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Different Types of Durags: 10 Perfect Types to Gift Yourself

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Do you like durags? Durags have become a very important item of fashion. Originally, durags were used by black men to keep their curls.

However, today, the use of durags has extended beyond their use for keeping curls. It’s now used by men and women, old and young. You see many people combining different types of durags of varied colors with their outfits.

The availability of different types of durags has provided options for lovers of durags, increasing their choice and preference.

In this article, we will look at the different types of durags we have and find out what each type of durag looks like.

It’ll guide you in making a better decision about selecting the perfect drag the next time you’re thinking of buying one for yourself.

Different Types of Durags

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1. Slippery Customs Velvet Durag

One of the different types of durags that we have is the Slippery Custom Velvet Durag, which comes in different colors. This durag is soft and can easily be styled differently by the wearer. It is made from plush velvet fabric.

It is comfortable to wear and can remain tied to the head for a long period without making the wearer feel any kind of discomfort.

You know there are some head ties you use that cause discomfort when used for an extended period. The slippery velvet drag doesn’t make you feel such discomfort. You can wear your drag all day, feeling good.

One of the distinct features of the slippery custom velvet durag is the way it is meticulously constructed. The durag incorporates triple stitching, and the stitching seam is found on the outer lining, leaving your hair intact all day.

The drag is very durable and can be styled differently to give you the desired look.

2. Fani Silky Durag

This has to be one of the most popular durags that can be found among the different types of durags available. This is the type of drag often worn by your favorite celebrity music artists.

One of the reasons it’s preferred is because it is available in different bright colors and designs. It is your best match if you are thinking of making a fashion statement with your durag.

It also helps you keep the waves on your hair. Talking of the features of the drag, it comes with a stretchy cap, a long tail, and wide straps that all ensure that the wave of your hair is maintained.

It is available in different radiant colors. Giving you the freedom to choose from different available colors that you can easily style with any outfit of your choice.

It is also easy to maintain; it still retains its quality even when it is washed many times

3. Exclusive Wave Durag

This has to be one of the best durags that is available among the different types of durags because it caters to the needs of drag lovers.

The maker of this drag has realized that there are people who may prefer durags with long tails, while others may prefer to go with short tails. This is why this durag was exclusively made to meet these needs. It can be worn on both sides.

In practicality, this durag allows the wearer to be able to tie it in different styles. In addition to its versatility, the durag is also made to be breathable, which means that you don’t have to worry even when you tie this drag on your head for a longer period.

4. Dream Deluxe Durag

Dream Deluxe Durag is another wonderful option among the different types of durags that we have. If you want a durable durag, the Dream Deluxe Durag is the option you should consider.

Dream Deluxe Durag is made using high-quality materials woven together to create a beautiful drag.

The texture of the fabric used in making this drag is stretchy by nature. The stretchy texture of the fabric used in making this drag gives it a snug fit, which of course makes it an outstanding piece among the other available durags.

You can never go wrong with this drag if you are considering achieving the perfect wave for your hair because it has a very comfortable texture.

Another excellent thing about this drag feature is its long straps, which make it easy and convenient for you to tie securely behind your hair.

The porous nature of the fabric used for this type of drag makes it easy for air to pass through it, making the scalp feel fresh and reducing excessive sweating.

5. Tatuo Velvet Durag

Among the different types of durags that we have, the tatuo velvet durag remains one of the most popular durags that exist.

The quality that differentiates this durag from other available durags is the way the fabric can provide strong compression. It’ll be an excellent choice for people who have goals of achieving different waves.

It’s made from silk, which gives the durag an incredibly soft texture.

The design of the drag is also worthy of note. It is hemmed at the outside and it has no seam running down the middle of the top of the durag. The interesting part is that you can use the tatuo velvet durag as sleeping headwear. or hijab.

6. Unisex Velvet Deluxe Durag

The unisex velvet deluxe durag is a special durag that is made to meet the needs of both genders, just like you can find in the name.

It’s made with top-quality velvet material. This durag ensures that the wave on your hair is maintained when used, while it also helps keep your hair hydrated.

If you are worried about wearing this durag in hot weather, you don’t have to worry because this durag won’t make you feel any form of discomfort. After all, it is made with a breathable velvet material.

More importantly, this durag comes with long straps, which makes it easy for it to be styled in different ways. It can be used on different attire and be worn to different events.

7. Ashilisia Wave Durag

Speaking of the best durags you can get among the different types of durags we have, the Ashilisia Wave Durag is one of the best. It has excellent features and the quality is top-notch.

It is made from crushed velvet. The exterior part of the drag has three stitch seams, which makes it possible for you to seamlessly achieve perfect waves. It’s certainly one of the best wave durags you can lay your hands on.

The fabric used in making this drag has a close look to silk, making it have a smooth texture. The stitching type and the quality material used in making this drag ensure that it is durable.  The soft and breathable fabric used ensures that the fabric has a gentle feel on the skin.

8. Wavebuilder Durag

Wavebuilder durag is one of the other different types of durags that exist. One of the things that makes this durag unique is its elegant design and the way it is carefully designed. It’s also skillfully made from the best fibers, giving it a silky and smooth look.

One other thing that will make you love this durag is its versatile nature. It can be styled differently and can be matched with any outfit.

However, the available colors for this durag are limited; you only get to select between two colors, which are white and black.

In addition to its versatile nature, this drag is skillfully crafted with breathable fabrics, which makes it comfortable on the head of the wearer and also very easy to maintain. The material of the durag helps reduce excessive sweat when worn for an extended period.

You also don’t have to stress about the maintenance of this durag because it is very easy to maintain. You can easily soak in water and wash. Even when it’s washed multiple times, it still retains its color and quality. Isn’t this the type of drag that we all want to own?

This durag remains one of your reliable pieces of clothing that meets your everyday style needs.

9. Veeta Superior Velvet Durag

Veeta’s superior velvet durag is superior quality durag, just like its name and it is made from velvet material.

This durag is also usually highly demanded by people because it is available in different colorful designs. The material used in making this durag ensures that it is durable. It also has a soft feel, which makes it comfortable when it is worn.

When using this durag, you need to make sure that the dye from it doesn’t stain the light-colored clothes. It’s advisable not to sleep with this durag so that you won’t end up getting it stained with the dye.

Regardless, this durag is comfortable to use and it is still highly sought after by many. You can get this to keep your wave intact and beautiful.

10. Royal Wave Velvet Durag

Royal wave velvet drag is also one of the different types of durags that we can find. You can only find this durag in two different colors, which are blue and black.

It’s made with breathable fabric, which makes it comfortable to use. This durag can be used stylishly with different attire and it also ensures that your hair is in good condition.

The stitching of the durag is carefully done to prevent lines of drag from showing on your head when you use the durag. You can go about your day without worrying if the drag will leave any marks on your head.

Benefits of Durags

Durags are not just a piece of clothing which is meant to cover your head; there are other benefits you can get from using durags, which includes

  • It helps you achieve and maintain perfect waves.
  • It helps hold your hair tightly in place during exercise
  • It makes your hair more clean and healthy.
  • It serves as a form of protection against harsh climatic conditions.
  • It prevents hair breakage
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