103 Funny Ways to Say Yes

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Saying “yes” can be uninteresting at times. However, what if we told you that your affirmative answers would be more thrilling if you added some comedy and fun? Yes, this is correct.

In this blog post, we’ll look at funny ways to say yes that will liven up your talks and make others laugh. We’ll provide witty one-liners and peculiar phrases that you might use to lighten the mood and make people chuckle.

Prepare to be amazed as you explore the different funny ways to say yes, which will make you and those around you chuckle.

Funny ways to say Yes

Here are some funny ways to say yes.

    1. Oh, indeed, a roller-skater unicorn!
    2. Yes, it is, captain!
    3. Yes, yes, yeeees!
    4. Sure, just like a monkey holding a banana!
    5. Yes, sir Bob!
    6. Yes, without a doubt, Buttercup!
    7. Indeed, in every way, without a doubt!
    8. Yeah, just like a squirrel storing away acorns for the winter!
    9. That’s as true as it gets—like a nine-lived cat!
    10. Yep, yep, buddy!
    11. Definitely, my friend, just like a tuxedo-clad penguin!
    12. That’s a big, fat yes!
    13. Definitely, like a kangaroo in a boxing arena!
    14. Definitely, just like a squirrel high on coffee!
    15. Indeed, just like bacon on a donut!
    16. Do ducks have feathers? Yes, quack!
    17. Will you give me a million dollars?
    18. Does pork from pigs consist of bacon? Oh yes!
    19. Do birds have wings? Yeah, but they haven’t actually hired me to be their pilot.
    20. Would I jump out of a plane? Only when there’s a food feast attached to the parachute!
    21. “Is water moist? More damp than a damp sponge, my friend!
    22. The Pope—is he a Catholic? It’s true that I am his second cousin, twice removed.
    23. Am I happy about it?
    24. Is a child fond of candies? Yes, indeed!
    25. “Is the sky blue?
    26. Is the lawn green? Greener than a garden pickle!
    27. Does chocolate taste good?
    28. Can a cow make a mooing sound? Oh yes!
    29. “Would I love another slice of pizza?
    30. Is a bear fond of having a picnic?
    31. “Is it possible for me to dance? I suppose you could say that my moves resemble a combination between a noodle and a penguin!
    32. Affirmative, captain!
    33. Signed, sealed, delivered!
    34. Sure, let’s get going
    35. On a cake diet? Yep!
    36. Oh yes, queen bee!
    37. 100% on the yes team!
    38. Oh yes, buttercup!
    39. Do frogs swim in water?!
    40. You bet
    41. Oh yes, Hallelujah!
    42.  I’m in; that sounds good
    43. Yes, yes, and yes!
    44. Yo man
    45. There’s a chance that I might regret doing this, but oh yes, let’s do it!
    46. Let me check my to-do list. Oh, great, I’m available.
    47. It’s good you know, Life’s too short to be saying no.
    48. Oh yes, what are we waiting for?
    49. Oh great! It would take a whole country to keep me from saying yes
    50.  Awwwnh! That’s the nicest offer I’ve had all day!
    51. If there’s a reward, then I’m in!
    52. Oh yeah! Here we go
    53. If I say yes, will you give me a billion bucks?
    54. Let’s say I agreed to this. But, can I still change my mind later?
    55. Here I am, to the rescue!
    56. As long as I’m alive. I’m in.
    57. You’re not giving me that much of a choice, huh?
    58. Have you forgotten? I always say yes!
    59. You should know my answer by the way I’m nodding my head up and down.
    60. I’m in. No doubt!
    61. That’s Cool!
    62. I don’t have a choice, do I?
    63. Who am I to say no?
    64. Even if I dislike you, I would say yes to this one.
    65. Just be sure that we won’t be in prison for this.
    66. Oh yeah!
    67. Even my cat is saying yes.
    68. Oh! I’m here for the money!
    69. I haven’t said no yet, or did I?
    70. I’m interested; tell me more about this.
    71. Without a doubt,. Count me in.
    72. Of course.
    73. Go on; this has caught my attention.
    74. My answer is yes!
    75. I’m in. I was born for this.
    76. My answer is yes, yes, yes.
    77. Would I be taller than you if I were standing on cloud 9? That’s my answer.
    78. The answer is a big yes!
    79. Can you help me spell yes?
    80. Take the lead and I’ll follow
    81. I’m in like a dog wagging its tail in excitement
    82. Yeah! I’m in with my hands up.
    83. Come on, tell me you’re joking. I’m in.
    84. Count me in. You deserve a standing ovation for this beautiful idea.
    85. Hell, yes
    86. What’s the powerhouse of the cell? Is it mitochondria, then that’s my answer.
    87. If I was a clown, I’d say no to this one.
    88. Come on, tell me, what’s the opposite of no?
    89. There is a huge possibility that you are correct. So I’m in.
    90. Due to the fact that it’s unlikely you’ll make an error on your part, I am forced to toss my lot in with you.
    91. I have considered your point of view thoroughly. After close deliberation, I would say that I strongly agree on the basis of your conclusion and share your ideas on the said subject.
    92. You deserve a world-class award for this. I’m in
    93. What are we waiting for? You know my answer. YES!
    94. Oh yeah, baby! I’m in
    95. Do babies cry?
    96. Would you kindly take ‘yes’ for an answer?
    97. My instincts tell me that you are worth all the trouble. So it’ll be worth it.
    98. I’m all for it, like a ball rolling down the pitch.
    99. The smile on my cheeks answers YES
    100. Let’s do it!
    101. Is one plus one equal to two?
    102. Is the sun very hot?
    103. Does a bear live in the woods?


Well, we’ve looked at the different funny ways to say yes. Did you find anything useful?  Yeah? We really hope that you did!

It’s now time to demonstrate what you have learned from our list of funny ways to say yes. I’m sure you’ve learned that there are so many ways to agree without just saying yes, as well as so many funny ways to express yes. This is creative and interesting, don’t you think? Well no matter how you say it,  when the moment comes for you to say yes, what counts is that you mean it.




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