Relationships come and go and everyone involved says their goodbyes and tries to move on. The end of a relationship may involve a plethora of emotions, which could be painful, bittersweet or rapturous and at that juncture, a person may be at a loss for words to say.

Should you tell them how much they’ve hurt you? Should you tell them how much you still love them? How sorry you are to see them go? How weighty should your words be? In short, what are the best last words to say to an ex? It is often difficult to find the perfect words to say because you don’t want to leave someone bitter or put yourself down in the process.

That’s what this article will be exploring today. In this article, you will see examples of the best last words to say to an ex. Hopefully, next time you’re in such situations, you will be able to choose the best last words to say to your ex, for which you will have no regrets and get the closure you need. Get yourself a plate of popcorn and a bottle of soda or juice and do this with me. Let’s go.

No. 1: I Wish You All The Best

These words have a double meaning that can either be good or bad. The good meaning is that you’re telling your ex that he or she deserves better than what was experienced with you. The bad meaning is that your ex should move on and hopefully find someone who will be better for him or her than yourself.

So, you see, this is the best last word to say to an ex without causing them more pain, because what is more considerate than wishing someone well?

No. 2: I’m Sorry This Has To End But You’ll Always Be An Important Part Of My Life

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This is another best last word to say to an ex, especially if you’re still best friends with your ex or there is no feud or bad blood between you two.  These words express sorrow for the relationship that has ended but have hope for the future. You’re expressing that you’re still open to being good friends, acquaintances, or still being in each other’s lives for one thing or another.

On the other hand, you’re expressing that you will never forget them and will help them out in the future if any need arises, even though you both are not together anymore.

No. 3: It’s Killing Me To Say Goodbye But You Never Know What Tomorrow Holds

This is one of the best last words to say to an ex. In these words, you’re expressing that you’re hopeful for a relationship in the future, even though this one is ending right now.

You’re sad the relationship has ended, but you still love him or her and hope that sometime in the future you will be able to overcome what caused the breakup and win him or her back to yourself. It also inspires hope in your ex that the future might be better.

This reminds me of a story I heard somewhere. A lady and a guy met at a conference, hit it off together, became good friends, and eventually started a relationship. However, a few years down the line, when she began talking about settling together, he discovered he could not commit to getting married.

He had been abandoned as a child and even though he had found love with this lovely woman, he could not imagine a lifetime with her. That was the end of their relationship, but as they parted ways, he expressed sorrow and hoped the future would unite them. They were both sad but were able to move on without animosity.

Two years later, they met in another country and upon recognition of each other, they decided to catch up on old times. By this time, he had sorted through his commitment problem and, finding her single, decided to rekindle the relationship. So far as I heard, they’re still living happily together.

No. 4: I Wish We Had Never Met So I Wouldn’t Have Known What It Feels Like To Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

These words obviously come from the deepest point of hurt and pain. Unrequited love is a blow to the heart, especially when one has invested all of his or her love into the relationship and the other doesn’t care or match up to what you give.

By these words, you’re expressing the pain of loving and not being loved back. If you had never met your ex, maybe you would have loved someone who loved you back. Though sad, these words are not hurtful; they’re just expressing how you really feel about your ex.

No. 5:  I Know You’ll Be Okay; You’re The Strongest Person I Know

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This is another of the best last words to say to an ex. Honestly, I feel these words are laced with sarcasm but I found out they help with breakups, so maybe it’s just me thinking that way. Anyway, these words are one of consolation: to keep the cries to a minimum, numb the hurt, and find a way to move on with your life.

By saying these words, you acknowledge the inner resilient spirit of your ex and try to numb the sadness you may feel at his or her departure. You want to believe he or she will be fine. You want to inspire them to not do anything stupid, like harming themselves or starving themselves.

No. 6: Don’t Blame Yourself Too Much. It Was A Joint Effort

This is one of the best last words today to an ex, especially if it is his or her primary fault the relationship is breaking. You care too much about your ex to let him or her take the blame, so you try to diffuse the situation by sharing the blame too. That way, your ex gets to leave without holding himself or herself guilty and spoiling any further chances of having a relationship.

In conclusion, knowing the right words to say after a breakup can help you have closure and move on with pain and resentment. You are also satisfied because you’ve said all you wanted to say without holding back. I hope you can pick one or two of the ones mentioned here. Tweak it to suit your situation, and good luck.

Rooting for you always,

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