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10 Things it Means When a Guy Tells you Personal Things about Himself 

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Things it means when a guy tells you personal things about himself – Any guy who tells a girl personal things will definitely trust you.

Who shares personal information with people they do not trust?

Any other reasons that can make a guy share personal information with you still revolve around this trust. Generally, men are not known to be great talkers.

They usually conceal things in their minds rather than tell anyone about them.

A guy would even prefer to share personal things about himself with his male friends than with a girl.

Do you know why? It is generally believed that guys are better at keeping secrets than girls.

I don’t know if this is totally true, but I think girls have this tendency because they talk more. Well, it does not mean that every girl is like this.

This is because when you tell a girl something about you, she may share it with her friends.

Regardless of the guy being aware of what may happen with the personal things he keeps in the hands of women, he goes ahead to tell you those things?

It cannot be for lack of having other words to say to you.

There are some qualities he sees in you that make him think that you are the right person to share personal things with. These reasons and more are what we are about to find out.

Why would a guy tell you things personal about himself, or what does it mean when a guy tells you personal things about himself?

10 Things it Means When a Guy Tells you Personal Things about Himself

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1. He trusts you

The first thing that it means when a guy tells a girl personal things about himself is that he has a level of trust in you. Before a guy reaches the stage where he can confide in you, you must have proven to be a trustworthy person to him.

This is because trust is not just something given ordinarily; it has to be earned. It means that you have earned his trust, and he now sees you as someone he can confidently rely on and entrust his personal information to.

A guy who goes on and on to tell you everything about himself without holding back anything feels a sense of security in the girl, so he feels secure and has no fear.

This is what trust makes you do. It is easy for us to accept that it is trust that makes a guy tell you personal things about himself.

2. He loves you

Have you ever been in love? If you have ever been in love, you will be able to relate to this.

Love is such a strong feeling that it can sometimes make you do the unthinkable. It will make you see no flaw in the person. Especially when the love is still very fresh. It is like a fresh wine that can easily intoxicate one.

A guy who loves a girl is ready to go to any length to prove how much he loves that girl. One of the ways he proves that he loves that girl is by showing her that he trusts her by telling her things about himself.

A guy will not want to try to hold anything back from a girl he claims to love. Sometimes he may even tell her things that she does not deserve to know.

We cannot blame the guy for this because he is supposed to see the person he loves as the person who understands him, supports him, and always has his back.

Also, when a guy loves a girl, he wants that girl to get to know him better. Anyone who wants you to know them better will definitely share some personal things with you. If you are a girl and a guy tells you things, what it means is that he loves you.

3. You understand him  better

Sometimes we tell people personal things about ourselves because we feel they can relate to the way we feel. A guy who tells you personal things that concern him has his reason(s) for doing that.

He knows that the girl has a better understanding of things that concern him. This is usually between two people who have known so much about each other.

You are not just someone that he got to know overnight. Because if a guy understands you, it simply means he knows you well enough.

He can confidently beat his chest and say that this person understands his character, his reaction to handling things, and his response to issues.

When a guy tells you personal things about himself, he knows that you know where he is coming from and that you are in a better position to advise or guide him on what to do if he needs one.

When a guy tells you personal things about himself, it means that you understand him and that he is comfortable telling you things.

4. He wants you to open up to him

It is easy for girls to divulge personal information about themselves to a guy when a guy also tells them personal things. Girls see this as a way to easily give their trust to a man who may not have genuine feelings for them.

This is because just because a guy is telling a girl personal things about himself does not mean that those words are true, he can only share what he wants the girl to know, especially if it is a guy with an ulterior motive.

Guys notice this weakness in girls and will capitalize on it to get all the information that they need from you.

When a guy tells you personal things, it may be his strategy to get you to open up and get information from you.

That is why you need to choose what you tell people. If it is a secret that you think no one should be aware of, it is better to keep it to yourself to avoid stories that touch the heart.

5. He knows that you won’t judge him

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When a guy tells you personal things about himself, it is because he knows he won’t get judged. A guy feels more comfortable telling you things because he knows you will not judge him for his actions.

He knows that you will not make him feel bad for his actions in any way, even if he is wrong. He knows he will only be corrected.

6. He wants to be honest with you

When a guy tells you personal things about himself, this is because he wants to be straight with you. He feels you deserve to know the truth.

He is trying to be transparent because he does not want you to feel disappointed if you later find out something. This happens when a guy is in a relationship with a girl. The guy feels a sense of accountability toward the girl.

7. He wants to show off to Impress you

It might also be a way of showing off when a guy tells you personal things about himself. Some people will call it bragging.

Well, this happens when the guy in question is trying to impress a girl. He may show it off to the girl.

It is easy to know when a guy does this because, aside from sounding and behaving proud, he only tells you the good and sweet things about himself and ignores the things that are not so good.

He may even lie and exaggerate at some point. When a guy tells you personal things about himself,  this may be part of the reason why he does that.

8. He needs your empathy and advice

When a guy opens up to you, he is trying to let it all out of his mind. When a guy tells you things about himself, he needs you to give him a listening ear and empathize with him.

It might be that that thing keeps troubling him and eating him up. He feels that talking about it with you will make it less of a burden for him.

He only needs you to empathize with him and give him some words of encouragement or advice when needed.

9. He tells everyone about himself

Maybe it is not only you alone that he tells about himself, every other person also knows personal things about him. Even though it is widely believed that guys do not talk too much, that does not mean there are no guys who talk.

Some guys literally do not have secrets; the whole world knows things about them because they have told every living being they know their story.

If he is a guy who talks too much and maybe loves to brag, they want to tell everyone they meet who they are and the things they have achieved.

This might be why he tells you things about himself. His life is like an open book; everybody has a copy of it and can read the story in chapters.

10. You also Confide in Him

Let me ask you this question, How will you feel if you are always telling someone something and that person is not doing the same back?

You will feel like the person that you trust has someone else to whom he tells things. The guy might choose this to be the reason why he tells a girl personal things about himself.

He is trying to be reciprocated so that you won’t feel bad for being the only one who shares her story all the time while he withholds his.

For instance, if a girl is always entrusting her personal stories to a guy, he might feel that the girl thinks about himself.  Maybe this is also a way of proving his loyalty to the girl,l but he tells her things


In conclusion, things it means when a guy tells you personal things about himself.

Trust is the key factor that can make a guy tell you personal things about himself. If a guy tells you things because he loves you, understands you, and feels you won’t judge him, it’s still because he has some level of trust in you.

However, one can not be so sure what a guy’s true intention is. A guy might be trying to be smart and pretend to tell you personal things about himself so that you can easily trust him and open up to him.

If he is not a guy who you are just meeting or don’t really know personally, you should be careful with the things you say back to him as a girl.

It is also important for me to say this. A guy who tells you personal things about himself sees you as a loyal friend who he can truly confide in.

If you are respected by a guy to the level that he is able to open up to you about things, try to keep those personal things they tell you to yourself and don’t go about telling them to your friends.

Even when the guy falls apart with you, it is not enough reason to expose his secrets to the world.

This might break your relationship, make the guy lose his respect for you, and bring you down from the high pedestal where you were in his life.

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