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Ground Holding & Sunbeam Passcode Limelight Review

Ground Holding &amp

Mumbai is a city for dreams, and getting a home here has always been my dream.  Living in Pune now, it’s my time to move to Mumbai forever with my family.  While looking for beautiful properties in Mumbai, I came across Ground Holding & Sunbeam Passcode Limelight in  Andheri West.  The place was quite beautiful, and they had a fantastic, luxurious space for people. 

Andheri West is the south part of Mumbai, where the architecture is quite good, and there are 100 beautiful places around where I can travel. One of the main reasons why I love Mumbai is because of its beautiful homes and the weather. 

Mumbai has incredible weather, and the people here are amazing. There are a lot of job opportunities and places I can travel to Mumbai. With this house, I’ll be able to travel to all of the beautiful places in Mumbai and also connect with people around. The greenery and the surrounding area made me fall in love with the business at first sight. 

I was investing ₹1.59 crore to ₹3.73 crore for 1 BHK in this place. The money was all about the site and the beauty surrounding it. The place was pretty elegant, and the space was rather luxurious. The project is close to all the essential things I need daily, and the modern amenities here make this place immaculate. 

The Ground Holding & Sunbeam Passcode Limelight area size is 1 acre, and the project was done by Ground Holding & Sunbeam. There will be 2 buildings totaling 210 units with all the essential services I need. 

Why I Invested in Ground Holding & Sunbeam Passcode Limelight

The first thought that I had in mind while investing in this place was to travel. I wanted to travel to beautiful places in Mumbai, and being here, it’ll be easy to travel across Mumbai. The luxurious and spacious rooms were offered for a reasonable price, but I needed a second opinion, so I asked my partner whether she liked it or not. As it was going to be a sort of surprise for my parents, I wasn’t going to reveal this to them. 

First, I wasn’t sure whether my father would like the place or not, and I was certain that my mother would love it. Beautiful places motivate you to do beautiful stuff, and that was my whole ideology while taking a home here. I wanted to decorate my home in such a way that it feels amazing to live here.

The rooms weren’t totally completed, so I was able to give my suggestions for getting personalized service here. With this luxurious space and the help of my partner, I’ll decorate this place. The space and the weather in Mumbai are unmatched. Living in Mumbai is quite expensive, though, but it’s going to be a fun ride. Andheri West will be a good place to live, is what my friend told me, and I was pretty happy and excited to live in my new home.

Amenities At Ground Holding & Sunbeam Passcode Limelight That Were Just Perfect

As I was getting into this new place, I wanted it to have all the amenities I expected. When I checked the amenities here, I was convinced that this was going to be the perfect place for my future. There were various modern amenities that I expected, and the place was quite elegant. 

Here are some of the amenities available at Ground Holding & Sunbeam Passcode Limelight :

1. Lift And Security

It’s pretty common to have a lift, and we also have it here, which is accessible to all the rooms in the apartment. To ensure people’s safety, there’s proper security.

2. Community Hall And Clubhouse

I have a community hall and clubhouse here where I can connect with different people from the apartment.

3. Power Backup And Fire Safety

To provide convenience to the members, there’s a power backup in case of any emergency—fire Safety to ensure the safety of the people. 

4. Indoor Games And Party Area 

There are multiple indoor games at this place that people can enjoy. The most important thing here is the party area where we can attend some amazing parties and have fun.

5. Rainwater harvesting and Modern Skyscraper With Elegant Facade

To ensure the resources are rightly used, a rainwater harvesting system is carried out. With this system, we also have a Modern Skyscraper With Elegant Facade.

6. Swimming Pool And Visitor Parking

For people like me who love to swim, there’s a dedicated swimming pool here which we can enjoy. Visitor parking for my guests was important, and we have it here. 

7. CCTV Camera And Housekeeping

There’s a proper CCTV camera on the apartment, so there’s no danger to safety.  We also have housekeeping services here.

8. Close to Lower Oshiwara Metro Station And Jogeshwari Railway Station 

Either it’s the metro or railway. The place has proximity to both, and I can travel without any hassle. 

For my parents, the place is Vastu compliant, so there’s nothing to worry about as I’ve chosen the perfect place for me and them. While looking for places in Mumbai, Andheri West Nobroker’s verified property listings have helped me a lot. I suggest you guys check if you’re looking for some beautiful apartments in Mumbai. 

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