Chioma Owolabi

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Chioma Owolabi


7 Signs Your Company Is About To Crash

Many times, you won’t know you are this close to collapse until the cracks reveal themselves, then the stress of repair and the tension and discomfort that accompany confusion are inevitable. You might think you have everything under control until you are forced to surrender. However, it may not be your personal life facing this ...

Chioma Owolabi


16 Cool Signs of a Confident Woman

Have you seen a woman who can have an intelligent conversation with you while looking you straight in the eye? That is a confident woman. Confidence is a state of complete trust and certainty. Being confident means being sure of oneself to be able to carry out tasks. It simply means you are sure of ...

Chioma Owolabi


How To Deal With Depression And Anxiety – 13 Ways To Triumph

In this fast-evolving world, depression and anxiety seem not to be inevitable, as people tend to become worried and anxious over nothing. Both usually occur together and according to a 2015 research published by the National Institute of Health, it was found that 41.6 percent of people reported having both major depression and an anxiety ...

Chioma Owolabi


How To Deal With Angry Customers-14 Effective Ways

Customer satisfaction and sustenance are the goals of any organization or business. What about having customers who constantly cause trouble, are angry, and are never satisfied? Is there a way you can deal with them? Yes, of course, there is a way to keep them happy and still maintain a sane mind. According to research, ...