Best time to visit Dubai for Holidays: Seasonality, Weather & Events

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Can you think of a better tourist destination than Dubai when you think about high majestic skyscrapers, luxury, and golden sands? Many tourists have started planning their holidays in Dubai as it gives them a luxurious experience which is unmatched in its glory.  This is why everyone wants to know the best time to visit Dubai for holidays.

Whether you want an exceptional desert safari experience or to shop at a mall with all the brand diversity known to the world, Dubai gives you the perfect opportunity to do everything. There are many latest tech advancements that give you a luxurious experience in the region during your holidays. 

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What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai for Holidays?

You might have heard about Dubai’s vast deserts. This means that the city has a desert climate. Therefore, it can get really hot in the city most of the year, especially during the summer season. The sun hours are also extensive and quite restricting for many people. 

So, the perfect time to visit Dubai is during the months when the weather is relatively pleasant. These are the winter months. Winter season usually starts in November and lasts till February. The temperature during these months can be as high as 25oC and as low as 15oC. Another advantage of Dubai winters is that there is always sun in winter too. So, you will not be restricted or anything in enjoying various tourist activities.

Weather Conditions in Dubai

As we have already discussed, Dubai has a desert climate. This means very hot summer season that is usually not tolerable for tourists. The city gets 10 hours of sun on average every day during the summer season. And the peak summer hours can be unbearable. Therefore, tourists who are in the region during this time like to explore Dubai in the early mornings or in the evenings. 

The spring also features hot days. But you will also find some pleasant sea temperatures near the sea region. The nights are usually colder this season, which enables you to explore the region in an ideal way. The autumn season is also warm and dry. The region receives a good amount of sunlight around the year, so you will get a lot of sun in autumn, too. 


Seasonality of Dubai

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If you plan to visit Dubai soon, you must consider its seasonality to make the right decision. Let’s discuss the seasonality of Dubai under two main headings below;

  • High Demand or Peak Season

The high demand or peak season is during the winter because of the pleasant weather conditions. As the weather is nice, tourists can participate in more outdoor activities without worrying about the scorching heat or the bright sun during the day. 

Moreover, Dubai hosts many events during this season to promote tourism and enable the tourists and the locals to have a good time during the pleasant season. The high-demand season usually starts in November and lasts till April. 

  • Low Demand or Off-Season

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Low demand or off-season is during the summer season. Even if you like sunny days, you will not be able to bear the heat and humidity during the peak summer season. Therefore, not many tourists plan their trip to the region during this time. 

The temperature during the summer season can exceed 40 degrees Celsius, which refrains tourists from travelling during this time. But if it doesn’t bother you and you are fine with exploring the region during evenings or early mornings, you can plan your trip during the off-season as it will get you many exceptional deals and discounts on everything.

Events in Dubai

Dubai hosts many events throughout the year. But some events that all the tourists and locals enjoy include Dubai shopping, food festivals, and the Dubai World Cup, all happening during the high-demand tourist season. Moreover, there are always events, making your stay in the region worthwhile. 

If you want to travel to Dubai to attend a particular event, you can contact reliable holiday travel agents, who usually know about the dates of events at the destination. This might help you to plan your holidays at the right time when you can enjoy the event you want to attend too. 

Final Words

If you were wondering about the best time to visit Dubai for the holidays, this blog might have given you some clarity. You must consider the weather conditions in the region and the activities that you want to participate in while you are in the region to have an unforgettable holiday experience. You can also look for schedules of different events and plan your holidays accordingly.

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