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Combat Paranoid Thoughts: A Guide to Restoring Peace of Mind

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Getting paranoid is one of the most annoying parts of any kind of THC consumption.  In some cases, it might turn what could have been a good trip into a bad trip.  For some, that might be a waste of what could have been a helpful state of being.

No matter the case, there are several ways that you can help yourself come down from a place of paranoia and get back to peace of mind.  There are ways to do this through thought and there are ways to do this through taking care of the space around you.

Here, you’re going to find a guide to restoring your peace of mind when a trip goes south or when paranoia decides to grab hold of your mind.  Take a deep breath and let’s begin.

Stay in Familiar Places to Restore Peace of Mind

If you are partaking in a group somewhere you haven’t been before, this is a bit more difficult step-wise when trying to get yourself to come down from a paranoia spike.

When you aren’t in a familiar place, ask if there is a smaller room that you can use, as long as you aren’t claustrophobic.  Better yet, try to find spaces that are comfortable for you.  For example, a personal paranoia spot is the bathroom or bathtub, because this can help you center in and not worry about all that is around you.

The reason that you want to stay in familiar spaces is because you need to make sure that you have an environment that can be controlled or feels like it can be controlled.  This is going to help you with the lack of control that you have over your mental state at this point.

Another reason staying in familiar places helps is because of the core of what paranoia is: distrust and suspicion.  These two thought processes are calmed in familiar spaces and with familiar people.

Have Someone Close With You

Something that is constantly suggested when trying out a new strain or something that has a higher concentration of THC is to have someone familiar with you.  Paranoia preys on the natural suspicions of the unknown and amplifies them to almost unbearable levels.

Have you ever heard of a guide or a trip guide? These are usually people who have extensive experience handling different types of trips and know how to help people come back down.

If you don’t have someone familiar with you, then having a guide in the group is a great way to have the help you need on hand.

The reason that you want to have a guide through the paranoia or have someone familiar is that they are familiar again or know how to make themselves familiar and comforting.  Paranoia doesn’t just prey on the suspicions of everyone and everything; it also takes advantage of discomfort.

Play Peaceful Music and Breathe in Time

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Breathing techniques are a whole practice in and of themselves and are often hard to remember in the middle of a panicked space.  This is why it is just easier to turn on something peaceful, potentially music, and practice breathing to the rhythm of the music.

What this does is take your mind off of the racing thoughts and get you to focus on what the rhythm of the song is.  If you have to count out the beats of the music out loud, then do so!  This isn’t a time to be shy about counting one, two, three, and four over and over again.

Rest and Watch Easy TV

Do not, under any circumstances, watch something like Trip Tank or other shows that are designed to amplify high trips or freak out the new cannabis user.  These are horrible things to watch when dealing with paranoia, even if they distract from the problem at hand.

Rather, look for simple shows, even if they are cartoons.  Find a comfort movie, an animated movie, or something that is different from reality to get your mind to work outside of a different spectrum.  That’s the goal here.

When resting from THC paranoia, you will find that you are going to be exhausted.  The mind does so many loopy twists and turns that you can barely keep up.  All of that takes a lot of mental energy and can physically exhaust you.

If you aren’t up for sleeping, watch something light, funny, and easily distracting but not things that are dark, gory, or full of mystery.  You need to let your mind relax.


You can read more here if you need additional ideas on how to help yourself come down from a paranoia high.  Otherwise, the guide here is pretty solid and is going to help you find your way back down.

Don’t forget to eat and drink something too so that you can replenish your energy and help the THC process faster through your system.  Deep breaths and calm thoughts!

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