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5 Collar T-Shirts For Men To Beat The Heat

When the sun is blinding and temperatures keep rising, bearing the heat becomes the main goal for the majority of people. Fortunately, with the appropriate clothing, you can beat the heat while still staying fashionable. The collar t-shirt for men makes a harmonious combination of refinement and practicality. In this article, we will explore why collar t-shirts are a must for a summer wardrobe and the easy ways you can wear them.

Why Collar T-Shirts?

Collar T-shirts or polo shirts are a nice solution for those who hate heat. Unlike your average t-shirt that tends to feel a little informal, they have a collar and are buttoned up the front, instantaneously giving you a more polished appearance. And aside from the fact they look stylish, there are other reasons for wearing collar T-shirts. As you sweat more during warm weather their breathable fabric and free-flowing fit helps you stay cool. They are essential for the hot weather. They can also seamlessly transform from casual to semi-formal events, so they become the must-have apparel for every man regardless of age.

1. Fabric Matters

When it comes to physical comfort in the heat, the fabric of your clothes is an important factor. Search for collar tees that are made up of natural, lightweight, and airy materials like cotton or linen. These fabrics enhance air circulation, a feature that guarantees comfort and sweatlessness even when it is hot. Along with this, they are soft to the skin so that they cannot cause any irritation or discomfort as well.

2. Fit for Comfort

The secret to wearing a collared t-shirt well is by getting the right fit. Go for a slightly fitted and rather adjusted silhouette rather than a very tight or loose one. See to that it is neither too short nor too long and the sleeves are of the right fit and length. Contrary to popular belief, comfort always outweighs style when it comes to dressing.

3. Styling Options

One of the best features of collar t-shirts is their universal adaptability. From the beach party to the casual brunch there’s a collar-t-shirt style that fits every occasion.

If you want a casual feel, a collared T-shirt with shorts and sneakers would be a good choice. The sleeves can be rolled up for a dash of coolness, as well. If you want to style your men’s t-shirt more formally, try pairing it with chinos or slim-fit trousers. Wear a blazer in a lighter material to create a voguish look. Don’t forget about accessories also! You can transform your simple t-shirt and collared outfit into a glamorous one by adding a stylish watch, aviator glasses, and a woven belt.

4. Color Palette

If you are thinking about the best color to choose for your collar t-shirts, especially for summer, choose something light and bright. Go for soft pastel shades, for example, sky blue, mint green, and soft pink, to reflect the sunlight and keep you feeling calm. White and beige are the best colors to go with any style. They never get outdated and will continue to look good forever. The darker the color the more heat it will absorb. Therefore, choose lighter colors for daytime events when the sun is still high in the sky.

5. Care and Maintenance

Be sure to take care of your collar t-shirts and they will retain their bright colors for many seasons to come. Always refer to the care instructions on the label and use mild detergents without bleach because it can damage the fragile fabric of the clothes. Cold water washing and air drying are the best ways to avoid the shrinking of the collars of t-shirts. Ironing may be needed as well but on damp fabric only, and use a low heat setting to avoid scorching the fabric.

Collar t-shirts become a lot more than just a summer fashion trend as they are a convenient way to fight off the heat and still look cool at the same time. With the right fabric, fit, and styling you can stay cool and comfortable while facing even the highest temperatures. XYXX Crew has such smart-looking and comfy polo t-shirts that could accompany you this summer. Thus, invest in nice collar t-shirts of your own choice, colors, and patterns, and have a wonderful summer.


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