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Top 10 Zero Waste Makeup Brands


The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. Make-up, being one of the core products, has over the years contributed and continues to contribute highly to global plastic waste.

A higher percentage of companies make use of these materials without putting measures in place to curtail waste and boost sustainability. Which is why it is important for every nature-loving person to purchase their make-up from zero-waste brands.

We all owe the responsibility of patronizing sustainability towards creating a green and healthy living ecosystem. There are a lot of popular zero-waste makeup brands that use eco-friendly materials in both production and packaging that you can patronize. We will be discussing some of them in this article.

10 Zero-Waste Makeup Brands You Should Buy From

1. Axiology

Are you the type that loves it organic? If yes, axiology does it organically and yet brings out the beauty. This brand leverages organically sourced ingredients like avocado, coconut oil, grape, and orange extracts. Over 70% of each product by Axiology is basically organically sourced.

Even the packaging has been shifted to use organic packaging materials instead of plastic, which tends to end up in landfills. Their new 3-in-1 lipstick, check, and eye tint are now packaged in a crayon-like pack. Even the outer packaging is made of compostable materials.

Axiology, which is certified by PETA, is one of the zero-waste make-up brands manufacturing cruelty-free and sustainable make-up. Aside from not using palm oil in their production, they are also one of the important contributors to the Orangutan Foundation. The brand also runs a paper recycling program in Indonesia.

2. Flavedo and Albedo

Flavedo & Albedo is one of the finest zero-waste makeup brands. Their make-up is fun and looks cool when worn. One thing that’s special about this brand is the fact that they use zero-waste product ingredients and packaging for their make-up, yet it all comes in nice and beautiful colors.

From the cheek tint, lip tint, eye shadow, and other make-overs. Coupled with that, the packaging materials used include aluminum tin, timber pencils and glass jars.

Being a zero-waste make-up brand, Flavedo and Albedo might not look like your normal go-to make-up products, but you will love them. All products are certified cruelty-free.

The brand also uses recycled paper for packaging, ensuring that no plastic material is used at all. Flavedo & Albedo don’t have any offices; you can only order from home or anywhere, and they will deliver to your doorstep. This approach is practically one of their ways of reducing the carbon footprint on our planet.

3. All-Earth Mineral Cosmetics

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics is a very popular zero-waste makeup brand based in the United Kingdom. This brand has all you need in a cosmetic product: all types of make-up, yet the materials used are organic, free of alcohol, fragrance, and other unethical materials.

Even their packaging speaks loudly; most of the time they use reusable and recyclable materials for the packaging; only refills come with compostable materials.

What’s more special about this brand is that they offer a recycling program named Eco Swap, which allows customers to send their unwanted containers and put them up for recycling through the Terracycle scheme. All Earth Minerals is a zero-waste makeup brand that prioritizes quality and sustainability. You will really love their products if you try them.

4. Plant Makeup

Do you love it naturally and strictly organic? Plant makeup is one of your options to satisfy this obsession. From their eye shadows, mascara, eye tint, cheek tint, lip balm, foundations, and illustrators, everything is made with love in small bits. Just as the brand name implies, materials are naturally sourced from green plants without palm oil additives, and all materials are cruelty-free.

What makes this brand differ from the others is that they started out as herbal tea blends founded by Jes until they blew up to become household brands that many people know. All their products are packaged in nano-pots and compostable tubes made of cardboard. Plant Makeup is one of the best zero-waste make-up brands you can trust for quality while keeping sustainability in mind.

5. Elate Beauty

Want a zero-waste makeup brand that has a variety of products? Elate Beauty is a makeup brand that produces different makeup products, including mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, brown balm, blush, highlighter, and many more.

Their products are made from non-palm oil additives made from organically sourced materials. All are certified by Peta and Cruelty Free International. The brand’s focus on sustainability and effort to reduce carbon emissions through zero waste are especially visible in their packaging.

Bamboo is used for paletes, vegan makeup brush handles, and frosted mini glass bottles. Elate beauty is more fixated on achieving beauty without diminishing the ecological beauty itself or causing it harm.

That’s another reason they operate ethically in both raw material sourcing and distribution and redistribution, including not distributing to China. The brand is very serious about making sure that they reduce carbon imprints in their production activities.

6. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics is a top zero-waste make-up brand that offers lots of varieties of zero-waste make-up. Some of the products they produce include mascara, primer, lip gloss, eye tint, brow powder, check tint, foundation, and so many more.

