Signs a guy knows he messed up? I’m sure you may be looking for some signs a guy knows he messed up after the end of your relationship.

While you were making every effort to maintain the connection, he might have been indifferent and treated you like a burden. You are now happy without him, now that you have managed to escape the cycle. Will he request another chance after the breakup? There are some signs a guy knows he messed up. Let’s look at them briefly.

17 Signs A Guy Knows He Messed Up

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Men sometimes get emotional, despite the perception that they lack the knowledge and understanding of even the most basic emotions. A guy will come to the realization that he ruined everything, even a lovely romance with a promising future, sooner or later.

Some guys may pick up on the hint sooner than you think, but some may not recognize it until much later. However, once he realizes his mistake, he can begin to subtly exhibit certain behaviors in an attempt to draw you back into his life. Let’s look at 17 Signs A Guy Knows He Messed Up.

1. On every Instagram post you make, he likes it and comments.

While you both were in a relationship, you publicly displayed your love for others to see. You went on dates, hung out, and had fun together. When you were together, you were incredibly romantic; you liked and commented on all of his postings. But he did not give back that same energy.

He hardly ever shared any photos of the two of you and he would usually ignore anything you shared. Now that you’re not together anymore, he’s all over your social media posts. This is one of the signs a guy knows he messed up. Even if you write something foolish and you don’t really think anyone will notice, he will always like it and leave a comment.

2. He Texts You Messages at Random

Your ex may occasionally send you a text to check on you. He sends you calm, drama-free messages. He texts you because he feels bad, even though he won’t admit it, but he doesn’t provide any indication that he wants to apologize or start dating again.

He texts you as a way to vent his feelings of remorse when he knows he has messed up. Replying to his text indicates to him that you’ve moved on from him and aren’t sitting in bed feeling down about how he treated you, which makes him feel better.

3. He Tries to Find Out About You Through Mutual Friends

Your ex is still asking your mutual friends about your personal life, even though you’re the kind of person who posts everything on social media and hasn’t blocked him. Given that he frequently views your Facebook and Instagram stories, you already know that he stalks you online. So why is he asking your mutual friends questions about you?

He wants you to know that he is still thinking about you. You haven’t reacted, even though he has attempted to reach you in every manner possible. He believes that reaching out to you through your mutual friends is the most convenient option as he is certain that they will convey the message to you. This is one of the signs a guy knows he has messed up.

4. He Acts as If Nothing Happened.

Because it makes you uncomfortable, admitting that he messed up is hard to do. Instead, he pretends as though he hasn’t done anything wrong when he meets you or when you speak on the phone.

You bring up his awful behavior during your time together and he willfully denies it. He believes that everything will become insignificant if he can hide it all. However, he ignores the fact that he must be upfront about how terrible of a partner he was if he hopes to get the relationship.

5. He Keeps Running Into You

One of the signs a guy has messed up is when he keeps running into you. He is aware of your schedule because you’ve been in the relationship for a long time. He is aware that he will find you at the bus stop from Monday through Friday at 7 am, in the gym on Saturdays and Fridays at 6 p.m., and in the library on Saturday at noon.

You run into him at least once a week, and that’s no coincidence. He purposefully arranges to be in your vicinity in the hopes that, should he get the confidence to approach you again, you will at least entertain the possibility of a reconciliation. This is another sign a guy knows he messed up and regrets it.

6. He Is Not Married

If he really wants it, your ex-partner might be in a new relationship for a few months after the breakup. However, he’s been by himself since you broke up with him, and it appears that he is unable to move on.

He knows you were the best girlfriend he’s ever had, and he wants you back, even if he took you for granted when you were together. To show you that he is worthy of your trust, he has opted to remain single. T

7.  He Admits His Mistakes

The first indication that someone is ready to make significant changes in their life is when they start to accept their imperfections. Someone won’t change until they acknowledge that they have a problem. If your ex contacts you and talks about all the problems he knows he has and why he’s such a lousy boyfriend, you’ve probably made him reflect on his past relationships. This is another sign a guy knows he has messed up.

8. He Seeks the Help Of A Counsellor

A person seeks to improve when they see a therapist. Sometimes the only thing that can help us with problems in our relationship is talking to a counsellor.

If you’ve heard that he’s seeing a therapist or a counselor, then that’s a good sign. He understands he needs to be in a better mental position if he wants to ever get back together with you and also needs the counsel of a third party to know how to go about reconciling with you. So, this is one of the signs a guy knows he has messed up.

