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How A Man Feels When He Hurts A Woman: 10 Different Ways

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How A Man Feels When He Hurts A Woman? You may never know if you are not a man, because contrary to popular notions that men are clear communicators, they are known to hide their true feelings in situations like this.

They may come off as aloof or uncaring, but deep down, they feel something, whether it is anger or remorse. This makes it hard for women to understand them.

You may often ask, “Why do men hurt women?” Honestly, there’s no clear answer to that question, yet women want to know how men feel when they are hurt. In this regard, there are two kinds of men.

The one that just acted out of character, and the man that’s downright abusive. An out-of-character moment can give rise to constant abuse if care is not taken, and it’s never cool for a man to hurt a woman in any way, physically, mentally, emotionally, or otherwise.

So, in regards to this article, here are a few ways we can decode how a man feels when he hurts a woman.

10 Different Ways How A Man Feels When He Hurts A Woman

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How a man feels when he hurts a woman depends on who he is. A man can hurt a woman and feel instant regret because that’s not who he is. Other men do not even bother to show remorse because that’s just how they are.

Men are bound to show any of these characteristics when they hurt a woman.

1. He immediately regrets his actions

When a man hurts a woman, especially when it’s not in his character to do so, he immediately regrets his actions and shows remorse. He admits his mistake, takes the blame, and tries to make amends instead of being defensive or talking himself out of the issue.

For instance, a man hides an important piece of information from his wife, and she eventually finds out from an outside source.

She gets hurt that her man can hide such a thing from her. He immediately apologizes for his actions, explaining that it was a slip, and promises not to do so again.

2. He feels scared and sorry

A man may also feel scared and sorry when he hurts a woman. He feels scared because he has to care for and protect his woman, yet he goes overboard in dealing with her. He is scared because he feels he has broken her, and she won’t ever forgive him.

Then he feels sorry and genuinely apologizes. He becomes so determined to make things right by asking for forgiveness and promising not to lose his cool again.

For instance, if a woman feels hurt by what her man did, he can show he’s sorry and remorseful if he stops doing what she complained about.

3. He feels guilty and ashamed

A man always feels guilty and ashamed when he hurts a woman he loves so much. He may retreat into his shell, but you’ll notice his body language and expressions; he’d look so remorseful that you may even feel like forgiving him on the spot. He feels so much pain at the thought of hurting a woman that he’ll not be himself for some time till he works up the courage to face you and apologize.

4. He tries to make things right

Another way a man feels when he hurts a woman is the need to make things right. No man wants to be at loggerheads with a woman he loves, so since he’s at fault here, he does his best to right his wrongs.

For instance, he may say things like, “I feel so bad saying the things I said to you. I know I hurt your feelings, and I’m deeply sorry. I want to make it up to you; please allow me. I promise not to do something like that again.”

5. He tries to salvage the situation by being nice

When a man hurts a woman he loves and he just can’t open up to apologize, he tries to salvage the situation by doing something to regain her favor.

For instance, a man yells at his wife or girlfriend, but he can’t bring himself to say sorry; instead, he buys her expensive things. He becomes so affectionate and caring, something he wouldn’t do originally.

This is also called love bombing and it’s not a healthy practice. This kind of man has a large ego and would purposely not apologize because he feels he can buy the woman’s forgiveness with material things.

A woman who constantly accepts gifts in place of an apology is setting herself up for more hurtful actions in the future because this scenario will keep repeating itself till it becomes a pattern.

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6. He tries to justify his actions

There are other kinds of men who want to justify their actions instead of taking responsibility for being wrong.

For instance, a man hits his wife or girlfriend and blames it on anger issues, depression, or his failure in life, or he apologizes but gives excuses for his actions. His issues don’t justify the fact that he laid his hands on a woman. These men need therapy classes, not a punching bag for a woman.

Saying things like, “I should not have done that, but you gave me no choice” is not counted as an apology. An apology with an excuse is a halfhearted apology.

7. He claims he’s right

A lot of men feel they are right when they hurt a woman. Some men say things like, “I put her in her place because she was being too nosy in my affairs.” Others claim that a man can do no wrong; the one at fault is always a woman.

Once a man complained, “My girlfriend complained about a lady I usually give a ride home from work daily. This lady is just a colleague from work, but my girlfriend has a problem with that, mostly because my colleague calls me at night and I chat with her. I told her she was just jealous, and she began giving me the silent treatment.”

It is one thing to give his colleague a ride home; it is another thing to pick up her calls late at night while with his girlfriend. She was hurt, but he showed no respect for her feelings.

8. He becomes resentful and angry

A man’s anger can be channeled in two ways when he hurts a woman.

Some men get so angry at themselves when they hurt a woman. It was never on their agenda to do so. So he feels resentful of himself and blames himself for going out of control and hurting a woman he loves.

Moreover, some men direct their anger and resentment at the woman. He feels she made him act the way he did. He then vows not to apologize because it wasn’t his fault.

9. He shifts the blame to you

Lorraine, aged 26 and married for the first time to the love of her life, states, “I never knew my husband was capable of doing what he did. I was away for a few months working on a project. I came home only to find my husband cheating on me with my best friend.

When I confronted him about it, he said it was all my fault. I left him to attend to my needs when I was supposed to be by his side. Well, my friend had been there for him, so that explains it. I felt waves of shock, pain, and anger at the same time. I have never heard such an explanation for something wrong in my entire life. Moreso, I almost felt guilty; he tried pinning his wrong on me. He showed no remorse, and I kept wondering if this was the man I married.”

When a man shifts the blame to you, especially when he’s at fault, he’s not sorry for what he did. Sadly, that’s how some men feel when they hurt a woman.

10. He feels nonchalant and unconcerned

Some men in general feel so unconcerned about the fact that they hurt a woman. These kinds of men act this way because they have no respect for a woman’s feelings.

Shockingly, they do not even try to claim they are right. He is well aware of his faults, but he acts like he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about you, your welfare, or your heart.

They simply move on with their lives; even if the woman tries to complain or even ghost them, they ignore it. She may then end up feeling guilty because of his silent treatment.


Men sometimes get out of hand in dealing with women, and in the process, it may hurt their feelings.

There are a few psychological reasons men may hurt someone they love, and none of these reasons justify their actions. A wrong action is a wrong action, and it helps when a man owns up to his wrongs and makes amends.

Moreso, therapy may help these men develop healthy ways to communicate their feelings with women, especially those with a large ego and emotional trauma. A counselor or therapist would be of great help in helping them deal with their issues.

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