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20 Believable Excuses For Hickeys

Excuses for hickeys

What will people say? This is what keeps ringing in your mind after getting a hickey. Hickey is a type of skin lesion that occurs when blood is sucked from the surface of the skin. This is usually caused by your partner when he or she sucks or bites your skin during neck kissing.

There are different excuses for hickeys that can save you from embarrassment from friends and family. An insect bite, animal attack or skin reaction can be the perfect excuse for Hickeys.

These are believable excuses. They work like magic! With any of them, people won’t care about your love life.

Let’s go!

20 Believable Excuses For Hickeys

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1. Birthmark

Wow, this excuse sounds so real. You can tell your colleagues at work that it is a birthmark. If anyone asks further, “Tell him or her that it’s a birthmark; they have never seen it. Say it and continue with your daily activities.

This will look more convincing if it is an area you usually do not leave open.

2. Curling Iron

This is one of the excuses for Hickeys. You can simply tell people that you were trying to curl your hair with an iron and it gave you a neck bruise. Don’t forget to curl your hair while giving this excuse.

3. Insect Bite

This looks so real. Simply tell the person asking that an unknown insect bit you when you went to visit a friend in a village. This will look so real if you travel or go to a friend’s place. If not, tell him or her that you had an insect bite and walk away to prevent further questions.

4. Skin Care

This is a good excuse for hickeys. Simply put, the bruise is the result of an allergic reaction to a product during a skincare routine. You can mention glycerine, propylene glycol or any other ingredients you may be allergic to.

5. Virus

This looks real, doesn’t it? But it can make people run away from you unless you explain well.

If you are in school, you can tell anyone who asks that it was contracted in a school hostel, but it is not contagious. Some will raise their eyebrows in shock, but with time, everything will fall into place.

6. Skin disease

If you can’t get rid of the hickey, you can use this as an excuse. Some skin conditions can lead to scars. Simply put,

‘I have acne or eczema’.  No one will bite you.

7. Make-Up Reaction

Can a reaction from a makeover give you such a mark? This is a question you need to ask. If yes, you can tell your parents or friends that you used Halloween makeup that you tried to rub off. Then, the bruise appeared after rubbing it off.

8. A Bruise

This looks more real than others, doesn’t it? A hickey is a bruise anyway. It’s one of the most believable excuses for hickeys. Tell your parents, when they start probing, that you have a bruise from the necklace you bought recently.

9. Fake Hickey

You can tell people it is a hickey, but a fake one given to you by a friend. The friend was trying to experiment with your neck during a truth-and-dare game. Simply say, My friends and I were jøking and trying new things’.

10. Deny

This is another believable excuse. Don’t accept that you have a hickey. Be careful with your words. Convince them by choosing the right words to deny it completely.

11. Pretend

Pretend as if you never knew it existed. Act dumb and surprised. When someone meets you, say ‘Uhh, how did it appear on my neck’. With a confused look.

12. A Pet Scratch

Pets like cats or dogs can cause a scratch. Tell someone asking that you had a scratch from your dog last night while playing with it. It’s one of the excuses for hickeys.

13. Seat Belt Mark

This excuse will look believable if you possess a car or have gone on a road trip recently. Tell them that you went on a trip last weekend and the seatbelt rubbed on your neck for so long. The mark might be from it. It is that simple.

14. Cupping Therapy

This therapy has been known to be the remedy for neck pain and alleviate muscle soreness. However, it leaves a hickey when the suction cup is placed. It is a believable excuse.

15. Sports Injury

Where are the sports lovers? This can be an excuse you can use for your hickey. You can say you sustained an injury during a sport over the weekend. As long as you are a sports freak, people will believe you.

16. Deep Tissue Massage

A massage, especially deep tissue, normally leaves marks or bruises on your neck or upper body area. If you recently visited a massage therapist for a stiff neck or relaxation, you can tell them you got the bruise from it. This is one of the greatest excuses for hickeys.

17. Hot Beverage

Are you a tea or coffee lover? This excuse is valid. You were bumped into by your sister while sipping your hot coffee this morning before coming to work. This is what you can say, It is very easy.

18. Heating Pad

This is quite believable and difficult to argue. The heating pad is used to alleviate discomfort.

A hickey-like bruise is left on the skin when the heating pad is left for so long. Hence, you can add that you have learnt a lesson after it left a mark on you.

19. Shaving

As a guy, you can tell people that the bruise is a result of the careless handling of the clipper by the barber. The barber accidentally nipped your neck while shaving your hair or jaw.

20. I don’t Want To Talk About It

This is one of the perfect excuses for hickeys. Someone walked up to you, asking what happened to your neck. You can simply tell the person that you won’t like to talk about the incident surrounding the bruise. The person might either feel bad asking or be persistent to know what happened. Either way, keep to your excuse.

Final Words

Hickey can be embarrassing. Finding a suitable excuse for your friends, family or fiancee without spilling the milk can be challenging. However, with these believable excuses for Hickeys above, you are sure to leave no suspense.


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