Desire Uways

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10 Signs You Have a Toxic Daughter-in-Law

Early in marriage, many daughters-in-law struggle to connect with their husband’s family. That’s partly due to shyness, or they are still dealing with transitioning to married life. During this time, she may be hard to talk to. It gets even worse if you start noticing some toxic responses, which might degenerate into being selfish and ...

Desire Uways


10 Subtle Signs of a Spoiled Teenager

Child training is, sadly, one of the most challenging tasks on earth. As parents, oftentimes, in a bid to provide our children with whatever they need, we unknowingly, through our actions, make them grow into spoiled teenagers. A spoiled teenager refers to an adolescent who has been excessively indulged in or granted too many privileges, ...


5 Signs a Widower Is Serious About Your Relationship

Starting a new romantic journey is exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking. A feeling of excitement and uncertainty usually follows those butterflies in your stomach, and if the person you’re dating is a widower, these feelings might become worse. Suddenly, a whole new set of questions floods your mind: Will they ever be able to let go ...


8 Sneaky Signs He Pretends to Love You

Often, in our desperate desire to love someone and be loved back by them, we tend to overlook some red flags that depict signs he pretends to love you. In their pursuit of self-interest and a desire to be in a relationship, certain men resort to feigning affection for their partners, using them as mere ...