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How Do You Make Melted Crayon Art? How to DIY

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Melted crayon art is a creative artwork that involves the melting of crayons for the purpose of creating different designs on a canvas or other attractive surface. This process can be achieved accurately by knowing how to make melted crayon art.

More so, melted crayon art has become a popular and unique way of painting, precisely for beautification purposes. It requires you to know the materials that can be used for melted crayons, which include a hairdryer, canvas and crayons.

In this article, we will explore the meaning of melted crayon art, different ways of using a melted crayon and how to make melted crayon art.

Meaning Of Melted Crayon Art

The word melted means to convert or turn something into a liquid form. That is, something that is originally in a solid form but dissolves into a liquid.

Furthermore, melted crayon art has to do with the combination of different colors of crayon that is melted with a hairdryer so as to get a liquid result used in making different designs of your choice on a canvas. Nevertheless, there are important elements to making a melted crayon, which include:

1. Canvas

A canvas in this context is a flat or smooth surface used for painting activities by artists, although paper can be used if you can’t access a canvas. This is one of the elements needed for melted crayon art. Therefore, to use this element flawlessly, you need to understand how to make melted crayon art.

2. Crayon

This is another element used for melted crayon art. They are tools used for drawing or painting. To make use of crayons, all you need to do is choose the combination of colors that you feel will give you the best result you are expecting in an artwork.

3. Hairdryer

In this context, a hairdryer is described as equipment used for melting crayons into liquid form in order to apply them to your canvas or paper through spraying, pouring or drawing.

How Do You Make Melted Crayon Art?

The main idea is to answer the question, “how do you make melted crayon art?”. Without any form of exaggeration, there are seven major steps to melting a crayon, which include the following:

1. Choose Your Colors

This is the first step to be taken when melting a crayon. The aspect of choosing a crayon color involves the combination of two or more colors together to give you the desired color you wish to use for your design. The color you choose determines how attractive it will be.

2. Break Into Smaller Pieces

This is the second step in melting up a crayon. After choosing your desired color, all you need to do is break them into smaller pieces so as to enable your heated source to melt the crayon perfectly. Sometimes the crayon comes with paper rounded over it as a form of label. You are expected to peel off this paper for an easy and fast result when melting the crayon.

3. Melt Your Crayon

This is the next step on how to make melted crayon art. After breaking your desired color of crayon, all you need to do is melt it with a hairdryer or any other heating source so as to convert it into a liquid form. This liquid form is usually called wax.

4. Pour Into A Container

After you have been able to melt the crayon with a heated source, the next step is to pour the wax into a container. The type of container you use depends on the method you are using for designing, which could be drawing, pouring or spraying.

5. Apply The Wax

After following the techniques for melting a crayon, you can now apply it to a canvas or flat surface. Ensure you do rough work first to perfectly express your creative work before designing it on the main surface you want to use.

6. Let The Wax Cool

Ensure that you allow it to dry so as to make it strong and firm on your canvas or any other surface used. Make sure you give it some time to dry perfectly on your desired surface.

7. Place It On A Wall

This is the final process on the topic “how do you make a melted crayon”. After drying that outlandish design you have made, All you need to do is place it on a wall for beautification purposes.

Ways Of Using Melted Crayon

Having a thorough knowledge of ways to use melted crayon will help you understand how to use melted crayon art. The following are ways of using melted crayon:

1. Drawing

This is one of the ways to use melted crayon. It is also an effective method for creating creative artwork. To draw with a melted crayon, all you need is a canvas or paper and then place your melted wax into an object to allow it to gradually drip out so as to enable you to create any design of your choice.

2. Pouring

This is another unique way of using melted crayon. It doesn’t require so much before it can be achieved. All you need to do is get a canvas or any other surface for painting, then hold your melted wax and pour it directly on the surface you want your design to reflect on.

3. Spraying

This is the latest and most popular way of using melted crayon, which so many artists have presently keyed into. As the name implies, it has to do with the spraying of melted crayon on a canvas or flat surface. The design that comes out in the process of spraying usually comes out in different designs and can allow you to express your creative idea when using the spraying method for your creative artwork.

Final Word

We hope we have been able to provide an answer to the question, “How do you make a melted crayon art?” Therefore, it is time to pick up your crayon, allow it to go through the melting process, and begin to actualize that creative artwork in your mind by ensuring you first read once more for better understanding.

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