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15 Incredible Tips to Save Big at Macy’s


Shopping is not a big deal unless you know how to shop. If you are saving at the right time and with the right tactics, then you can easily call your shopping experience ideal. Because when discounts are coming your way for free and you are not taking advantage of them, what exactly are you doing? If that is what has brought you here, then you are in luck. This ultimate guide will prepare you with all the right techniques to save more and get more at Macy’s. So, let’s get started!

Join the Loyalty Program

The loyalty program at Macy’s, known as the Star Rewards Program, has different levels and almost all of them include the credit card. If you wish to opt out of the credit card, you can. Every level comes with a birthday surprise, bonus points on top brands and more. But only the premium ones offer you big perks like free shipping and huge discounts.

Take Advantage of Macy’s One-Day Sales

This extraordinary event happens randomly but can go around for 2 days—48 hours to be exact. The days are not the same during the week every time nor are the dates the same every time. You will have to stay updated on the website’s latest deals and offers to know more about them. But you can grab discounts up to 70% off on clearance items and more.

Look Out for Macy’s Money Day Events

This special promotion is one to look out for if you want a simple discount. It can help you get $10 off on a certain amount spent at the store. For example, if you spend $50, you can get $10 credit; for $100, you get $20 credit; for $150, you get $30 credit, and for $200, you get to enjoy $40 credit. This credit refers to store credit that can only be used at Macy’s and has to be spent within the following week.

Get a Hold of the Free Online Macy’s Coupons

If you are a fan of saving, there is no way you have not heard about online promo codes. These are lifesavers when it comes to saving for the month. The coupon hoarders will know exactly what is being said right now. You can get these promo codes for free from various third-party applications and websites.

They have tens of coupons that are updated frequently and carry big discounts that can be applied with a few simple clicks. The best discount is the one that gets your order stamped with the highest discount. But if you are wondering, then the Macy’s $10 coupon is quite in demand.

Shop at Macy’s Clearance Section

The clearance section holds some of the hottest items at huge discounts. They are usually referred to as the last-act items and are priced at 80% off the original price. Yes, talk about huge discounts. You can find these discounted items both in-store and online. They will be clearly described as last-act items so finding them won’t be a hassle. Try your luck and see if you can find your favorite item in this section.

Take Note of All of Macy’s Sales Events

Macy’s has multiple sales events running throughout the year, apart from the popular holiday sales. But some of the popular ones are as follows:

Friends & Family Sales: This sale brings up to 30% off on almost all of the regular items and an extra 15% off on various limited items. It happens three times during the year but the dates may vary.

Semi-Annual Sales: It happens twice a year, in July and January. You can find great holiday décor items, jewelry, and outdoor furniture at big discounts during these events.

Deal of the Day Sale: This is a special event that happens each day and brings a surprise for the customer. You can find great deals that are specific to that day only and may hold an item that is on your list.

 Black Friday Sales: Macy’s Black Friday sale will occur all throughout November. It will start on the 10th of November and go until the 18th, holding all the early-access deals, then go from the 19th to the 25th, and then open again after the day of Thanksgiving.


Stay Vigilant about Macy’s Star Money Bonus Days

This special promotion is for Star Rewards members only. It carries a surprise, just like the deal of the day offers. You can earn bonus points on these days so keep a regular lookout on the website for this day.

Sign up for Macy’s Review Team

This offer is for certain lucky people only. The brand sends out special products that are to be announced later on the website and asks people to review them. Apart from getting early access, you get them for free. Check in with the store to learn more about this policy.

Get a Free Gift

This offer is valid for all purchases in the makeup department only if your order exceeds the $45 limit. However, the stock has to be in the store running. If it runs out, you won’t get the free gift.

Follow their Social Media Handles

By following the brand on social media, you can get beauty updates, know about the latest trends, and find exciting discounts both online and in-store. The brand is available on both Facebook and Instagram.

Download the Macy’s App

This easy-to-use app by Macy’s can help you browse through multiple deals and offers right from the palm of your hand. Plus, you might find exciting discounts and bonuses catered specifically for app users.

Unlock Macy’s Free Shipping

You can also take advantage of the free shipping deals to reduce your billing. However, there is one bad thing: you can only get free shipping if you are a premium member of the Star Rewards program or if your order amount exceeds the set limit. The limit is usually set at $99, which might be huge for some users casually shopping from the store. Moreover, if you carry a Macy’s gift card, you can also avail of free delivery.

Look for Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy

This amazing policy allows customers to get the lowest price on their purchases. If the product you have bought is priced at a lower amount than what you paid within 10 days of your purchase, you can get the price adjusted.

Keep the Macy’s Return Policy in Check

The brand allows the return of purchases within 90 days! The days for electronic purchases are set to 14 days. But these returns are valid on certain items that are only used a little bit which is a huge saving opportunity for many people. Do keep the terms and conditions of Macy’s return policy in check before you request the return.

Sign Up to the Newsletter

Subscribing to the brand’s newsletter is one of the easiest ways to stay updated on the latest discounts and deals. You are the first one to receive the news so you can shop before the stock runs out. You can either sign up on the website using your email address or get registered for the text messaging.

Wrapping Up!

With these amazing tips, you will never have to spend more than you have to at Macy’s. You will always find a guaranteed discount awaiting you if you utilize these tips to your maximum benefit. So, shop more, save more, but spend less, and turn your shopping trips into the best part of your days!

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