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Alternative To Vans: 7 Perfect Alternatives

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The name Vans is synonymous with skating around the world. Vans is the name of an American streetwear brand that was established in 1966.

It was solely focused on the design and production of skateboarding shoes and has expanded into becoming one of the most popular shoe brands in America.

However, a lot of people are seeking alternatives to Vans because they claim the shoe brand is common, non-eco-friendly,  not long-lasting, and has become less affordable for the masses.

I mean, I can understand why someone who cannot afford Vans would look for a similar alternative to Vans.

Have you seen Vans shoes? They are a picture of timeless, classy, comfy, and casual while still giving off a chic look.

Almost everyone swears by Vans; the statistics on the internet are overwhelming.

As stated earlier, Van’s popularity began with skateboarding, and to understand why Vans is important and why people seek an alternative due to its high prices, let’s take a quick look into the peculiar shoes Vans produced for skateboarding.

Skateboarding is a peculiar sport that cannot be done with just any kind of shoe. This is because skateboarders need to have grip and traction on the skateboard.

Simply put, this means the skateboarder needs to remain firm and not slip off the board, so he or she must wear shoes that ensure his or her firm grip on the board.

Skate shoes also have a robust construction designed to withstand the rigors associated with skateboarding and have some extra padding around the ankles for added support when the skateboarder is performing tricks.

Their rubber soles are specially designed to grip the board, and their low soles are to cement the skateboarder’s connection to the board.

So, you can understand how Vans shoes quickly became the most popular shoes for skateboarding. However, they soon turned their classic skateboarding shoes into a fashion brand everyone would love.

The Vans shoes embody the Californian casual cool look, complete with narrow laces, low soles, and skater construction.

Like a lot of goods in the world today, you don’t need to buy Vans to get the look. There are numerous alternatives to Vans out there with more variety, patterns, and colors you could purchase without having to break the bank or go broke.

In seeking an alternative to Vans, buyers have to consider the following factors:

  • Style: Vans come in slip-ons, high tops, authentic, or old school style, and there are shoes out there that mimic each category of Vans with some even doing it better. The slip-ons are suitable for a dressy look while the old-skool and high tops have the best grips for sports (excluding gyming, running, or training).
  • The type of material used: The feel of bio-based cork, natural rubber, and recycled plastic sets Vans apart from the shoe brands that use synthetic materials. Thus anyone seeking an alternative to Vans has to go for shoes that use the same type of material so they can get a similar feel. Aside from these materials being good for the environment, they also last longer and provide more body support. The alternatives to Vans are shoes made from canvas, leather, suede, or cotton poplin.
  • Comfort: Vans are known for their comfort from their incredible insoles and footbeds, as well as pads. Not only do they provide support for the ankles, but they also offer cushioning and thus can be worn all day long and still feel comfortable. Therefore any alternative to Vans must feel just as comfortable if not even more.
  • Price: this is the final thing to consider. With everyone wanting to look chic and sleek on a low budget, alternatives to Vans have to be considered.

If you’ve been on the lookout for an alternative to Vans and don’t know which to go for, fear not.

This article is for you. Having gone through the trouble of doing the research on your behalf about the various alternatives to Vans, your responsibility is just to pick the one that suits your style and matches your pocket.

Described below are seven (7) alternative to Vans.

Alternative To Vans

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ALTERNATIVE 1: Cariuma OCA High Top

Cariuma was founded in 2018 by some Brazilian guys who bonded over their love for surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. It is featured as an alternative to Vans because of its killer high-top option. It is also lovable when you consider the brand’s use of environmentally friendly materials (such as suede, organic cotton, bamboo, and leather), its ethical factory operations, and its strict code of conduct.

It is made with soft, supportive cotton canvas both on the inside and outside, giving better cushioning than Vans. Its high-top designs are a hit and the shoe pairs well with pants.

It also has a vegan cork insole that provides ankle support and rebound. The shoes are attractive, lightweight, and durable. However, because it is made of canvas, it cannot withstand wet weather and it has a limited color variety.

