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13 Ways To Treat Him Like A King

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All men want to be treated like kings; in the same way, you want him to treat you like a queen. When you treat him like a king, it brings love into your relationship in addition to making him feel loved. Ultimately, one of the most important things we all need to know about happy relationships is how to take care of one another.

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at different ways to treat him like a king. Every man is unique, so it’s crucial to recognize that this comprehensive list of ways to treat him like a king is not exhaustive. Let’s look at some of them.

13 ways to treat him like a king

1. Find out what he wants

Men have distinct needs and desires as well. One man may desire greater physical touch, while another might prefer to spend hours talking with you and stroking your hair. Every man needs and desires something different, just as every woman does.

Asking your boyfriend directly is one of the simplest methods to find out what he expects. The majority of them may offer you some indications of what they need but won’t feel comfortable telling you directly what they desire.

For instance, he might say that he dislikes cooking. In this case, this is a sign that cooking for him or ordering food for him will make him feel loved, relaxed, and like a king.

2. Pay close attention to what he says and does

Pay close attention to his words and behavior if he doesn’t expressly tell you what he expects. If, after doing something for him, he makes use of sayings such as “you don’t have to do something for him” or “he doesn’t want you to,” this indicates that he would prefer it if you avoided doing that specific task.

You will also be able to tell when you are doing something that he wants you to accomplish by his words and deeds. He’ll say “thank you” with great pleasure. When he sees how much you are doing, your husband will either smile or give you a kiss to express his gratitude. This is his way of telling you that he wants you to repeat that action.

3. Prepare his favorite dish

Uriel Mont, Pexels

Men love food—real good food. Another way you can treat him like a king is to prepare his favorite meal for him. One thing you need to know is that treating a man like a king does not include acting like his servant or maid. It also doesn’t imply that you have to grant all of his desires. It also excludes treating him like you’re his mother.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do something extra special for him, though! Serve him his favorite dish as a surprise. Treating a man like a king starts with small gestures like that, which will quickly make him feel like you are thinking of him.

4. Show him respect

Respect is something that everyone deserves, yet when we’re in a relationship, we sometimes overlook its significance. Sometimes, unintentionally or when we’re upset, we behave disrespectfully.

You can express your respect for him by:

  • Not insulting him or calling him names.
  • Considering his observations and viewpoint,.
  • Show him that you appreciate what he is saying by looking at him when he speaks.
  • Refrain from interjecting during his speech. Instead, show your concern by inquiring about his day.
  • Don’t lie to him or withhold things from him.
  • Be nice to him to show him that you appreciate him.

Men are more likely to show respect when they feel respected themselves. Not only can this make your spouse feel like a king, but it may also be very beneficial if your marriage is having problems.

5. Compliment him a lot

We occasionally forget to express to our man how wonderful he is. Men are generally expected to be tough by society. Unfortunately, most of us assume they don’t care about those praises because of this tough man’s persona.

Complimenting your man is another way to treat him like a king. It boosts his self-esteem and makes him feel loved. Tell him how much you adore his hair, eyes, attire, etc.

6. Avoid being engrossed in your phone

Everyone has admitted to using their phones for somewhat too long. On the other hand, your spouse might think you don’t really give a damn about him.

Another way to treat him like a king is to turn off your phone. Give him some time to feel special and let him know how much you appreciate him.

7. Express your love for him

No matter how tough a guy gets, he will still like holding hands, kissing, and cuddling. Men also enjoy feeling loved and wanted.

Treat him like a king. Give him a little more love to make him happy, especially if there has been any distance in your marriage.

8. When an issue arises, communicate clearly

He may feel more like a peasant than a king when you don’t communicate clearly with him. Yelling at him or calling him derogatory names instantly dehumanizes him. It demonstrates your lack of regard for him. Above all, it causes a rift in your marriage and lessens your intimacy with each other.

It’s crucial to communicate well instead. With the many tools on our website, you may successfully connect with your partner and make him feel like a king instead of being insulted.

9. Be his peace

The world is full of stress for all of us. Men handle a lot of stress in the workplace. They have to maintain their masculine persona or else their friends will make fun of them.

Men frequently feel as though they are carrying the entire planet with them. When they arrive home, they don’t need any further stress. They just want the peace and calmness home brings. You can treat him like a king by giving him peace.

10. Pay attention to him

In a relationship, it’s easy to unintentionally center our attention on ourselves. Of course, some things are important to us. Still, it’s critical to keep him in mind at all times.

Give him your attention. He will prioritize you above himself in return, which will keep the relationship in check. Keep in mind to always attend to his wants if you wish to treat him like a king.

11. Be there for him

Men need a partner they can communicate with just as much as women do. Men don’t benefit from the idea that they should do everything on their own, which society has fostered.

Men who experience it end up with problems including frustration, fits of rage, and more. Be there for your man. When he needs a shoulder, lend him yours. Support him always; this is one easy way to treat him like a king.

12. Appreciate him

We’ve all probably rolled our eyes at a lady who says to her partner, “Thank you for doing the dishes.” We think to ourselves, “He lives in the house too; he should do the dishes.” But it has nothing to do with who does the dishes. Couples who express gratitude to one another for menial tasks are on the right track.

It’s about expressing gratitude for all that he does. His motivation to work harder will increase when you let him know how much you value him. He’ll strive to win your admiration once more and make you happy. Thus, be sure to express your gratitude for whatever he does.

Remind him that there are many men who are lazy if he works every day, and express your gratitude for having a lovely husband who isn’t.

13. Smile more

Maria Orlova, Pexels

Smiling and greeting him when he arrives home from work. When he wakes up in the morning, give him a smile. At the end of the day, men prefer not to be around negative people. Rather, they desire happiness and love.

Your man is curious about how much you love spending time with him. You can show it to him by smiling. When you smile at him, he always feels loved.


We’ve looked at 13 different ways to treat him like a king. Today, most women are so self-reliant that it’s easy to develop the habit of excluding their men from decisions that they don’t believe are important to them. Asking them for their viewpoint, however, demonstrates our value for them and their opinions. They feel more like kings and more manly as a result.

Remember that you can decide not to ask him for his opinion on everything. For instance, if you have your heart set on a specific hairdo, go for it.

Ask for his input instead, and involve him in other decisions as well, particularly ones that affect the household. You can tell your husband you love, respect, and appreciate him by treating him like a king. In exchange, your union will endure, grow, and be a loving one. So don’t forget to treat him like a king.

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