6 Popular Zero-Waste Cleaning Brands to Patronize

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Cleaning is one of the processes that contribute to healthy living. To build a clean world, we all need to do a lot of cleaning regularly. However, what we use to make things and our surroundings clean can also, in advance, contribute adversely to dirtifying the planet. It’s okay to go for popular cleaning brands for your cleaning chores, but using brands that contribute zero waste or practice sustainability in their production practices is pivotal.

Landfills in the United States are getting filled, and our environment and climates are changing owing to the large chunks of waste that the greater population dumps in trash cans and liters. Climate change is a serious concern globally, and it’s everyone’s business. Buying your cleaning products and materials from eco-friendly brands can be your way of reducing the adverse effects of waste.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best zero-waste cleaning brands to shop from. These brands were picked not only because they are zero-waste cleaning brands but also because they produce quality cleaning products.

6 Popular Zero Waste Cleaning Brands

1. Blueland

Blueland is one of the zero-waste cleaning brands that offers the best and everything you need for a perfect home cleaning. Their products all come with zero-waste packaging and are made from less harmful ingredients. They offer tritan and glass bottles that you can refill from time to time by purchasing their cleaning refills. Also, their single-dose dishwasher tablet is stored in Blueland steel instead of plastic and can be refilled as many times as possible before disposal.

In addition, the packaging goes on compostable shipping paper and uses paper-based tape. Blueland is so focused on ensuring eco-friendliness, which is why all their products have almost zero waste and their water use practices in production are often audited in order to cut down on water usage.

2. Zero Waste Store


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If you are so eco-friendly and use mostly zero-waste products in your home, the zero-waste online store is your one-stop shop to get all your eco-friendly and zero-waste products of different varieties. They sell zero-waste products like beauty items, kitchen utensils and accessories, bedding, laundry detergent, and different brands of zero-waste products.

Their cleaning products include laundry soap detergents, a dishwash soap that’s refillable, a multi-use cleaning powder that can be used for dishes, laundry, and surface cleaning, and a cleaning spray (refillable) for cleaning bathroom porcelain, tiles, equipment, and other fixtures.

The brand only sells quality, safe, zero-waste cleaning products. They only buy from manufacturing brands producing zero-waste products from different parts of the country and sell them on their online store. Which you can easily shop online without hassle as well as shop for other sustainable home products. To further prove its effort to sell only products that contribute zero waste to society, packaging is ensured to come in a non-plastic, reusable, recyclable, or compostable form.

Zero Waste Store is inarguably one of the best zero-waste cleaning brands to patronize, doubled by the fact that you can get other zero-waste home stuff from their online store at a go.

3. Ethique Cleaning Concentrates

Starting off initially as a beauty brand, Ethique has expanded and grown to become a popular cleaning brand. Not just some cleaning brands, but a zero-waste cleaning brand that produces quality cleaning concentrates that contribute zero to no waste after consumer consumption Ethique cleaning concentrate is made from organic and palm oil-free materials. Some of the products they produce include dish soap, kitchen and bathroom sprays, active stain removers, and laundry bar soaps.

One can also turn the bars into cleaning sprays by dissolving them in whisky and boiling water. All their products come in non-plastic packaging using compostable cardboard. The brand is so keen on 100% zero waste production that it even encourages customers to protest all the plastic found in the industry through the #giveupthebottle campaign initiative.

Aside from being a zero-waste cleaning brand, Ethique is still into beauty products. One thing that separates the brands from some others in the same industry is that they are into sustainable practices and encourage customers and others in the industry to do likewise for the betterment of the planet. The most amazing thing is that this brand donates 20% of its yearly profits to charity.


4. Etee’s Cleaning Products

Zero-Waste-Cleaning Brands

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If you want to go totally zero-waste on all cleaning products you use, Etee’s Cleaning Products is a zero-waste cleaning brand that is known to offer different varieties of cleaning products. Some of which include their concentrate and liquid for dishwashing and different soap bars.

Most of these products are vegan and made from non-toxic and palm oil-free ingredients. What’s exciting is that for their detergent, contrite, you only need a teaspoon for a single dishwashing chore, and as such, you get more value out of it than your money’s worth.

