Why Investing in a High-Quality Pendant Chain is Worth It

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When it comes to choosing the best chain for your pendant, you’ll want a style that is both simple and stylish. Trace, belcher, and curb chains are popular options for this.

Other styles include cable, box, Figaro, and wheat chains. Ensure the chain you select fits through your pendant’s bail.

Why Investing in a High-Quality Pendant Chain is Worth It

1. Durability

Its durability is one of the most significant factors in choosing a pendant chain. The chain you choose should be able to hold the weight of the pendant and your neck. That is why a thicker chain is ideal. Delicate and thin chains will likely stretch out or break under the added weight of a pendant.

The most durable chains are those with independently soldered links, such as cable chains, curb chains, and Figaro chains. These chains are also sturdy enough to resist kinking and can easily be repaired if a link becomes misshapen.

Rope chains, another durable chain style, are eye-catching and look great with a pendant. This chain is made from a series of interlocking oval links bolstered by a bar, and its twisting pattern adds texture to your look.

2. Style

When paired with the right pendant, a high-quality chain can make all the difference in the look and feel of your necklace. It should be thin enough to slip through the pendant bail but sturdy and attractive, too. A quality chain will have a minimalistic look that won’t detract from the design of your pendant.

Chain styles come in many different shapes and finishes, from the subtle to the eye-catching. For example, cable chains feature oval or round-shaped links interlocked together and lay flat when not worn. Box chain links have a more industrial look, while curb chain links are flattened, twisted, and resemble a link bracelet band.

This classic chain features a simple yet sturdy design and is available in multiple lengths to suit all pendants. A curated collection of matching chains and pendants is also offered, making it easy to build a complete jewelry ensemble that reflects your style.

3. Compatibility

Choosing a chain that looks good and works well with your specific pendant is essential. The thickness and style of the chain will affect how the necklace looks as a whole.

For example, a thicker chain like a 1.9-mm Spiga Chain will be better at supporting the weight of a pendant than a thinner silver chain. A thicker chain also tends to be able to resist tugs and pulls that might otherwise make the links deform visibly or structurally.

A trace chain, belcher chain, or curb chain are all great chains that look good and work well with a wide range of pendants. These chain styles are made of interconnected oval links strong enough to support a pendant without deforming. Other chain types to consider include:

  • The herringbone chain (a series of overlapping, uniformly sized rings).
  • The wheat chain (figure-eight-shaped links that point in the same direction for a braided look).
  • The fancy Figaro chain (an alternating pattern of differently sized flattened links).

A gold or silver-plated premium chain is another option, as these chains can provide a high-quality look at a lower price.

4. Value

Whether you add a pendant to your necklace or want to repurpose a piece you love, investing in a high-quality chain is an easy way to elevate your look. The suitable chain should be thin enough to easily slip through the pendant’s bail (that’s the loop on top) and sturdy enough to match the weight of your chosen pendant.

The size of your pendant will also influence the chain length you choose. Generally, more oversized pendants work well with longer chains, while lighter-weight pieces are best suited for shorter designs.

When choosing a chain, please pay attention to its craftsmanship and read customer reviews. Look for stores with many positive reviews, which indicate that their products are made to last. In addition, it’s a good idea to opt for a 14-karat solid gold chain, as this is the most durable and cost-effective option. Other quality choices include sterling silver and gold vermeil (demi-fine jewelry) chains.


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