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Exploring The Allure Of The Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship

Taking cruises is one of the hallmarks of elegance and luxury. Going on a cruise with your friends and family can help you relax after a long year at work. And you certainly deserve it!

However, not all cruises are alike. If you want to have the best time sailing through the open sea with the wind in your hair, you must find the best cruises in your area. We understand how hard it is to identify a cruise that can meet your specific requirements. That is why we have the best recommendation for you. The Paul Gauguin cruise!

But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to learn about the allure of the Paul Gauguin cruise ship.

The Beauty Of The Paul Gauguin

The Paul Gauguin cruise ship is an exceptional liner owned and operated by a French company called Compagnie du Ponant. The company has focused on this liner and has transformed it into one of the most iconic cruises worldwide. This ship explores various locations but primarily focuses on the French Polynesian and South Pacific regions.

If you would like to explore this region on your next vacation, consider booking a ride on the Paul Gauguin.

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Booking Your Spot On The MS Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship

The Paul Gauguin cruise ship is quite popular. If you want to enjoy the cruise without any worries, you need to take the earliest opportunity to book your ride. Lucky for you, the MS Paul Gauguin cruise prices are affordable if you plan. You can even get discounts by working with travel agencies to get your ticket.

Booking a ticket with the Paul Gauguin cruise ship will give you a stellar experience at a mind-blowing price.

The Best Trips Aboard The Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship

The Paul Gauguin offers different kinds of itineraries depending on your budget range. The most common option for many travelers is the 11-night voyage across the Cook Islands and towards the Society Islands. That 11-night voyage costs you a paltry $6,020 for the round trip.

If you are looking for more luxury, you can try the 14-night trip between the Marquesas Tuamotus and the Society Islands. The round trip will only set you back $7,620. But you will undoubtedly have a good time at it!

Depending on your budget period, there are also many cheaper options, but you will need to look for regular offers to get the best possible deal.

Fun Things To Try Out During Your Cruise

One of the things that makes the Paul Gauguin cruise ship stand out from other regular cruise liners is the range of activities you can explore when you are on board the ship. The Paul Gauguin promises a fun experience when you are on deck and even once you dock in the different destinations during your cruise.

Let’s first start with on-board fun.

On Board Fun

Not everyone who goes on a cruise vacation likes to spend time outdoors. That is why the Paul Gauguin cruise ship team has created an itinerary plan for people to enjoy when they are on board the ship. The Paul Gauguin has numerous onboard activities, such as a pool, a pool bar, a dancing gala, and a piano lounge.

The pool and pool bar allow you to stretch out your legs and relax in the pool as you sip on your favorite beverage. You can also enjoy live music in the piano lounge as you relax and take your mind off your regular worries. If you are a homebody who likes dancing to tunes, the La Palette Dance Lounge might tickle your fancy.

Paul Gauguin also has a vast culinary selection of foods. You can spend time on the ship trying delicacies from Caribbean and Polynesian cultures. But don’t forget to save some space for cakes and desserts served with dinner.

The cruise administration regularly hosts indoor games such as poker and chess if those are things you might enjoy. But why would you spend time playing cards while on a cruise liner when you would instead enjoy regular cruise activities?

Excitement Off The Ship

You can’t spend your entire time on a Paul Gauguin cruise just stretching your legs on deck. It will be great to hop off the ship at your different docking points to enjoy the islands you visit.

Some common activities you can try on the number of islands you would like to explore include snorkeling, basking and sunbathing at the beach, and swimming.

You can also try out a cultural experience and listen to native music in some of the community centers on the different islands. That will allow you to learn about the lifestyle of the communities that live in the Polynesian area.

Bottom Line

The Paul Gauguin cruise ship is not the most exciting liner across the Atlantic for no reason. It offers an alluring experience for anyone who would dare hop aboard. The ship has exciting activities for people who enjoy spending time indoors and those who want to vacation on the high seas and bask on the islands.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next cruise aboard the Paul Gauguin ship today!

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