9. He Buys A Lot of Gifts for You

He never purchased you a gift for your birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas celebrations when you were together. He claimed he didn’t think giving gifts was appropriate, not because he didn’t have enough. You soon became used to his nature of not giving, but now that you’re broken up, he’s gifting you jewelry, clothes, and handbags, and he’s even bringing you roses to your workplace. He’s attempting to earn back your love, even though he realizes he made a huge mistake.

10. He Isn’t Being Truthful About His New Girlfriend

Everyone, except for you, is aware of his new relationship. He doesn’t post pictures or videos of them together on social media, nor has he updated his pages to reflect that he is “in a relationship.” He is attempting to conceal this information from you, which is the only explanation.

He simply went into this relationship to forget about you, but now he wants you back to his side.

11. He Regrets It

If, after the breakup, he’s always unhappy, this means that he’s constantly thinking about you and regrets it. He was never this way while you were together, but ever since you moved out, he’s turned into the unhappiest person. He remains silent when you ask him what’s wrong.

That’s just because he finds it difficult to admit that he regrets treating you like garbage and that he wishes you were still with him. Remorse is a bitter medicine to swallow. It hurts harder to know that you are the source of your own suffering.

12. He Won’t Admit His Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, and those mistakes have most likely wounded or hurt someone. Since it’s common to make mistakes, it should also be common to apologize for them. However, many people, men particularly, find it difficult to apologize.

He Is not willing to say he’s sorry, this can be due to a number of factors, the most common of which is their deep-seated fear of rejection. Love and fear are the two basic emotions that humans feel, despite the fact that they are highly sensitive. Love is the source of all pleasant emotions, and fear is the source of all bad ones.

Therefore, if you’ve discussed the reasons for your breakup with him in an open and sincere manner and you haven’t heard him apologize, it’s likely because he fears being rejected and you’ll not accept his apology.

13. He’s Been More Competent

All he did when you were together was lie on the couch and stuff his face with pizza and beer while he spoke about doing things but never actually did. He’s become Superman now that you dumped him. He talks about “getting my grind on” and “turning dreams into a reality” in his social media posts.

He got a new car, started working on his side project, works out six days a week, and you’ve heard from mutual friends that he’s looking for a good job or house. How did that happen? He understands he has to be at the top of his game if he hopes to win you back. You were the more successful partner in the relationship and have always been aspirational.

14. He Apologizes

Deep sorrow or guilt for a past action is called remorse. A genuine apology is just one of the many ways that people show regret. By admitting his mistakes, he has accepted responsibility for his part in the relationship’s dissolution. He understands that his lack of attention to detail, contempt and everything in between caused you pain.

Though he is aware that it is not feasible, he wishes he could go back in time and correct all his mistakes. He can say things to you like, “I know I said a lot of hurtful things to you; I never should have said such things to someone I care about and respect. What can I do for you now to help you trust me again?”

15. He Involves Others

He has attempted calling, texting, emailing, DM-ing you, showing up at work, and even writing you a handwritten letter. However, you’ve blocked him on all platforms and chose to ignore him when you see him. Thus, getting the help of others is his last option. In doing so, he approaches the person he knows you respect and who you listen to the most. It could be your best friend, your sibling, or your mother.

He tells them, whoever it is, how much he loves you and apologizes for being such a bad boyfriend. He pours out his heart to them. He hopes that they will inform you of his presence and share all of his words with you.

16. He’s Open To Following Your Input

Until it’s too late, some men refuse to make concessions in a relationship.  Although humans are inherently selfish, a strong relationship requires compromise, as we usually expect others to take care of our needs.

When you were together, it was all about him, and you left because you were tired of it. However, he has finally come to understand that the breakup was due to his self-centered actions. He’s ready to make concessions.

17. He Feels Ashamed of His Actions

The fact that he could treat women like trash and yet have them eating out of his hand was something he took pride in. He had never experienced being dumped before. He would push the limits in every relationship he’d had until he started being disrespectful and then lost all regard for his partner.

However, he respects you and wants you back because you broke up with him. Therefore, rather than boasting to his friends about how mean he treated you, he expresses his embarrassment at what he did.

In conclusion, in this article, we’ve discussed 17 signs a guy knows he messed up. Some of these signs are sincere apologies, making amends, taking full responsibility for his actions, and being open to communication. If a guy is showing any of these signs, it’s a good sign that he knows he has messed up and he’s willing to make things right. On the other hand, if he’s carefree and not showing any of these signs, you can be sure that he has moved on, doesn’t regret the breakup and has no regrets for his actions.



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