelings to someone of the opposite gender, they send their friend to help them out. However, make sure that friend is someone you trust. 


There are different ways to find out if a guy likes you. Aside from the points we have stated above, you can tell if a guy likes you by paying close attention to his body language and attitude towards you. They say action speaks louder than voice; you’d know if a guy likes you through his action. 


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