Damilola Aturamu

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Damilola Aturamu


How to Deal with A Breakup When You Still Love Them: 18 Practical Steps

Breakups, especially when both parties still have feelings, can be agonizing due to reasons like distance, communication issues, or differing futures. Despite the pain, healing occurs over time. The possibility of remaining friends might exist. A breakup can damage self-esteem and cause loneliness. Coping and emerging stronger is possible, even though it seems daunting. During ...

Damilola Aturamu


How To Deal With Heartbreak-27 Ways To Move On

Introduction The weight of heartbreak—its mere mention evokes a sense of melancholy. Yet, while the timing and origin of heartbreak remain beyond our grasp, how we manage the pain lies within our control, offering the possibility of progression. Grief stemming from breakups parallels physical injuries, urging us to treat emotional wounds with gentleness. Just as ...

Damilola Aturamu


8 Things Not To Put In Your Will

Drafting a last will and testament is a crucial component of estate planning, ensuring the smooth distribution of your assets and wishes according to your intentions after your demise. You’ve got to exercise caution and refrain from including certain elements in your will, as they can lead to complications, delays, and potential legal disputes. The ...