Since it has a stylish, sleek look that is both cost-effective and comfortable to walk around, why not ditch Vans for it?

ALTERNATIVE 2: SeaVees Legend

SeaVees was launched in 1964 and was one of the first casual sneaker brands to exist. It however went on a 40-year hiatus after which it was relaunched in 2008. SeaVees is one of the best alternatives to Vans as it looks like the Vans Authentic shoes.

It looks as sharp as Vans and lasts three times longer than Vans would. It has a minimal, low-top look and is constructed with comfortable materials from the top to the bottom, inside and outside.

Made from poplin, it is very eco-friendly and comfortable with a firm grip on the outsoles.

People say if the Vans Authentic and the SeaVees legend are placed side-by-side, you can’t pick out the difference unless you look closely enough at the logos.

SeaVees legends are iconic as they can be paired with any clothing item of your choice. However, the white soles of the shoes are prone to scuff marks.

ALTERNATIVE 3: SeaVees Hawthorne Slip-on

This shoe is an alternative to the Vans slip-on. It is minimal and stylish, has a solid construction, and is made from breathable materials.

The suede backstay holds the feet firmly in place while the cushioned foam footbed keeps the steps comfy during long walks. It is perfect for warm weather.

If you want casual and comfy, no-shoe laces, firm grips, and sweet air circulation, the SeaVees Hawthorne slip-on is the very one for you. However, it is a bit heavier than Vans slip-on and like every white-soled shoe, is prone to scuff marks.

ALTERNATIVE 4: Ralph Lauren Keaton Sneakers

The first thing that caught my eye about this sneaker is the color. It is so colorful and looks so beautiful and comfortable.

The shoes have a vintage-themed design that is classy and can be styled with different clothing in many different, beautiful ways.

It has a vulcanized rubber sole and an extra cushioned footbed for protection and comfort.

The shoe is loved for its color, quality, and affordability, and gives a designer flair to casual clothing. It is a great alternative to Vans.

ALTERNATIVE 5: Sperry Striper II

Sperry was the first deck shoe designed for high grip at sea in 1935. Sperry Striper II has a flexible rubber outsole with molded Wave-Siping which provides a no-slip traction.

It is similar to Vans Authentic as it has a low top, is easy to put on and put off, and has cotton laces.

The Sperry Striper II comes in multiple colors, is versatile for different clothing choices, matches greatly with summer shorts, and has affordable pricing. However, it is made of synthetic materials.

ALTERNATIVE 6: Cariuma Catiba Pro

This shoe bears a resemblance to Vans Old Skool and is built like a killer skate sneaker. Given the history of Cariuma, it is no wonder the Catiba Pro is an alternative to Vans.

It has the same gummy bottom as the Van Old Skool which provides stability to the ankles. It has a fully stitched outsole that is one hundred percent slip-resistant.

The arch support is designed to mimic the shape of the foot, and together with the springy cork insole and cushioned memory foam, it gives all-day support to the foot.

It is very suitable for long sporting activities. The materials used to produce the shoes are natural and bio-based and it is very affordable too.

ALTERNATIVE 7: Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneaker

The Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneaker is a slip-on shoe that is popular as a casual footwear. It has great features such as its breathable lining perfect for keeping away heat in summer, a padded collar that prevents rubbing off on each side, stretchy panels for easy wear and removal, and a highly cushioned insole.

It is also affordable and long-lasting.

I can see why it is an alternative to Vans. Who can say no to comfort, durability, and affordability?

It also comes in a variety of colors that can be perfectly paired with casual dressing – jeans, shorts, polos, shorts. The only downside to it is the weight.

I would also like to give honorable mentions to some other shoes whose looks I loved but unfortunately couldn’t place them in my top seven. You might want to look them up and see if they are worth your time, comfort, and money.

They include:

  • Adidas Nizza RF
  • Madewell Sidewalk Low-Top
  • Nike Retro GTS Sneaker

This article has collated seven shoes that are alternatives to Vans. Feel free to check them out, purchase them, and step out in style every day without going broke.

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