All of Etee’s cleaning products are packaged in compostable containers, including their multi-purpose, floor, and surface cleaners. For toilet cleaning, they have biotic cleaners, which are free of peroxide and chlorine. The brand also has other varieties of cleaning products suitable for different purposes. It is one brand that offers, all in all, zero waste and quality cleaning products. You can place orders online.

5. Refillery Market Cleaning Products

Refillery is a zero-waste online store with physical stores in some markets in Canada that offers several varieties of zero-waste cleaning products. Just as the name sounds, you can shop and refill cleaning products with your own jars or their refillable jars.


Some of the products are refillable for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and other places in the home with their multi-purpose lemongrass cleaner, which is free of phosphate and compostable. They also offer and refill essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and bergamot. You can also get vinegar for making your own cleaning products.

Refillery is a zero-waste cleaning brand that is so into sustainability that they only offer sustainable cleaning ingredients and make sure their refilling packages are devoid of plastic. It is no doubt that Refillery is one of your best bets when shopping for zero-waste cleaning products and looking to shop from sustainable cleaning brands.

6. Meliora’s refillable cleaning products

Looking at the labels, you can easily get a hold of what Meliora is made of. Speaking about eco-friendliness and sustainability, their zero-waste cleaning products speak volumes about their effort towards the betterment of the planet.

Their products include detergent powders, bleach, stain remover, different multi-purpose cleaners, and dishwashing soap and bars. They offer refills in case any of the products run out. You can easily order a refill to cut down on waste.

The packages are often single-use and can be recycled or reused a few times. If you are the type that is as keen as them toward zero waste practices, they allow you to go without packaging, meaning you bring your own container or jar to get the products.


Meliora is a certified B Corp. zero-waste cleaning brand that is very focused on producing quality cleaning products while adding little to no waste to the planet. You can shop for any of Meliora’s products online via their online stores or at supermarkets and physical stores.

How to make DIY zero-waste cleaning products

Buying from zero-waste cleaning brands is good, but what if you do it yourself, like produce DIY cleaning products at home? By doing this, you are definitely contributing more to cutting down on waste than purchasing from these brands. Another benefit is that you are able to control or oversee what goes into or what your cleaning products are made of, whether they are safe or not.

You can store your DIY solution in already-used glass bottles, plastic spray bottles, and pump jars. Then add labels. Once you’ve finished it, you can make new ones and store them in the same bottles. Pretty much better, you are not only saving the planet by doing so but also saving money.

Some of the ingredients you need for the solution include distilled vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and castile soap. Actually, most of these ingredients can stand alone as cleaning solutions.


You can clean your kitchen equipment, like a gas cooker or microwave, by dipping a cleaning cloth in it when it’s empty and using it to clean its surfaces. You can also use the same process to clean your window surfaces.

Baking soda

To clean with baking soda, sprinkle some on a piece of cloth and use it to scrub off marks and stains on the wall. If two or more ingredients are mixed together, we have a non-toxic solution. It’s best to make it in small batches since there is no preservative added.

Within a few days, it may lose efficacy. If you want it scented, you can add a few drops of essential oil. However, it is important that you are mindful of the surface you are cleaning; don’t use it on porous surfaces, and test with a drop before you continue.

Making a DIY all-purpose cleaning solution

The following is what is needed: a cup of vinegar, a cup of water, and a few drops of lemon juice.

  • Pour all ingredients into the bottle and shake up.
  • Leave for a few days so as to be well mixed.
  • Start using it to clean walls, tiles, toilets, etc. Just avoid porous surfaces such as granite, marble, and wood to avoid getting affected by the acidity of the solution.

Dishwashing solution

Ingredients needed include 2 cups of warm or lukewarm water, 2 spoons of vinegar, 3 spoons of liquid castile soap, and 2 spoons of glycerine. Note that they all should be tablespoons.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Start cleaning with it.

Bottom line

There are a lot of ways we contribute to waste control and zeroing in society; using sustainable and zero-waste products is one of them. We all clean sometimes every day or at intervals, and some of the products we use for cleaning contribute in no small amount to the waste that ends up in landfills. That’s why patronizing only zero-waste cleaning brands is so essential. That can be your own way of contributing to reducing carbon emissions on our planet.

Plus, safety is what zero-waste brands prioritize, while non-zero-waste brands often use some ingredients that aren’t. Remember that sustainability is everyone’s business. Go for zero-waste brands for your cleaning product shopping today.


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