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15 Signs She Is Not A Virgin (Without Asking Her)

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A virgin is simply someone who has not had any sexual intercourse. You might not really identify a non-virgin from afar, as it’s not boldly written on one’s face. A closer observation and seeing these 15 signs she is not a virgin may help you access her virginity status.

That will also equip you with adequate knowledge, disclosure, and understanding of the sexual history of your partner. It’s healthy to have knowledge of your partner’s sexual history, as that will build more trust and commitment, especially if that relationship is heading toward marriage.

Not everyone cares about a woman’s virginity status before marriage, yet some do. And if you are in that class, stick with us. You might have passed many non-virgins on the street with the belief that they are still virgins until you experienced one of these 15 signs that she is not a virgin. The fact remains that some girls still lie about their virginity status and cannot boldly tell you, which is why we’ve put up this piece to help you identify if she’s a virgin or not.

15 Signs She Is Not a Virgin

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1. She Feels Overly Insecure

Lola had many heartbreaks before she met Stephen. Many men had betrayed her; they only took advantage of her well-endowed body, had tons of sex with her, flirted with her, and later left. These same men always came for one thing: sex! They also had the same thing in common. They all talked about marriage at the beginning, but they never married her.

As her relationship with Stephen grows, she becomes more scared as she sees Stephen as one of those men; she sees him as a Playboy too. Stephen is a social person, always free with people, especially those of the opposite sex. For every notification on Stephen’s phone—chats, calls—Lola feels threatened and fears that Stephen will also end up with her like others who slept with her and broke her heart.

She finds it hard to trust again and battles with insecurity.

If she feels insecure around you, it’s one of the signs that she isn’t a virgin. She feels that way because she has yet to heal from her past and trauma. Any man around her is a suspect. She sees every man as a playboy. If she is suspicious of every one of your movements and reacts to every one of your actions, then it’s a sign that she is not a virgin.

2. She Gets So Intimate On Her First Date

One sign that she is not a Virgin is that she doesn’t mind sleeping with you on the first date. She’s so comfortable flirting with you on your first date. A virgin will not find it so comfortable to release her body for sex on the first date, even to kiss, caress, or physically touch. A non-virgins body language is enough to let you know that she has been having sex.

3. She Decides To Tell You

Another sign she’s not a virgin is that she is so vocal about it. Susan and Yul had been intimately chatting online before they finally met physically.

On their first date, Susan was very relaxed, confident, and comfortable discussing her body count and sharing her sexual fantasies with Yul. How many men she has done exploits within the past ten years. She was excited to discuss her sexual history with Yul. If a girl is not shy to engage in such talks soon after you’ve met her, it’s likely she is no longer a virgin.

4. She is Insensitive To Touch

Another sign that she’s not a virgin is that she doesn’t mind you flirting with her body.

She doesn’t find it awkward if a man touches, caresses, kisses, or fondles her sensitive parts or feels aroused. She is ready to go down with you, as she’s experienced.

5. She is Wild and usually indecently dressed

A novice won’t dress to expose her cleavage. Another sign she is not a virgin is that she finds it normal to dress indecently, revealing her cleavage, thighs, belly button, breasts, etc.

She pierces her ears, tongue, and private parts.

She even draws tattoos on her breasts as bait to easily entice men. Her lifestyle positions her in such a way that she’s always ready to have sex.

She keeps her pubic hair clean by waxing it almost all the time. This will help her easily get into sex.

6. You Find Her with Contraceptives, Condoms, and Sex Toys

We are aware that married people can use contraceptives, such as condoms, for family planning, so it is suspicious to see them with a single woman. This can be a sign she’s not a virgin. It shows how sexually active she is and uses these to prevent pregnancy. The sex toys are also there to help satisfy her sexual urges at any time.

A virgin has no business with the above-mentioned If you notice a lady in possession of contraceptives and sex toys, it is a clear sign she’s not a virgin.

7. She Easily Flirts Around The Opposite Sex

Another sign she’s not a virgin is that she flirts with the opposite sex at every given opportunity. She is too playful and mischievous around you. She understands body language and reacts excitedly when she sees you almost naked.

Like when you put on shorts, singlets, or boxers, revealing your masculine body.

Every opportunity she has to be with you centers on intimacy and sex. Your sight alone triggers her emotions to lie with you. If that’s your condition, then you are dealing with one of the 15 signs she is not a virgin.

