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10 Top Hockey Prep Schools

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Has your little child developed a fondness for hockey? It would be a wise decision to enroll them in a hockey prep school to hone their talent into a professional skill. It is important to ensure  the prep school is not simply any regular school.

The days when playing hockey was only for fun are long gone. It is now a respected career path and a recognized sport on a global scale.

The schools on our list below will begin teaching your young children the skills of independence, resilience, and success, starting at an early age. It is important to register them in the top hockey prep schools so that they may experience what it’s like to follow their dreams, even if your ward ends up choosing a different career route. It will be useful to them in their later jobs.

10 Examples of Top Hockey Prep Schools

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1. The Cushing Academy

Essentially, Cushing has been around since 1865 and serves students in grades 9 through 12 as a coeducational college preparatory boarding and day school. also for postgraduate students. Among the greatest prep schools for hockey on our list is this one. It has received recognition both nationally and within the New England Prep School Ice Hockey Association, of which it is a member.

Cushing Academy’s penguins have won 21 in-season tournament titles, one large school championship, and two New England Elite titles.

In conclusion, Cushing takes pride in having one of the best hockey prep school rinks in the nation in addition to its top-notch facilities. Additionally, they employ committed coaches who instruct the off-ice hockey program year-round. Notable alumni include Keith Yandle, Chris Bourque, and Connor Sheary.

2. The Andover Phillips School

Philips is usually one of the institutions you will find if you search for the top hockey prep schools. Yes, it really is that good.

This top hockey preparatory school in the USA was established in 1776 and features teams for both men and women. Being one of the oldest high school girls’ hockey programs in the nation, Phillips Academy’s program has a rich and illustrious history.

Well, it is also very easy to get admitted. Garnet Hathaway, Cory Schneider, and Chris Kreider are a few of the notable alumni.

3. Deerfield Academy

Let’s say you wish to enroll in a NESCAC or Ivy League university. Then, Deerfield Academy should be taken into consideration. Over the past eight years, the hockey program and education have resulted in close to thirty commitments to those two leagues.

Since the program’s first season in 1922, hockey has been central to Deerfield’s culture. Deerfield defeated Milton, KUA, and Nobles to win the 2016 Flood-Marr. The girls’ squad also won the 2001 New England Division I Championship. Finally, Alex Killorn and Ben Lovejoy are notable alumni of this hockey prep school in the United States.

4. The Taft School

Hockey prep school Taft School, with little over 600 students, is a constant top-20 performer among prep schools in both academics and athletics.

Hockey college preparation is offered at the private, coeducational Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut, in the United States. It appears that this prep school has been playing hockey since its founding in 1890. Initially, in 1950, they had an indoor ice surface. Max Pacioretty is a notable alumnus.

5. Avon Old Farms

The Winged Beavers are the imaginative mascot of this all-boys top hockey prep school in the Connecticut mountains, which is undoubtedly one of the most inventive in sports.

Being the best prep school hockey program in New England, it has proven time and time again to be able to generate successful players and winning teams. Their facilities are excellent.

Eight Division 1 New England Championships, five from 2004 to 2010 and nine Founder’s League titles have been won by the team, which is coached by the illustrious John Gardner.

Among the numerous notable alumni are Spencer Knight, Nick Bonino, Jonathan Quick, Brian Leetch, and Cam Atkinson. It is the second-best USA hockey preparatory school in our rankings.

6. Choate Rosemary

For students preparing for hockey, from ninth grade to postgraduate studies, Choate Rosemary is a boarding and day school.

At this top hockey prep school, you can play ice hockey with two teams of boys. They are either Boys J.V. Ice Hockey or Boys Varsity Ice Hockey. Ice hockey for girls is an additional alternative.

7. St. Mary Shattuck

St. Mary’s Hockey teams and the Figure Skating team call this little rural Minnesotan town, Faribault, home to a newly built rink built in 2005.

The arena is only available to St. Mary’s hockey students for use during practice and competition. With 600 spectators, the New Rink uses geothermal technology to continuously provide premium ice. On game night, the New Rink of this renowned USA hockey preparatory school is the place to be, connected to The Barn as well as the locker rooms and training facility.

Nathan MacKinnon, Sydney Crosby, Zach Parise, Jack Johnson, and many more are among the notable alumni.

8. The Salisbury Institution

The Salisbury School is a Connecticut-based private college preparatory institution for boys only that was established in 1901. In addition, the hockey team is known as the Crimson Knights. It seems that this hockey preparatory school team has won 26 games and lost only 4. Five New England Division I Championships have been won in total. Additionally, notable alumni include Paul Carey, Alex Biega, and Mark Arcobello.

9. Greenough and Noble School

Nobles features a team for every skill level, including varsity, JV, and middle school co-ed, in addition to the female squad, whether you are an avid hockey player or just starting out.

Due to their beautiful campus and world-class athletic facilities, Nobles attracts a number of high-profile students from throughout the state, despite the fact that its student body is predominantly from Massachusetts and that tuition there was over $50,000 last academic year. Finally, two notable alumni are Mark Fayne and Kevin Hayes.

10. Military Academy of Culver

The hockey team of this military academy, which is located in northern Indiana, has produced 26 NHL draft selections.

Culver Military Academy’s hockey team has produced 148 college players, including 70 Division I players, 22 National Hockey League draft selections, and 20 state titles in its first 32 years of existence. The last prominent alums are Gary Suter, Ryan Suter, and Jean-Michael Liles.

Top Hockey Prep Schools: What Do They Teach?

For students in grades nine through twelve, prep schools serve as a university preparatory institution. They are typically co-educational, which means that both male and female students can attend.

Furthermore, there is usually a small class size and a low student-teacher ratio. There are still day prep schools, even though there are boarding institutions.

In essence, the goal of hockey preparatory schools is to develop students’ hockey skills. This is so that they can participate in competitions and have their own facilities, including rinks and teams. All of these exercises begin in grade 9, which is a young age for students.

Is It Really Worth It to Attend Top Hockey Prep Schools?

Does attending one of the top hockey prep  schools truly make a difference? It does indeed. Parents and coaches who believe a young hockey player has potential might think about enrolling him in a preparatory school to help him advance his skill set.

Secondly, there are differences in academic curricula and learning goals. There is a general consensus among students who attend preparatory schools that they are more mature than their peers. This is due to the fact that, in comparison to other students who commute from home, these students are compelled to acquire study skills and independent living abilities earlier.

Moreover, international attention is drawn to hockey preparatory schools. Students who want to play hockey full-time would especially benefit from this. Preparatory schools typically have their own ice rinks, in contrast to conventional schools. This gives the students the opportunity to practice for extended periods of time, including on the weekends.


Picking out one of the many options of top hockey prep schools is a very great thing. They offer a demanding and encouraging atmosphere for students to hone their talents, prep schools can be a fantastic choice for future hockey players. The Shattuck-St. Mary’s School in Minnesota, Cushing Academy in Massachusetts, and Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts are a few of the best hockey prep schools in the nation.

While selecting one of the top hockey prep schools, there are numerous things to take into account. The degree of competitiveness is the most important. Make sure the school you select has a high level of competition if you’re a highly skilled player. The location, amenities, and coaching staff of the school should also be taken into account.

Cost is one consideration when selecting a top hockey prep school. Since many of these institutions are private, tuition may be high. Nonetheless, a large number of schools provide financial aid and scholarships. It’s crucial to investigate your possibilities and pick a financially responsible school.



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