What’s The Most Expensive App on The App Store? 3 Most Expensive Apps

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The App Store is more than just another app. It is a money maker for mobile app developers and a money sucker for mobile app downloaders and users but everyone’s happy, so no big deal! App developers are developing new apps every day to meet the needs of people.

If I ask you about the App Store and its uses, you would tell me it is an app where you download apps for your phone but if I ask you how much you have spent on apps from the App Store, you might likely look at me strangely and say, “Really?”

Don’t look at me like that, please. Once upon a time, lol. While downloads are free, you would definitely spend your money subscribing to some applications or paying for upgrades on the app.

Many apps in the App Store are not expensive to use. Some have low subscription fees or none at all. The question now is: what’s the most expensive app on the App Store and why are they expensive?

It has been discovered that the most expensive apps on the App Store are those designed for very specific purposes, like medical reference, legal reference, multimedia use, advanced accounting tools or video and photo editing software.

There are  many expensive apps in the App Store but in this article, I’ll acquaint you with 3 of these most expensive apps. I will also show you the reasons why apps are expensive on the App Store. This is going to be so much fun. Shall we?

First, let’s understand what makes an app expensive.

What Makes an App Expensive?

There are many factors that contribute to the high cost of an app. Let’s discover some of them.

  • Cost of developing the app

If the app developer spent a lot of money on the development process, it might increase the cost of the app. From designing the app to testing its functionality to regular maintenance and updates of the app, money is infused into the process.

The complexity of the app, the number of contents in the app and the degree of function can also increase the cost of its development. These things make the app expensive to use.

  • Cost of subscription

There are some extra services that some apps offer that can only be unlocked by paying subscription fees. Some finance and accounting apps require a certain amount of subscription to gain access to top features and upgrades.

Most video and photo editing apps require a subscription to use some very advanced features in them. Some gaming apps require in-app purchases to move from one level to another. These make these apps expensive.

  • Licensing

There are certain apps that require licensing fees for the software and technologies that run them. These licensing fees are not cheap and this contributes to the high cost of the app too.

Now that we’ve known what makes an app expensive, let’s check out the 3 most expensive apps on the App Store.

Most Expensive Apps On The App Store

1. CyberTuner

This is a professional music tuning app developed in 2012 by a professional piano tuner to help musicians tune their instruments accurately and easily. Using advanced tools, this app has the ability to detect tones and pitches and display them on the screen for users.

It is designed for professionals but can also be set up for beginners as it is very easy to use. It has been thoroughly tested by internationally renowned piano experts and a vote of confidence has been passed on it.

CyberTuner is priced at $999.9.

2. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing app that helps the user create high-quality videos. This application can turn your smartphone into an editing powerhouse. With this app, you can cut, crop and create high-quality videos that look like something produced in a professional studio.

This app was created by Apple professional editors and is suitable for professional video editors and filmmakers, as it has a lot of technicalities that beginners cannot get past easily.

Final Cut Pro is priced at $299.9.


DDS GP is an app specially designed for dentists. It is a top-rated app used by dentists all over the world. It features over 200 demonstrations that help dentists visually show dental problems and explain the treatments to their patients.

With this  app, dentists can upload pictures specific to their patients, zoom images, paint on the picture and even print out treatment plans for patients.

What an incredible app! DDS GP is priced at $399.99.


These three apps are some of the most expensive in the App Store but the answer to the question, “What’s the most expensive app on the App Store?” It is CyberTuner at $999.99.  It’s no surprise the music people win it, or is it?

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