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Buying Trees Online: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Choosing a Tree 

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Many homeowners who think there is a secret to growing and planting healthy trees have been misled by tree retailers. These retailers have misled buyers who do not know what questions to ask, what to look for, or which trees to choose.  

These are tree retailers who turn trees into commodities by growing and selling cheap trees. They sacrifice the most essentials, like branching structures and root health, to get out colorful trees and rush them to the market. Most retailers count on their customers not to notice for a while. 

It is hard to tell how healthy a tree is when buying it. But here is the thing: it is cheaper to buy trees online than in the garden center. Trees are healthy when purchased online and stay in optimal condition until they are bought.  

However, there are common mistakes you should avoid before buying trees online. Please keep reading and learn from some of these mistakes to avoid them.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Choosing a Tree

1. Failing to Read Online Reviews

This is the most common mistake that buyers make before buying plants online. If you are ordering tree plants for the first time online, ensure you read the online reviews provided by the customers. Try seeking out reviews on independent sites like Yelp and Google. Other plant collectors willingly share their experiences buying plants online, which may be helpful. 

You should remember that live plants are being reviewed, and user errors may account for some of the poor experiences.  

The customer’s reviews reflect the reputation of the sellers. Try to find out if the seller is selling tree plants dug from their backyards or if they adhere to agricultural regulations.  

If you want to enhance your garden’s greenery, you can conveniently check the reviews, buy trees online UK and have them delivered to you. 

2. Not Verifying the Accuracy of the Plant Variety

If you want to buy a tree and come across one you have never seen before but are interested in planting, try searching for it on Google Images. This helps you know the accuracy of the plant when you see similar photos on both Google Images and the seller’s page. 

Comparing sellers’ images to those on Google is an easy way to spot photo embellishment and inaccuracy points. It prevents you from ordering plant trees you thought were hot pink in color when, in the real sense, they are washed pink.

Please do not make the mistake of trusting the color and shape of the new pant trees you see on the seller’s page without comparing them to the other accurate images found on Google. 

3. Failing to Know Your Zone 


Online sellers are here to service different countries, and unlike the local gardens in your centers, they do not stock plants appropriate for only your zone. Not every tree plant sold online will grow in your zone. Therefore, you need to know the plant hardiness zone of your place and look for plant trees that will grow in your area’s climate. 

Sometimes, experienced tree planters intentionally buy trees from online websites, knowing they are not rated for their hardiness. Since they may have a place to overwinter and want to risk planting trees that may not survive, we refer to this as cheating your zone because they are trying to beat nature at her game. Avoid this common mistake of cheating your zone by carefully reviewing the agriculture plant hardiness of your zone before purchasing any plant online. 

4. Ordering at the wrong time

Some plants are seasonal, and not all trees are available at the same time of the year. Before ordering a tree online, make sure that you research and get all the information on the types of trees to look for in the appropriate seasons.  

When you place an order sooner, you are more likely to find the tree you need in stock. If a tree is out of stock, you must wait until the following year to try and purchase it again. 

When you place an order for the trees, confirm the shipping date of your plants to ensure they get to you in the appropriate planting season. Many online companies send plants ordered on time at the proper time, while some will ship your order immediately after you order, making you stuck with trees you cannot use.

5. Ignoring the Seller’s Guarantee

Different plant vendors have various guarantees for live plants. Large greenhouses can accommodate greater losses from claimed plants and may also have generous guarantees compared to smaller sellers.  

It is usual for sellers to tell you to plant what you receive and monitor the growth when they know that they have insufficient stock to replace tree plants. When a tree plant is damaged in shipment, it should recover with time. Such an outcome can be reasonably compared to credit, which can leave you with cash and no tree

Once the plants have left the greenhouse, they cannot be returned due to pest and disease control regulations. If you incur damages, you are told to send photos to verify the damages. So, do not make the mistake of tossing out the plants before taking a few pictures.  


In the last few years, buying trees online has been gaining popularity. Tree planters are finding the best places to buy trees online to avoid the constraints of retail shopping. You can choose from many inventories online and plant the trees of your choice when you avoid the six simple mistakes we have discussed in this article. 


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