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Assassin x Cinderella Chapter 1


“Assassin X Cinderella” is a darkly twisted modern rendition of the traditional fairytale. Set in a world where magic and technology coexist, this story follows Cinderella, a skilled assassin on a mission to exact revenge on those who have mistreated her.

Cinderella’s world was turned upside down when the cruel queen’s army mercilessly slaughtered her parents. She was forced to survive on the streets utilizing her wits and quick reflexes after being abandoned and with no one to turn to, but fate had different plans for her when she met Prince Charming, the heir to the throne.

Unbeknownst to Cinderella, Prince Charming was also working as an assassin known as “Assassin X” on the side. He had his motivations for seeking vengeance on the queen, and their common aim drew them together in an unexpected alliance.

Feelings began to emerge between them as they worked together toward a similar objective. Their love, however, was put to the test when secrets from both of their pasts began to surface. Will they be able to overcome all hurdles and live happily ever after, or will their many paths lead them astray?

This compelling story of love, betrayal, and redemption will keep readers guessing until the end.

Background of “Assassin X Cinderella”:

The inspiration for this narrative came from combining two distinct genres – fairytales and science fiction.

Character Overview: Assassin and Cinderella

The protagonists of the story “Assassin X Cinderella” are two people from very different worlds who are drawn together by fate.

On the one hand, we have the Assassin, a talented and merciless assassin who has been schooled in warfare and duplicity since childhood. On the other hand, we have Cinderella, a sweet and innocent young woman who wishes to escape her monotonous life.

Adrian, the Assassin, is a highly trained professional killer who works for a shadowy organization. He was compelled to become an assassin at an early age because he was raised without family or love.

His only goal in life is to complete his assignments with precision and efficiency. He has no qualms about killing someone to complete his mission. Adrian, despite his hard appearance, bears significant emotional scars from his past, which render him susceptible at times.

He suffers from inner conflict as he considers the morality of his vocation while stuck in its clutches. He realizes, however, that there is no turning back and accepts his fate as an assassin.

Cinderella, on the other hand, is a lovely young woman who is treated as little more than a servant by her stepmother and stepsisters. She spends her days doing housework and fantasizing about a better life where she may be free of their abuse.

Setting the Scene: A Kingdom in Need of a Savior

Erendale was once a thriving and peaceful kingdom ruled by a just and kind king. The people lived in peace and the land was rich in resources. All of these changed when the monarch became ill and died, leaving his only daughter, Princess Isabella, as the sole heir to the throne.

With no male heirs to the crown, many people believed Isabella was unfit to lead since she lacked experience and training in politics and the military. As a result, there were murmurs among the nobles about seizing power using the young princess’s inexperience.

As if this wasn’t enough for Princess Isabella to deal with, her father’s death also brought up another huge issue: Draconia, their neighboring kingdom, had been slowly expanding its borders, threatening to conquer Erendale. With no strong leader to defend them and an army weakened by years of peacekeeping duty rather than military preparation, Erendale seemed doomed to fall under Draconia’s authority.

Despite all of her kingdom’s problems, Princess Isabella is eager to prove herself competent to rule. She seeks advice from her counselors but quickly finds that most of them have their own interests and cannot be entirely trusted. Isabella begins to lose hope as she feels alone and overwhelmed by her obligations at such a young age.

The Meeting of Assassin and Cinderella

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Assassin and Cinderella’s first meeting was momentous, full of unexpected twists and turns that would ultimately affect the path of their lives forever.

Assassin lived a life of secrecy and risk as an expert assassin trained since childhood. He was feared in the criminal underworld for his killing skills and cold manners. But deep inside, he yearned for something greater than a life of bloodshed and violence.

Meanwhile, Cinderella worked as a maid in her stepmother’s household, leading to a different existence. She fantasized about escaping her monotonous existence and finding true love while forced to do all the menial jobs while her stepsisters lived lavishly.

They met at a royal ball where Assassin had been hired to assassinate the prince. As he made his way through the crowd to his destination, his gaze was drawn to Cinderella, who stood out amid the crowd. Despite being dressed in rags, she had an inner beauty that drew his attention.

Assassin was intrigued by her presence and decided to approach her as a wealthy suitor. Her purity and pure heart charmed him right away, something he had never seen before in his line of work.

Cinderella was also intrigued by this enigmatic man, who seemed so unlike anybody she had ever met. They danced together and talked for hours as if they were old friends. But their romantic evening was cut short when Prince Charming arrived.

Unveiling Secrets: The True Identities of Assassin and Cinderella

In this segment, we shall learn the true identities of our story’s two main protagonists, Assassin and Cinderella. While their names may conjure up visions of adventure and fairy tales, their true identities are quite different.

Our male protagonist, Assassin, is a talented and lethal assassin. He has built a reputation for himself in the criminal world by operating under several identities to conceal his identity. Covert operations, assassination missions, and espionage are among his specialties. Despite his brutal temperament and frigid exterior, he adheres to a stringent moral code at all times.

Underneath his strong façade, however, is a terrible background that continues to torment him. As we learn more about Assassin, we learn that he was once an innocent young guy who had a simple life with his family. However, everything changed when tragedy struck, and he lost everything he valued. He turned to crime as an escape from reality, fueled by vengeance and propelled by grief.

Cinderella, on the other hand, is not your average damsel in distress waiting for her prince charming to save her. She is, in fact, the polar opposite: a tough and independent woman who can hold her own in any setting. She, too, has suffered adversity, but instead of surrendering to it as most people would, she has fought back with unflinching tenacity.

Unexpected Allies: Teaming Up to Save the Kingdom

Amid their heated conflict, Assassin X and Cinderella were forced to put aside their differences and work together to save the realm. They had previously been on opposing sides, so it was an unusual alliance.

A strong sorcerer was attacking the kingdom, claiming it for himself. His black magic was too powerful for any single person to defeat, not even Assassin X. In her desperation, she sought assistance from Cinderella.

Cinderella was initially hesitant to join forces with the legendary assassin. She had always regarded him as an adversary, believing his methods to be ruthless. When she observed the damage wreaked by the sorcerer’s spells, she realized they needed all the assistance they could get.

Assassin X and Cinderella collaborated on a strategy to eliminate the sorcerer. They launched a coordinated attack, combining Assassin X’s stealth and combat capabilities with Cinderella’s enchantment.

Working together was difficult at first since they both had distinct approaches to challenges. But as they fought side by side against their common adversary, they grew to respect and understand each other.

As the conflict progressed, it became clear that this unexpected coalition represented their best hope of triumph. The sorcerer’s abilities were no match for the teamwork of two skilled combatants fighting toward a common goal.


Finally, Assassin X Cinderella is a compelling narrative of love, treachery, and redemption. It takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster as they follow the journey of two unusual people who find consolation in each other’s arms.

The characters are well-developed, and the plot will keep you interested till the finish. This contemporary rendition of a famous fairy tale will mesmerize you and leave you wanting more. So, sit back, relax and enjoy Assassin X Cinderella’s fascinating adventure!


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