Autumn Wardrobe

Rebecca Siggers

Fall Fashion Essentials: Must-Have Pieces for the Perfect Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn Wardrobe

Even though we enjoy observing the runway trends for colour and style ideas and seeing what’s supposedly “in” each season, it is never advisable to create a wardrobe around trends that go out of style as soon as they appear.

Rather, it’s best to incorporate timeless staple pieces into your wardrobe every season, along with a few “of-the-moment” colours and prints, if you truly love them! This deft balance is essential to guaranteeing that your ensembles are constantly on point and that you feel stylish, confident, and at ease in your clothes year after year.

To avoid having to start from scratch and be ready to go when the weather changes, it is hoped that many of these items are already in your wardrobe or on your wish list or priority shopping list for the season. 

Keep in mind to invest wisely, make sure everything fits perfectly, and each piece is of the quality required to last—the cost per wear for these essentials should be incredibly minimal.

Let’s talk about the timeless autumnal pieces you’ll need ahead of time so that every ensemble you make for the upcoming season is fashionable and timeless before I break out the trends for the season.

The Trench

A “must-have” addition to any autumnal wardrobe, trench coats are the ideal fall cover-up. Forget looking like a stripper—this year’s must-have trench is also coincidentally right on trend. So why do they look so good? 

Since the weather has been so unpredictable, they offer the ideal amount of protection from the elements without making you feel overly hot. In addition, they now come in an amazing array of colours and are quite stylish and Parisian. 

Many fashion lovers are in love with the khaki versions right now, and there are some amazing examples on the high street. 

The Knitted Dress

Without the arrival of knitwear, autumn wouldn’t be the same. Dresses are a chic way to wear knits at the beginning of the season. 

These dresses are essential for an easy, fashionable autumnal appearance that exudes both smart and casual vibes, whether they are worn with a sock boot or your trusty Converse.

The Straight Leg Jean

An all-time fave jeans is the wardrobe essential: a timeless pair of medium blue straight-leg jeans that never go out of style. 

Though they’re still popular this summer and into autumn, wide-leg and looser-fitting jeans are difficult to dress, so your go-to wardrobe hero should always be the straight leg.

The Checked Shirt

An overshirt or shacket, whether they are checked, plaid, or flannel, are essential pieces for any autumn ensemble. The “fashion people” have been wearing them as their “go-to” outfit of choice for autumn for the previous few seasons. 

Though it looks great with straight-leg jeans, it’s also a good idea to tuck it into a leather pencil skirt or the maxi slip skirt of the season or wear it more formally with your straight-leg jeans and a fitted blazer.

The Leather Midi Skirt

Autumn Wardrobe

Fall is the perfect season to start incorporating thick materials again, like real and faux leather, into your clothing designs. And one absolute favourite staple is the leather midi skirt – whether it’s paired with a camel coat, New Balance sneakers, and a blue shirt or just a basic gray tee.

The Blazer And  Jacket

Fall is when the clothes dilemma starts, but there is still hope! For women, Olsen blazers and jackets provide a chic option for the changing seasons. When autumn arrives, and the weather is still warm enough for a full winter coat, blazers and jackets are excellent choices. 

The fabric keeps you warm when it becomes colder, but because it’s cropped rather than long, it doesn’t make your fall outfits appear overly cold. You’re already ahead of the game if you have Olsen blazers anad jackets for ladies in your closet for every season.

The Roll Neck

Even though you’re not the biggest fan of wearing anything around your neck, having a roll-neck or two on hand is undoubtedly beneficial. A good technique to add a flash of colour or design when the weather drops is to wear a “skinny” version underneath dresses or cardigans.

The Boot

Even if clunky boots are still quite popular, an all-terrain boot is a must-have piece of autumn clothing that you should either buy now if you already own the ideal pair or keep as an investment. The ankle block heel will always be a perfect go-to. This is the season of the cowboy boot. 

The V-Neck Cardigan

In addition to being a necessary layering piece for the chilly months, a favourite way to wear cardigans is to style V-necks as jumpers (done up, of course), tuck them into your denim (jeans or a denim maxi), and wear a blazer over the top. That is, of course, when the weather isn’t too cold.

 The Tailored Trouser

The runways are replete with looks ranging from wide-leg to more fitted. These are a fantastic option for a sophisticated yet timeless look, and they’re not only for the workplace. Purchasing a quality fabric that drapes well and maintains its shape is a good idea.

Experiment with colour selection; there are many gorgeous hues available in Olsen, including deep, rich tones. Just keep longevity and cost per wear in mind, of course. Not to mention, this season’s must-have item is pinstripes!

Spice Up Your Autumn Wardrobe

Building a timeless autumn wardrobe involves incorporating staple pieces alongside trendy accents. By balancing classic items like trench coats and straight-leg jeans with trendy additions such as leather midi skirts and checked shirts, you can ensure your ensembles remain stylish year after year. 

Remember to invest in quality pieces that fit well and prioritize versatility, allowing you to transition your wardrobe from season to season effortlessly.

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