8. She Finds It Comfortable To Send Her Nudes

A virgin will find it hard to snap her nude body and send it to you. She’s shy about exposing her nakedness to you. A non-virgin finds it easy to do.

One of the 15 signs she’s not a virgin is that she can comfortably shoot herself naked and send it to you.

She sees every opportunity for an intimate talk as heading towards having sex. That’s more like sending a message that she’s available.

9. She’s Addicted To Pornography And A Wild Lifestyle

When your closer observation reveals she is addicted to pornography, it’s a good sign that she isn’t a virgin. A virgin will find it hard to watch pornography because she’s not experienced and wouldn’t want to expose herself to naughty things.

If she is addicted to watching pornography, smoking, and heavy drinking, enjoys flirting lifestyles, and derives pleasure from attending stripper clubs, then it’s a sign that she isn’t a Virgin. If she also derives wild fun from always going out with friends because her own company is boring, then it could be a sign that she’s being laid.

10. Her Circle Of Friends is Promiscuous

Birds of a feather flock together. Your friends really speak volumes about your personality. If her circle of friends is promiscuous, homosexual, or lesbian, then it’s likely a sign that she’s not a virgin. No virgin will be comfortable having such cliques.

Keeping such friends speaks more to her kind of personality. Such friends tend to engage in fake lifestyles, especially on social media. If she uses profane and vulgar words and easily talks about threesomes, then it’s a sign she’s not a virgin.

11. She’s Overly Confident Around Men

Another sign that she’s not a virgin is her high confidence and self-esteem around men. She’s bold and easily discusses anything sexual. The way she reacts, responds, and uses sexual terminologies during such discussions will tell you she’s experienced. She directly stares into your eyes during such discussions.

A virgin wouldn’t feel that bold talking about sexual things. She’d rather listen than contribute to such a discussion.

12. She Gets Pregnant

Nobody sees a protruding belly in a pregnant woman and still asks if she’s a virgin. It is so glaring and obvious that pregnancy is a sign that one is no longer a virgin. For a pregnancy to occur, there must be sexual intercourse. The hymen was torn, and sperm was released, which fertilized an egg that started growing as a fetus. Pregnancy is a clear sign that one isn’t a virgin.

15 Signs She is Not A Virgin: For Marriage Partners

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13. She’s never satisfied sexually

Not being satisfied sexually as a lady is one of the signs that she isn’t a virgin.

When one keeps tasting well-prepared delicacies served at different times, she will easily identify and frown at a meal that is not as delicious as what she is used to.

A lady who has had different sexual experiences with multiple sex partners will not be satisfied with just one person because she has seen it all.

Imagine if she has also had experience with men that last longer in bed, like 30 minutes or 1 hour with many rounds. Her sexual urge won’t be satisfied if you only last for 10 minutes.

14. No Pain Or Bleeding During The First Intercourse

A virgin will not find it easy to have sex for the first time in marriage without physical pain or even bleeding, as she is a novice.

Not bleeding the first time or feeling any pain during sexual intercourse could be a sign that she wasn’t a virgin before you married her.

If she doesn’t react to pain the first time and enjoys it so comfortably and at ease without any resistance, then it’s a sign that she isn’t a virgin.

15. She is An Expert In Bed

Another sign that she’s not a virgin is that she is so professional and an expert in handing her man on bad during sex. She knows the best style to engage in and the best sexual positions. A virgin won’t be this good in bed because she lacks experience.

Just like a cook who constantly cooks turns into a great chef, she’s professional in bedmatic skills because of her experience having slept with different men and having constantly practiced over time.

Note that there are several other signs that she isn’t a virgin. This article only deals with 15 signs that she is not a virgin. These signs are just a guide and a tip to help you identify a non-virgin when you meet one. It will also aid you in carefully making your choice when it comes to choosing a life partner by knowing their sexual history.

The status of being a virgin shouldn’t be the only determining factor in choosing a life partner for a relationship. It’s also very essential to focus on building trust, commitment, focus, communication, and emotional connection with your partner rather than just placing their value or judging them based on their sexual history. It’s worth talking about mutual respect and understanding, which are the key factors in any healthy relationship.

Note that everyone is different. Some of these signs may not apply to everyone out there, but there is a high chance she is not a virgin if you see a good number of these signs.

Meanwhile, judging them all by their sexual history in choosing a life partner might cloud your good sense of judgment and reasoning. These signs are just a guide. The best and final decision on what to do lies with you.

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