All products from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics are certified 100% cruelty-free. As for palm oil, there’s no 100% guarantee as suppliers have chickened out of being 100% palm oil-free as it used to be. However, that only affects their mascara, cream concealer, red raspberry facial, and eyeliner. The brand is currently in search of palm-oil-free ingredient suppliers.

Dirty Hippie, as a sustainable brand, is very concerned about the ecosystem and the effects of carbon emissions on the planet. Most of their makeup is packaged in compostable containers, especially cardboard tubes; others are packaged in small glass bottles and aluminum tins.

Makeup is not the only product of the Dirty Hippie; they are very into skin care, hair care, and much more. Despite all this, they still maintain zero waste and sustainability by using organic materials and ingredients, including naturally collected rainwater and solar power for production. Even their labels are made with vegetable inks that are refillable.

Lastly, the brand is well into charity, including public sensitization to mitigate suicide cases in our society, animal rescue, and anti-cruelty campaigns, as well as providing support to cancer patients.

7. Bee You Organics

When you want it all organic and sustainable, trust Bee You Organic to offer just that for your skincare and face care needs.

Bee You Organics is a popular zero-waste make-up brand that specializes deeply in organic skin care and face care products like face powder, anti-sun creams, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, and many others.

The brand is keen on using 100% organic, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, and ethically sourced materials for its cosmetic products. Though all their products are not completely vegan, some of their creams have beeswax as an ingredient, while some face moisturizers contain emu oil.

The beeswax is sourced from local bee farmers, ensuring that no harm is done to the bees in the process. They also contribute in their own way to bee research at universities.

As for their strides towards zero waste, Bee You Organics uses zero-waste materials like paper boards, tin, and small glass bottles for their packaging. Face powder and eyeliners are packaged in tins, while others are in paperboards and small glass bottles.  Customers are often advised to return the bottles after use for recycling.

Bee You Organic is involved in several charities and support programs for farmers and the medium and small businesses around them.

8. Nudi Goods

Nudi Goods is a quality zero-waste makeup brand that uses only naturally sourced, ethically sourced, and non-toxic ingredients that are 100% cruelty-free and palm oil-free.

Some of their product types include mascara, lip balms, brow wax, and others. Although not all of their products are certified as 100% organic, perhaps because they don’t have the revenues to acquire the certifications, One thing is true: the brand patronizes suppliers that supply only organic makeup ingredients.

Nudi Goods make-up products are quality and don’t break the bank to afford them. The brand is also focused on sustainability and prioritizes using zero-waste materials for both production and packaging, as well as shipping. There is no plastic for packaging; all products are basically packaged in either cardboard tubes or tins. They also operate and produce ethically.

9. Dab Herb Makeup

Derb Herb Makeup is a quality make-up brand that is focused on using fresh farm ingredients for cosmetic production.

Their line of products includes mascara, eyeliner, blush, luminizer, concealer, lip gloss, lip balm, lip tint, foundation, and eye shadow, among others. Most ingredients are sourced from fresh farm roots, leaves, and plant oils, which aid healing of the epidermis rather than just concealing it like other make-ups. All are certified 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free.

Aside from using natural ingredients, the brand is committed to ensuring zero waste as all products are produced and packaged ethically and go in tin and small glass bottle packaging with cheap refill options for customers. They make sure that they don’t use plastic in all their packaging and shipping.

10. Clean-Faced Cosmetics

Clean-faced Cosmetics is a quality, zero-waste make-up brand that produces lip balms, mascara, foundations, eyeliners, eye shadows, and so on. Most ingredients are as organic as possible, certified vegan, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free.

All products are packaged using recycled papers and small tin containers with direct refill options for customers. With this, it qualifies as a zero-waste makeup brand as its packaging is either biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable.

Final Thoughts On Zero Waste Make-up Brands

The make-up industry is growing exceedingly, and as such, there’s a need for everyone to be mindful of the brand they choose. Aside from what you put in your mouth, what you apply to your skin matters too.

There are lots of brands out there that don’t even care about these things; they just want to make sales. That aside, sustainability is everyone’s business. You can still look good with sustainable make-up; in fact, it’s more advisable and secure.

Aside from saving yourself from health risks, you are also, in your own way, contributing to saving the planet by promoting healthy living and reducing waste. Choose sustainable and zero-waste make-up brands today; let’s help out the planet as we glam up.

Make any of these brands your go-to make-up options, save yourself the risk, and help save the planet. It would be nice if you shared this with your girlfriends and boyfriends.

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