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How To Draw A Goldfish: Step-by-Step Guide

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Goldfish are one of the most popular household pets these days. Have you tried drawing a goldfish but your drawing was not goldfish enough? This article how to draw a goldfish will show how to draw the perfect goldfish step by step.

To draw the perfect goldfish, you have to simply draw a big oval shape like that of an egg. Everything about drawing a goldfish depends on how well you draw this oval shape. Only after perfecting your oval shape can you draw the remaining things that make your goldfish a goldfish indeed.

If you can’t have a live goldfish as a pet, then nothing is stopping you from having a perfect picture of a goldfish hung on your wall. It’s even more fulfilling when you draw it yourself; it is indeed very admirable. Let’s dive into how to draw a goldfish properly.

How to Draw A Goldfish

Child drawing. Top view of child hands with pencil painting picture on paper. Kid drawings

Drawing a goldfish is not very hard; you just have to be light on your fingers so you don’t blotch your drawing. And try to relax; don’t be tense.

Step 1

The first step on how to draw a goldfish is to draw an oval shape that should take up sixty percent of the length of your drawing sheet. It should be at an angle so everything looks nice and neat. Try as much as possible to make the oval shape perfect so as to prevent your goldfish from looking odd.

Step 2

The second step on how to draw a goldfish is centered on the eye. For the eye of the goldfish, draw a little circle and put a dot that is half the size of the little circle at the center of that little circle. The dot represents the pupil of the goldfish. Your goldfish is already looking almost finished; let’s go over to other steps.

Step 3

The next thing to do is to draw a tail. To draw the tail, draw two short lines out of the rear of the already-drawn body of the goldfish. Then, on one line, draw a wavy line that has a slight curve and a sharp tip. Draw a line from that tip to the middle of the tail. This forms the first half of the tail.

On the other short line, draw a wavy line just like the first one. Then draw another one that goes down the middle to meet the previously drawn line at the middle of the tail. This sums up the tail. You can choose to draw the tail in any way that suits you or is easier for you.

Step 4

Now, it’s time to add the top fin. To start drawing the fin, draw a curved line from the upper part of the goldfish’s body. Then draw another curved line at an angle of 45 degrees from the first curved line. After doing that, ensure to draw another line that joins the second curved line back to the body of the goldfish. This sums up the top fin.

Step 5

The next step involves the front fin of the goldfish. To draw the front fin, you have to draw a line directly below the top fin. Draw the line in a way that looks like the shape of a leaf and connect it back to the body of the goldfish.

Step 6

The next step on how to draw a goldfish is to draw the other front fin. This fin is actually located on the other side of the goldfish. So to draw it, we just draw a curved line at the front of the first front fin. The line begins from below the body of the goldfish and ends with the other front fin.

Step 7

This step entails drawing the back fine. To draw the back fin, draw an arc from the part directly in the middle of the front fin and the tail. Draw another line that joins the arc to the body of the goldfish at an angle of 45 degrees. Ensure that the back fin sits halfway between the front fin and the tail.

Step 8

Now to the most cute details of this goldfish, let’s draw the mouth and the other eye of the goldfish. To draw the mouth, draw a line from the front edge of the body and stop very close but just before the eye. The next cute detail is the other eye, which lies on the other side of the goldfish. To draw this eye, draw an arc directly above the mouth at the far end of the body of the goldfish.

Step 9

Then proceed to draw the gills. To draw the gills, draw a line in the form of an arc behind the eye of the goldfish. Then draw another arc a little distance away from the first gill and directly above the front fin. Ensure that the second arc for the second gills is larger than the first.


Goldfish are amazing and they have unique qualities as well. Interestingly, goldfish have longer lifespans than any other pets. They live for 30 years, which means that you get to have a goldfish pet for a long time. You can check out the amazing features of a goldfish. How to draw a goldfish has never been as simple as the steps explained earlier. Try to draw a goldfish today.




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