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God Removes People From Your Life (Reasons Why God Removes People From Your Life)

It is often painful when people leave your life, especially when that person has been instrumental in something great in your life or has been very close to you and your family. When you’ve shared bonds of love, friendship, and confidence with a person, it is heartbreaking when he or she leaves your life. You begin to wonder what went wrong and ask a thousand and one questions, trying to understand why the person is no longer in your life.

As a Christian, you may ask God questions and wonder what you did to deserve the heartbreak, betrayal, pain, and distress of them leaving your life. In other instances, God might be prompting you to remove people from your life by showing you dreams, signs, and revelations about that person.

This article is for anyone who wonders why God removes people from their lives. In this article, you will confirm that God removes people from your life and find various reasons why God removes people from your life. It will help you make sense of what has happened to you or a loved one. Trust me, this is a truth you want to know, so sit up a little bolder and hear my words.

Does God remove people from your life?

For you to know the reasons why God removes people from your life, you have to first accept that God removes people from your life. If you don’t agree with this statement, then there’s no need for you to continue with this article because the statement above is the basis of our discussion today.

So, does God remove people from your life? Yes, he does. The next question to answer is: Why does God remove people from your life?

Why does God remove people from your life?

1. They Are Toxic

Some of the people in your life might be toxic to your health, well-being, emotional stability, and success in your career. They won’t allow you to have peace in whatever you do, always distracting you with non-beneficial ideas and undermining the things you’re doing.

As if that is not enough, dealing with them will drain your energy. By the time you’re done attending to them, talking to them, or doing something with them, you’ll feel like you’ve run an unending marathon. God removes people from your life when they are toxic.

2. They are holding you back

God removes people from your life when they are holding you back from achieving your goals or fully utilizing your potential.

There are people you meet in life who will push you beyond your wildest imaginations. They see something in you and will stop at nothing until you attain it. However, there are others whose greatest joy and delight is in holding and pulling you back. They’ll tell you you aren’t good enough, downplay your degrees and achievements, and always poison your mind about starting something new. They’ll do everything within their power to make sure you are stuck in mediocrity with them.

They have the crab mentality of not letting someone escape the bad side of life, but God loves you too much to let you keep such people in your life, so He sends them out.

3. They have cruel intentions

One of the reasons God removes people from your life is because He has seen through them and knows they have cruel intentions towards you.

Proverbs 16:28 (NIV) says, “A perverse person stirs up conflict, and gossip separates close friends.” Some people are Jekyll and Hyde. They have two faces: a personality that acts all nice around you and a personality that trash talks you when you’re not looking.

You look at them as the best of the best, but they are sabotaging your health, family, career, and everything you’ve worked so hard for. They stir up conflict for you while singing your praises to your face. Their cruel intentions for you make God remove them from your life.

4. The relationship has reached its end point

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Sometimes God removes people from your life because the relationship has run its course. The reason God brought the individual into your life has been achieved, and it’s time to let go.

Maybe the person was there to correct a lifestyle or show you something you can do; the corrections have been made, and there’s no longer any need for the person to stick around. God knows it all.

5. They are taking the place of God in your life

Matthew 6:24 (NIV) says, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Exodus 20:3 (NIV) also says, “You shall have no other gods before me.”

God wants to be a priority in your life. He wants to be the one you take most seriously. He doesn’t want to share his position in your life with others.

Other times, you’ve placed too much focus on them, and He wants you to realign your focus on Him. He is Alpha and Omega, the creator and keeper of the universe, and he deserves all your attention. Therefore, when you begin to place a person or thing ahead of God in your life or focus your attention on people and what they can do for you or to you, He removes them from your life.

6. God wants to bring in something better

A reason why God removes people from your life is when He wants to bring in something better. You may have become accustomed to shallow thinking, settling for a mindset associated with it, whereas God wants something superior and better for you.

Since you don’t know this, you may fight to keep them in your life because you believe half-full is better than empty, but God, who always sees the bigger picture, saves your life by removing them. Later, when you see something better, you will appreciate God for taking them out of your life.

This reminds me of the situation I was in. I stayed in an environment for a long period of time because I felt that it was better to have a roof over my head than to sleep on the streets, even though that environment was not good for me. However, one day the owner of the place came back from a trip and told me to pack my things and leave before that week was over. I did so without knowing where to go, but guess what? The moment I moved out, I made some calls and got a better place to stay. It turns out the better place has always been available, but since I didn’t complain about where I was, my friend did not think about the place for me. See! God removed that environment from my life by making the people evict me because He knew I wouldn’t have left otherwise.

7. You are the toxic one, and they deserve better

If you’re anything like me, you would have said “God forbid” the minute you saw this heading. No one ever wants to think of themselves as toxic, but the truth is, some of us are as toxic as toxic can be.

Just take a quick look at your life and the people in it. How do you treat them? Do you make them think small of themselves? Do they make them feel like nothing good can come out of their lives? Do you belittle their achievements or try to sabotage their work, career, family, reputation, and relationships? Do you ever want them to shine more than you, even when they are helping to boost your own career and business?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then you are the toxic one. When people have given you their best and you turn around to sabotage them or pull them down, God does not let you have your way. You may have succeeded in pulling them down sometimes, but God helps them by pulling them out of your life.

They deserve better than what you are giving them, and God lets them have it.

8. They are just passers-by

Earlier, I said God sends people into our lives to help us achieve something—maybe a goal, maybe to stop a habit or start a new one. On the flip side, what if they were sent into your life so you could teach them something or help them achieve a goal? In that case, they are just passersby in your life, there for a season and gone after.

9. They don’t fit into God’s plan for you

When people in your life don’t fit into the plan God has for your life, He takes them out. God may have been preparing you for ministry, but they are encouraging you to focus on business. God may be preparing you to be a giant in the media space, but they are saying you are wasting your time instead of focusing on preaching the gospel. Due to their position in your life, you soon begin to turn away from what God is planning for you.

God removes people from your life when they don’t fit into the plan He has for you.

In conclusion, God removes people from your life for various reasons, which have been explained above. When God removes people from your life, you should learn not to complain or doubt Him. Instead, ask Him why or look out for signs associated with the reasons explained in this article, and thank Him for always looking out for you.

I am forever grateful to a God who looks out for us.

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